Sunday, January 14, 2018

#Row80 Check-In 1/14/18

Another small and simple check-in.  I threatened to go to the notebook instead of the computer to write.  Not a lot of writing has happened, but the notebook theory is working.  I'm not sure why that is, but I'll go with it.  I'm just glad to get any writing done at this point.  It is very forced and in no way reading material, but that's fine. 
Not much is happening outside of writing.  Still going with the Pilates.  Still out of shape.  But there is a grocery run needing to happen so this is all for now.
Rock on.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#Row80 Check-In 1/10/18

So, Row80 check-in time.  I haven't accomplished anything in any of my WIPs this time around.  I think I'm about to ground myself to the notebook to get back in line with writing.  I can't focus on the computer.  The blinking cursor can be a lot of pressure at times.  The notebook is forgiving and lets me wander with my writing a bit more.  I think I'm taking Scrivener too seriously at the moment. 
I'm trying to bring back my existence on FB and Twitter.  I used to be better about it, then took a break.  I've had trouble getting back with it.  Maybe I just need more practice.
I've started working out again.  I stopped with my Pop Pilates a while back since I felt I wasn't progressing any longer.  Now I'm getting winded on the Beginners video.  So out of shape.  I have to get that fixed.
So, there it is.  I need to write in my notebook, beef up the FB and Twitter action, and defeat the Pop Pilates for beginners.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

#Row80 Check-In 1/7/18

This check-in is better than the last one.  I cleaned up a plot hole in Oneiros and worked on some editing.  It may not sound like much, but it is something.  I also did a blog post this past week.  It was lacking, but I got it in there.  I'm hoping to be more creative from here on with the posts.  Boring posts can be as bad as no post at all.  That means I need to get out and do more so I have something to write about.  That will help more than just content. 
Other than that, I'm going to rearrange my office ... again.  I can't decide on how it should be.  I'm at the kitchen table ... again, so I guess the last adjustment didn't do the trick.  Maybe I'll move my desk into the kitchen.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Winter & Warm Cookies

We had our first 70 hours straight of below freezing temperatures this week.  It may not sounds like much, but around here, that's cold.  For the first time ever, our pipes froze up.  It was a real "Duh" moment when I realized what was going on.  I didn't leave the faucets dripping.  I did cover the outside faucets, but I don't use the outside water often. 
We ended up getting a shop heater and warming up the garage.  The wall with the pipes got a concentrated dose of heat.  It took half the day, but they eventually thawed.  I'll be paying closer attention to the pipes when the temperatures drop again.  Now I know our house can get that cold.  At least we don't have frozen iguanas falling out of trees here.
I spent the first part of the week in Dallas with friends.  It was a nice, long weekend trip.  One day was set aside for checking out sales at a few stores.  I didn't expect to find anything, but ended up buying new oven mitts for the kitchen.  We needed new ones anyway.  It's nice to not have to watch for holes when using the mitts.
It was freezing in Dallas.  Thank goodness the area we stayed at was dry for the most part.  The cold was still biting, but ice wasn't too much of a worry.  It was a fun trip.
Tonight was grocery night for us.  I haven't tried the online orders yet for groceries.  The local stores offer the service, but I'm chicken.  I'm not sure what my hold up is.  I should just give it a try.
After groceries was a side trip to the Warm Cookie Factory.  I've heard lots about it from friends.  So we gave it a go.  They're good.  Warm cookies are awesome on a cold night.  I'm a regular at the cupcake shop, so this is a change for me.  I'd go again, but the cupcakes are still my favorite.
I've been working with Monat Hair Care for the past few months.  I'm loving the products.  I have thick hair already, but it's much healthier now and way easier to style and care for.  I've never liked my hair and have kept it short for a few years now.  With it the way it is with Monat, I'm hoping to let it grow and give long hair a try again.
Now the washer has stopped and I need to get back to laundry.  Coffee will happen, and hopefully some writing.  It's quiet right at the moment.  Let's see if I can get anywhere with Oneiros.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

#Row80 1/3/18 Check In

First check in for this round of Row80.  Nothing to report.  Life has kicked in these past few days.  Now I know I need a little better planning.  There's my first needed adjustment.  I'm not sure where to adjust just yet, but knowing is a big step.
I haven't even looked at a WIP.
So I need to schedule a fall back plan for writing for when life strikes.  I need to do other blog posts besides the check in.  I need to keep up with my reading every night.
Let's see how this next part of the week goes.

Monday, December 25, 2017

A Feathered End

I have come to the conclusion that I turn pages before I finish reading.  I don't know why.  It may be my dislike of goodbyes and endings to things I really enjoy.  Could be my lack of concentration for the time being.  I can say it is a shortcoming. 
I have had my hens since I raised them from chicks.  I had to find homes for the ones that turned out to be roosters.  It broke my heart.  Yes, they had names.  If you asked me, they knew their names.  They came running each time I set foot outside.  They have been truly entertaining and refreshing.
I jokingly called them my therapy chickens.  They kept me busy with my time at home since I was unwell for so long.  But now that I've gotten stronger as of late, my love of travel is again calling to me.  I've taken quite a few trips since I've begun to recover.  They've varied from day trips to several weeks at a time.  It hasn't been easy but I'm getting out again.  I'm looking forward to even more trips to come. 
What does this have to do with the hens?
Having chickens is a time consuming hobby.  Yes, I don't remember the last time I bought eggs, but I've been busy taking care of the feathered ladies.  And with my traveling and increase of activity, I'm finding myself struggling to keep up with their care.  I hate leaving them in their pen.  Lately I've worried even more so about them as predators have learned where they are.
I found the hens a new home as of today.  A friend with land is adding to her current flock and was excited to add my ladies to hers.  I thought it would be easy.  The task itself was simple and passed quickly.  But now I'm missing my girls. 
It was something I was careful to see through.  It has taken me a time to decide it was ok to change and ease my needs at home.  Even still, I'm feeling like a quitter at this point.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Rejoining #Row80 in 2018

Row80 starts January 2, 2018.  I'll join the club.  I haven't taken part since 2012.  I'm a little rusty.  Even still, I'm looking forward to the next round.  This is the part where I state my goals for the first round.  I'm slow to jump in with a huge word count though I want to aim high.  So let's start with a 10k word goal for starters.  Row80 is nice because you can update your goals as life unfolds.  If things are looking great, I'll up the word count.  For now, I'll stay with a smaller set goal.  I won't say which WIP it will be in (though that would probably help).  10k words in any project.  Oneiros is on the table at the moment.  Last time I blogged it was Shattered Remnants.  I'm jumping between stories again.
I'm wanting to redo the opening to Oneiros.  I just don't think it fits with the story.  I don't know what to do with it, though.  It will be redone at some point.  I need to wrap up the last quarter of the story and adjust the beginning.  It sounds intimidating saying it like that.  Great.  Now I scared myself.
I have Pandora radio going with my writing.  I need some new stations.  I'm open to suggestions.  I had Bastille radio going but it's repeating itself now.  I have it on a new suggested station, but I'm not feeling it.  *sigh*
Big changes coming these next few days.  I'll write on it later.  I'm not ready to admit to it just yet.
Another trip to Dallas will be coming up soon.  I'll have to take my laptop with me and see if I can get some writing to happen.  It'll be a full house, so I might be busy the whole time.  We'll see.