Thursday, March 1, 2018

Late check in Row80 2/28/18

I said I wasn't going to miss another post.  So here I am writing this one a day late.  I'll have to make the rounds after it's posted.  I usually try to read over all the check-ins before I put mine up. 
Still not much happening here.  I did finally do some writing.  A page and a half worth.  It isn't much, but for going so long since my last writing, I'm happy with it.  It was for a project that stands alone and is now over, but there it is.  Maybe this is a start to getting back to work with these WiPs. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

#Row Check-In 2/21/18

I've missed the past several check-ins.  There hasn't been much to report on.  Mainly reading through WiPs.  One I quit reading before I was half way through.  I've noticed a big problem with "show, not tell".  I have lots and lots of telling happening throughout the story and very little showing.  It was very frustrating to find.  The whole thing would need a lot of rewriting to fix.
So I have plenty to write.  Now to sit down and actually write.  That's been a bit of a problem as of late.  Not sure what the hold up is.
I've rearranged the office yet again.  Let's see if that helps.  I've been looking at new desks.  Haven't found one that jumps out at me just yet.  There are a few that I like, but not enough to go out and haul home.
Pilates have waned.  That's my fault.  I was starting to notice a difference, too.  I'll just have to pick them back up.
I'd like to think I'll be back with the check-ins now.  We were without internet for a short period of time, but that's been fixed.  We changed providers.  I'm not sure what the difference is.  It's working again, so that's a good thing.
See you next time!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

#Row80 Check-In 1/31/18

Wednesday check-in time.  A tiny check-in.  I finished the read-through of Always & Forever.  That's done.  Next is ... I'm undecided.  Do I go back through with the edits I made notes of, pick up where the story left off and keep writing (I know what I want to happen in the story, I'm just reluctant to finish it), or do I close it up for a span of time once again?  It was nice to go over it with fresh eyes.  I think I found more in it than I would have if I had kept editing as I wrote.  Then again I remember getting frustrated with it and putting the story away.  I'm a little slow to decide what to do with it. 
What do you do when you stall out in a WiP?  Do you push through?  Or do you give it a rest?  How do you decide?

Sunday, January 28, 2018

#Row80 Check-In 1/28/18

Sunday check-in time.  Not much happening again.  I didn't do the writing prompt yet, but I am wanting to.  I'll have to sit still and do that before too much longer here.  I've been reading over A&F.  That's pretty much it.  I've done a little editing here and there in A&F, but I'm trying to wait until I've done a complete read through. 
And the fish tank has gotten bigger.  I found some fish this weekend at a pet store and graduated to a free standing tank.  Now I have room for my pygmy puffers.  They are so much fun to watch.  The office is feeling better already.  Now to actually use it as an office and not just a desk and fish room.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

#Row80 Check-In 1/21/18

This post will act as a double check-in since I missed Wednesday.  Writing hasn't happened, but I have been reading over Always & Forever.  I haven't looked at it since 2016.  I've found things I want to edit, but I'm just making notes of it for now.  I'll do a full read through, then work on some edits.  I'm trying to not get too distracted from the reading of the story.
I'm glad to be looking over it.  I had closed it in '16 because I was frustrated with the character Skyler.  Hopefully I'm looking at it with fresh eyes and will be able to write up an ending this time around.
Where to Belong was the same way.  I wrote most of it and then put it away for a while before finishing it.  Maybe that's what I have to do to finish these WiPs.  I'm good at spending too much time on them.  Some time away is good.
I've set up a fish tank in my office.  Two fish call it home so far.  It isn't a large tank, so I'll probably stop with these two.  It's nice to have some life in the room.  Hopefully I'll get some writing done instead of staring at them too long.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

#Row80 Check-In 1/14/18

Another small and simple check-in.  I threatened to go to the notebook instead of the computer to write.  Not a lot of writing has happened, but the notebook theory is working.  I'm not sure why that is, but I'll go with it.  I'm just glad to get any writing done at this point.  It is very forced and in no way reading material, but that's fine. 
Not much is happening outside of writing.  Still going with the Pilates.  Still out of shape.  But there is a grocery run needing to happen so this is all for now.
Rock on.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#Row80 Check-In 1/10/18

So, Row80 check-in time.  I haven't accomplished anything in any of my WIPs this time around.  I think I'm about to ground myself to the notebook to get back in line with writing.  I can't focus on the computer.  The blinking cursor can be a lot of pressure at times.  The notebook is forgiving and lets me wander with my writing a bit more.  I think I'm taking Scrivener too seriously at the moment. 
I'm trying to bring back my existence on FB and Twitter.  I used to be better about it, then took a break.  I've had trouble getting back with it.  Maybe I just need more practice.
I've started working out again.  I stopped with my Pop Pilates a while back since I felt I wasn't progressing any longer.  Now I'm getting winded on the Beginners video.  So out of shape.  I have to get that fixed.
So, there it is.  I need to write in my notebook, beef up the FB and Twitter action, and defeat the Pop Pilates for beginners.