Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home Again

Our trip to and from Houston was uneventful, thankfully. It seems that every time we go there to the assemblies, something happens. Either our vehicle gives us trouble, we forget to pack something, or we get sick each time we go. We took the Wrangler, who did just fine. It hit 19k miles on the way home, that was sad. It is an '06 so the low miles are still hard to pass by. Good Juug. I drove the whole way down. We found the hotel easily. We stayed at the Hilton on Westheimer. It was nice. No breakfast though, unless you wanted to pay $12 a plate. I'm cheap, so I brought a coffee cake from home. I forgot silverware, so I cut the cake with a coffee stirrer. The room was cozy. Friday night, after checking in and unpacking, we went to Denny's for dinner. It was the only place open on Christmas. It was good, but we both felt sick after dinner, I think we just ate too fast. We did learn, however, a few pointers on driving in Houston. One, don't use your turn signals. We turned the blinker on to turn, as we have been taught, and were honked at. Stop action driving is the way to go there. Second, U turns are always acceptable. Everyone one does it, anywhere! Third, keep a close eye on the road in front of you, it may stop at any given time without warning. We lost a lane, the one we were in, naturally, and there was no sign to tells us of the upcoming end. I was all for taking the median, but then came a bridge and creek, no so good. So Colt busts a U-turn and saves the day. Stupid Houston roads. It was like a video game, the crazy taxi one. Drive or Die! Pot holes that reached China. So glad we were in the Jeep, it kept up with the madness.
We were late to the Saturday session, Juug was low on gas and we were having issues finding a safe looking gas station. Finally to the Assembly Hall, we get to our seats, near the front. Wonderful program both days. Easy to pay attention. We helped with cleaning the upstairs dinning area each day. There was a good turn out so we had lots of help. Funny how much fun you can have while cleaning! I like cleaning the dinning area, my usually annoying perfectionist side is of good use there. The tables and chairs are supposed to line up just so, and that is a weird joy to me. Dillon and Bro. Layton would stand at the ends of the rows and direct us to which table or chair was out of place, and we would make the needed adjustments. When we were done, the dinning area was a thing of beauty! Bro. Layton joked about me being overly concerned with everything lining up, asking if I do the same at home. I laughed and told him no, but Dillon and Colt quickly stated I'm just as picky with my own table and everything else in the house.

Saturday night we ate a Wing Stop in Sugarland with Trey and Alicia. It wasn't as good as the one here at home, but it was still yummy. A quick trip to Target for a new shirt for Colt (the one I packed for the next day had an accident) and a pen for me (the one I had was writing poorly) and then back to the Hotel. I had to laugh, while we were in Target, some one hit a cart and wedged it against the front of the Jeep. When they pulled back, they noticed my license plate was hanging by one bolt. It has been like this for some time, but they didn't know that. They fixed my plate! Well, it held for a little bit. It needs serious help since I ripped it off on a trail. It just won't stay in place. Trey even fixed it at one point, but it only held for a few miles down the road. As long as the last bolt holds, I'm good. I love how may people have to point it out, asking if I know my plate is about to fall off. I just smile and tell them it's battle damage, something to be proud of.

Back at the Hotel Saturday night, I get ready for bed and Colt goes off with Dathen to raid the Borders that was going out of business. I packed most everything Saturday night so we were able to get up and out early Sunday. We get to the Assembly Hall with plenty of time to spare, but I go without coffee. I survived some how. I had to change shoes at lunch. I didn't realize I had blisters until I took my shoes off to climb in the Jeep at lunch (looking for batteries for my camera). So I put on socks and my boots from the prior day and went back inside. They weren't new shoes, so I don't know what started the problem, but the boots did just fine. You couldn't see my shoes anyway for the length of my skirt. Quick lunch and back upstairs to clean. Cleaning took longer the second day, but we got it done.

After the session, we head home. Dinner at Tony's in Brenham, then back on the road. Colt drove home, I played with the radio the whole way. When we got home, the cats nearly mauled us. I'm sure they ate all their food the first day, although I gave them enough to last nearly a week (finishing all the supply of cat food in the house). So Colt got to go to the store after we dragged all our luggage in the house. The cats yelled at me throughout the entire time he was at the store. When he got back and fed them, they only ate a few bites and then played in the empty suitcase. Crazy cats. All the critters were over feed that night, making up for our time away. I overfilled all their bowls before we left, but our pets are gluttons and didn't ration.

I worked Monday and Tuesday, and am now off for the rest of the week. I went in service today with Dillon and Abby. It was a good morning. We mainly did RV's, but it was still nice. I'm supposed to do early work tomorrow, so I think I'm back on my old service schedule. This is thanks to the session this past weekend. I never thought I would enjoy a 'kick in the teeth' so much! But when it's needed, it's needed.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

That's What I Get

I guess I totally asked for this. Since I was teasing about others having colder weather and snow, we got snow. Yep, yucky cold white stuff has been falling for most of the day. It won't stick, everything is too warm, but it's falling. The wind has been blowing like crazy, so the snow is that much more yucky. The locals are loving it, most everyone has been cheerful since it started to snow, so there's one good side. But as for me, I've already got a fire going in the fireplace, had a plate of home-made tamales (not home made by me), and about to make some hot chocolate. Let it snow!

Early Weekend

I'm off today and tomorrow, and it's chilly out. So I'm just getting stuff done around the house and packing for the weekend in Houston. Laundry is the first big task, after that, piece of cake. We leave tomorrow, time unknown. We're taking the Wrangler, so I'll go here in a bit and fill it up, maybe try to clean it out a little. I keep threatening to wash it, but that's not likely to happen any time soon. My only other 'should do' is go check in on Dad, he is watching Gwen's kids for the day. I'm sure he's fine, but I said I'd drop by. All I have to do is brave the crazy traffic!

Not much new here. The Roomba lives again. I don't know if I had mentioned it, but the poor little bot was awfully sick for awhile. It now has new parts and is back to tormenting the cats. I've now seen Avatar twice, and still love it. I hope to be able to pass up any more viewings at the theater and just buy it when it comes out on Blu Ray. I've probably spent enough at the movies to buy a copy several times over. Just might go see Holmes this weekend, it looks good too.

I need to rake the yard, but the blame tree has dropped more leaves than my poor little rake can handle right now. Looking into sicking a mulcher on them. I had decided I was going to take care of the leaves last week, first thing in the morning. So I got up and got around, intending well. But when I opened the door to get busy, the wonderful tree had dropped all it's leaves overnight and burried everything up to the front door. I just growled and went back inside, hoping the wind would take some of the mess away. It hasn't. Our neighbor mentioned something about us needing to take care of the leaves, so I don't know how much longer I can put it off. Gotta love that tree. I think I'll give it to the neighbor who is so concerned about our leaves, seeing he doesn't have any trees.

Had lunch with Dillon and Dathan yesterday. Wing stop, of course. It is located in an area of stores and shops, so it was busy. We sat at a window table and took in the sights. So many people, so entertaining! Then we sadly laughed at a couple who were obviously not from around here. They came into Wing Stop, picked up menus, and sat at a table. There is a sign over the front regiser area that reads 'Please order and pick up here', but the couple bypassed the ordering part and seated themselves. After ten minutes or so, they were griping that no one has come to take their order, so they left. I thought they were waiting for someone else to join them, I didn't realize they thought it was a sit down diner. Dillon had the best seat, so he let us know when there was someone coming that we needed to see. He is more nonchalant about it than Dathan and myself, so he made a good spotter. We're people watchers, so we stayed busy for quite some time.

I think the drier has shut off, so that's my cue to get back to home care. Maybe I'll bribe myself with a coffee to go out in the torrents of the public and tend to the hungry Jeep and give Dad a break.

Have a good weekend. To those of you with snow, I'm sorry. I said it was only chilly here, that's why I didn't say it was cold, it could be worse!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

So I'm a Dork

Well, very much a dork. I just picked up tickets for the opening of Avatar next week. It's the midnight showing Thursday night, or Friday morning, however you want to look at it. It's the 3D viewing, so that will be crazy. I'm excited. I bought two tickets. Colt said he'd go with me, but he doesn't really care to see it. I'm in my own geek world on this one, but that's fine with me.... I've got tickets!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Already?

The past few months have just flown by. December is a happening month for me. We have our CA this month, and I still haven't gotten a room. I think I'll do that when I'm done here. Sounds like we'll be staying in Houston, all the local rooms are filled by now. I was told yesterday of a hotel with some rooms still open in the city, so that will do just fine for me. Hope it's warmer there.

Totally enjoyed our non-snow day last week. I was off Friday, so I just sat by the fire and waited for snow. I never saw any, I only heard two people say they actually saw it. I don't think we got any. Being from the Show-Me-State, I've got to see it to believe it! It's supposed to be pretty cold again tonight. The fireplace is already working! Colt is planning on making dinner, so I have time for a few projects I have going. He gets off around 6pm, so it'll be a late dinner. But food is food, and I don't have to cook, so it sounds good to me.

Work is picking up again. We've kept pretty busy the past few weeks. That's a good thing. I think we're close to booked until the new year. It changes each day, but it looks like we should be hopping for a while. We worked late yesterday. When we finally finished, the exit was blocked because of a wreck in front of the office. An older lady in a massive Buick hit, or ran over, an Honda motorcycle. The bike was well wedged beneath the car. The biker got up pretty quick after the wreck. He paced around a bit and waved his arms and rolled his shoulders, hopped around, I think making sure everything was still there. I was thinking, "Dude, it's okay if you want to sit down, wow." Then the line from 'Pursuit of Happyness' came to mind.... "You just got hit by a car!" I guess all went well, everyone went home on thier own, no rides in the ambulance.

We picked up a new hood vent, stainless steal to match the rest of the kitchen. Colt has been on call for two weeks straight (feels like more), so we haven't put it in yet. I got everything ready to do it myself when he was called out again, but decided not to. The old one looks like it's rigged goofy, and kind of scary, so I stopped. That and I don't know which breaker turns off the kitchen circuit.

Saw a few movies since I last wrote, rentals. The Translator, with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. It was okay, the end predictable, but good story. I'd watch it again. Seven Pounds, very good. Will Smith is just good, enough said. We also got Terminator Salvation (pg13 version) on Netflicks. That was really good. Sam Worthington stole the movie from Christian Bale. He acts with his eyes, I don't know how much else to explain it. I plan on buying it on DVD, very much liked it. The Jeep has a very short life in it, but it was nice all the same. I'm planning on going to see Avatar on it's midnight release next week. The theater in Harker Heights already has the tickets on sale for the 3D showing @12:01 Thursday night (Friday morning). I'm off that Friday, so I'm all for it. It looks really neat, hope it lives up to all the hype.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Short Day

I worked today, but it was a short day. That was nice. Another rainy day so very few people come around today. Rough start to the morning. I had left my window down ever so slightly last night. It was enough, however, to let in the rain. The left half of my seat was soggy, and the seat belt was wet. When I got to work, I hung my two jackets (wearing one, the other is always in the Jeep and was used as a towel) in front of the space heater for the morning. Yesterday was the Doc's 40th anniversary in this office, so his family loosed 42 balloons in the office. (the 2 extra are because he needs to work at least another 2 years- per his wife). They were still floating this morning, so I gathered them and tethered them the prize box in the hall. I did this so I could move about the office with out getting tangled in the mass of curly strings that hung from the ceiling. The end result was not so planned. I continually forgot that I had bundled them up, so when I turned the corner to go to the front office, I would catch sight of the blob out the corner of my eye and scare myself. (only one of us works on Fridays) So the balloons and loud fax machine kept me on my toes all morning.

Anyway, office cleaned, appointments confirmed, done for the day. I went at lunch to pick up tickets for a matinee showing of New Moon. Colt and his mom, Beth, wanted to go, so I got their tickets as well. The showing was at 2:30, which came quicker than I thought. Colt dropped me off at the door of the mall (theater inside) and parked the car. I sat at the first bench inside the door to wait for him. Along came an older man, who asked if he could accompany me. How sweet. I told him I didn't mind, so he sat beside me. He proceeded to tell me that he just finished watching Blind Side, and that it was the best movie he had seen in some time. He plans on buying it when it comes out on DVD (yes, DVD). He then tells me he goes every Friday with his wife to catch a matinee, and if they like the film, they buy it when it is released. He has 106+ movies! (he didn't list them). He and his family were from the Chicago area and love Texas and Texas weather. His son and daughter-in-law live in Dallas and just adopted a baby boy. His daughter and her family are residing in San Antonio. The last time he and his wife drove down to visit SA, they got lost several times. So they bought themselves an early Christmas present, a GPS, and it is the greatest thing they have ever found. He started telling me about a trip he and his wife were planning, but his wife pulled up outside, so he left. Such a nice man! Through the entire conversation my phone was ringing, but I didn't want to interrupt. It turns out that Colt came in a different entrance and was 'looking' for me. I finally join him and Beth in front of the theater. I was laughing about my new acquaintance, and they didn't seem impressed. Oh well, I enjoyed it.

We go in to see the movie. I think I was the youngest one there, besides two infants. It was humorous to hear these grown women sighing over the guys on the screen who were probably younger than their own sons who were sitting at school waiting for them to pick them up. The movie was so so. I won't have to see it again, once is enough. The book was better. Hope the next movie is better. This one seemed to leave bits out, so they had to talk more to explain what and why they were doing something. Yet, they did well at slipping in the smaller, more lingering parts or objects that had meaning in the book. Like I said, so so.

Now I'm home again, waiting for Dillon. Then off to Chedder's for dinner!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Start of November

Since it's been awhile since I last wrote, I'll just go over a few of the going-ons so far this month. It's not that I've been busy, just distracted. These past few weeks alone have been packed full of happenings. Allergies were unforgiving, then started a sinus infection, then medications galore, followed by a stomach bug. I'm hoping I got all my illnesses at once so I don't have to worry about another sick day for the rest of the year.

Five Guys Burgers opened here in town. That may not be big news to some people, but this is a small town with a poor choice of dinning options. We found out about them planning to go in at the new "shopping center" by Target, but there is alway a rumor about what might be coming to that area. It was official several weeks ago, on a visit to Subway, we saw the sign (literally). The opening date wasn't posted, but we were just happy to know we had a closer location than Harker Heights. Last week, on another trip to Subway, the OPEN sign was on in the Five Guys window. Needless to say, we ate there instead. Total opposite of Subway, but still quite satisfying.

Work has been so-so. The schedule has been a roller coaster lately. We'll be hopping for a day, then the next will be slow. I've been told that is happening in most of the offices around town, hope it picks back up soon.

Finally got to take the Wrangler out. It has been some time since I've had it in four wheel drive for more than a few minutes. Dillon, Justin, and I went out to the Sherricks' on the 31st of October. It was fun. Justin parked his Jeep when we got out there. He has just put a new transmission in his Wrangler and didn't want to stress it too much at that time. So it was Dillon's Jeep and Juug on the trails. Mostly Dillon. The stock tank was actually holding water this time, but the walls were slimy clay, so I stayed out. Dillon goofed off in it for a short time, but we then quickly moved on. No one brought any loppers or chainsaws, so we had to manage with what the trails had to offer. It had rained so much since I was last out there. The down hill trails had washed out, exposing stumps and rocks that made maneuvering a chore. The plastic windows on my Wrangler accrued several more scratches and scuffs from the over grown side brush and trees. This is why Dillon did more trails than I. He was without doors (of course), and ready for action. It was fun to watch. His Jeep is so built up and capable, it became a game of finding something he couldn't do. The wet clay kept him busy, but he made his way through each coarse he challenged. We kept teasing Justin, trying to get him to bring his Wrangler out, but he never gave in. He decided the only way his would come out would be if Dillon was to get stuck, then my Jeep would have to get stuck while attempting to free the Cherokee, only then Justin would join in. Dillon never got stuck, so the train wasn't activated. We eventually made our way to the lower field. The grass was tall, nearly reaching the hood of Juug. This was fun for Jeep Tag. The overgrowth hid all the ruts and dips in the field, so proceed with caution. The river was up, by quite a bit. We would usually climb the rope down the bank wall by 7+ feet to reach the rock bed below, but the river was up to top of the wall. The water was moving quickly, huge difference from the usual scene. Because of the overfilled river, the bank along the field was being undermined. The bluffs at the far end of the field were questionable, and the tall grass made it hard to tell where the edge was, or would change to. I got a little caught up roaming around in the field and missed a marker. I unknowingly tested the eroded bluffs. They held, but I got out of there as soon as I realized where I was. There was no longer a fence or flag, only a sad little tree to warn of the new edge. After making my way back to solid ground, Justin and I laughed at our stupid luck, then rejoined Dillon on the other end of the field. We played around until we were all sneezing too much to enjoy ourselves anymore and headed back to the house. We chatted with the Sherricks, then went our separate ways.

That night, we all decided on Wing Stop. So after freshening up, we met up for a quick snack. The ride home was dumb crazy. It was Halloween and the neighborhood we live in was jam packed with trick-or-treaters. No one was on the sidewalks, filling the streets with dark cloaked children and their non-supervising parents. It was a nightmare in the making. Too many people walking in the poorly light streets. Just as soon as I missed a group of kids, another would pop out from no where. Dillon had fun with it. His Jeep is so loud, most of the pedestrians got out of his way, and I'm sure the size of his rig helped as well. At one point, some shadowy person yelled at him to slow down, he just yelled back, "Get out of the road!" He was actually going slow, that thing in low gear sounds like it's racing. We eventually make it home without taking out any hoodlums.

Jeep night was supposed to be last week, but it was rescheduled because of the incident on Fort Hood. Some of our friends were already on their way to Killeen from Austin, so we went anyway. Colt was working late (since the hospital was on lock down still) so I went on my own, Dillon and Jered went in Dillon's Jeep. The drive there was odd. I followed a small brigade that was from Houston, along with the typical news crew. It was eerie to see. The highway was not as busy as it normally would be, but there was still considerable traffic. Nolanville is where I noticed the biggest difference. On any other day, I wouldn't dream of exceeding 60mph (the town thrives on speeding tickets). On this evening, it was strange. I noticed a police car coming up from behind, so I checked my speed. I was doing 75. I started to back off the throttle, and the officer passed me like I was standing still. The rest of the drive was the same. I kept up with traffic, going between 67 and 72, and several State Troopers and police cars flew by us all. By the time I got to Pluckers, there was very little traffic, Killeen was strangely quiet. I met up with our friends, they all had the same stories about traffic and such sightings. We had dinner outside and watched the helicopters in the sky and the news coverage of the neighboring base. By the time we were done eating, Fort Hood had reopened. Pluckers started to get busy, but it was still quiet. We all left, heading home in different directions. I took the highway back home, still light traffic.

Colt came home later, the hospital was still locked down, but changed shifts. Colt said the day was crazy. The rest of us heard about the shootings after 2:45, but apparently the hospital's security showed the effects around 1:30, just before the first victims came in. I had noticed there were several Care-Flights hovering some time around 2, but I didn't hear the news until just before 3. It was weird to turn on the news and see familiar streets lined with police cars, fire trucks, and SWAT vehicles. My co-worker and I watched for a little while, but decided we'd rather stay busy at work than watch the news. We all know too many people from the area.

Jeep night has been rescheduled to this Thursday, so we'll give it another try. The weather is supposed to be nice, so Juug may get to go topless. I haven't washed it since our playday at the Sherricks', so it has a nice Jeepish paint job (mud). I'll wash it this weekend, tired of it leaving chunks everywhere I go. The place I park at work has been marked with mud patties, and my driveway looks like it was once gravel.

Oh, and another note: I hope Colt never again brings home the "on-call' pager from work. He had it this past weekend. It was obnoxious. That miserable thing, for what ever reason, always ended up by me when it went off. Colt was called in early Saturday morning and didn't get out of there until after 3 in the afternoon. It went off several times after he got home, but it ended up being false alarms. 9:30pm, it sounds again, but no one answered when he called in, so he didn't report. It was around 4am Sunday morning when I heard it yet again. Poor guy dragged himself in after a long night of Halo with Brett! He said he was done after 5am, but was called back for another job. He came home after 7:30am and slept into the afternoon. I didn't try to wake him. He took the pager back Monday, with a note from me to whoever is in charge of the horrid little device. I know he has to take his turn with it again, just not looking forward to it. He is scheduled to have it during Thanksgiving break, so guess who gets to stay in town!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm not going anywhere.

I came home after work today and got cleaned up. I have plans! Colt and I are to go to Austin and have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, La Madeleine. I've been wanting to go there for some time now. Just wait for Colt to get home, then we're off.


Colt called to let me know one of his friends needs to barrow our internet to download something massive to their hard-drive. That's cool, I'll leave them a key. Hopefully Scooter won't maul them when they come in. Colt's friend arrives before him, so I get to entertain until he gets home to assist with the set up. Not a big deal, I down a few granola bars to preserve my appetite. Colt gets home after some time and they talk for some more time. I excuse myself and goof off in my "office" until my stomach can wait no longer. Colt gets my hints and gets ready to go.

Phone rings, dare I answer? I do not, but Colt does. Another friend in distress. This one is a bigger deal, leaving a key won't fix it. He is having truck trouble. So I eat another granola bar and a hershey to chase it with. "I'll have this done in no time at all" Colt exclaims. I went back upstairs and doll up a bit more. After that, I check and reply to a few e-mails and do some reading. Surely they're done. Down the stairs I go. I grab my jacket, purse, keys, and some CD's for the ride. Locking the door behind me, I go "check" on their progress, rattling my keys as I go. I find the two of them under the hood of a pretty little S10, mumbling something about fuel pumps and relays. With a clank, Colt pulls the air intake from under the hood and tosses it into the yard. I take it that we're not going anywhere anytime soon.

"I'm sorry to mess up your dinner plans," Dathen frowns. Now I feel bad, being in a hurry to run him off when he's in a bind. He just got the engine tuned up and all kinds of stuff fixed on it. He was so happy to get his truck back. On his way home, after the shop closed of course, it starts acting up.

"No worries, I'll go grab some pizzas for all of us. Where do you want it from?" I offer. Ooops, his truck took it's last breath in front of my Jeep, I'm blocked in. Delivery it is. So I go back in and order some Dominoes. With dinner on it's way, I take myself back outside to hold the flashlight and run tools back and forth. I have to say, despite the situation of a sickly truck, they guys still have a good sense of humor. I don't think I'll ever understand all of their antics, but I'm sure I will always find them humorous.

Pizza's here, delivery lady plays with Scooter (such a ham of a cat), so it's time to feast. Now I get to hold the hot pizza box and laugh with the makeshift mechanics once again.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Epic Fail

That is how I would describe this weekend. I accomplished nothing. I must admit, I didn't have any goals for the weekend. I usually find something productive to do. I am now rushing laundry. I have at least four loads to do before I am even close to ready for Monday. It has been a weekend of frozen dinners, take out, and good ol' pb&j for me.

Friday, I was off. I didn't sleep late. I wanted to, but it didn't happen. So I got up, took the Roomba apart and cleaned it out. That took longer than I thought, and it made my already irritated allergies that much happier. I had an appointment to have my hair repaired a bit more at 11am. I got there just a little bit early, not much (different place this time). She had forgotten about our appt and was on lunch. So I waited and played with the iPhone until she came back. It didn't take long to work with my hair, there isn't much left since my last encounter with a beautician. After that, I went back home and napped, my lack of sleep catching up with me. I watched Psych for the rest of the day. Pizza for dinner.

Saturday started rough. Again, poor sleep all night. Spent the morning doing petty things around the house while trying to shake a headache. Late lunch from Crow's, which we ate in Lion's Park and watched the people who had better health goals jogged and bicycled all around. Late afternoon, I put in the extended version of Lord Of the Rings, Fellowship Of the Ring. That was long. I was glad it was on two discs, that gave me a break to attempt to clean around the house a little before continuing with the rest of the movie. The second half finished in time for Colt and I to join Dillon and Abby to go see Surrogents. It was good.

Had trouble sleeping again Saturday night, or Sunday morning. I ended up on the futon downstairs. I watched TV for a while, but there is nothing on that late. By the time I was drifting off, Fatty decided to play with the bell ball he "lost" some time ago. I'm sure I deserved that for some reason.

I finally got some sleep. I guess since it was so late that I dozed off, I was slow to getting up this morning. It took a long time for me to get up and going. Again, I didn't accomplish anything. Late this afternoon, Mom called and invited us to meet them at Chili's. It was nice to get out. We had fun. After Chili's, Colt and Dillon spent some time in the auto parts store while I snoozed in the car. When we got home, I tried to rotate the tires on Juug, but failed. I haven't tried to take them off since I had them put on. I couldn't break the bolts loose. So Dillon and Colt helped. They did most of the work, yet I got the dirtiest, go figure. After they finished helping me, they moved back to their cars. Dillon was cleaning the Mini, Colt is working on the Cherokee (I think spark plugs). I hung out for a little while, and cleaned the inside of Juug. Didn't last long, laundry was calling. So I went in, started some laundry, and put dishes away. Now for another load....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend of Rain

It has been raining off and on for some time now. It is good, we've needed the rain, and could bear some more. The weekend started off with sending Dillon off for his trip to Moab in his monster of a Cherokee. After much hard work, and sketchy deadlines, the beast was road worthy. He and Dad packed it Friday night and left before the sun came up Saturday. We missed Jeep night Thursday to give Dillon and Matt more time to work on their Jeeps. Dillon's time was more rushed than Matt's, but they keep each other balanced while working. I didn't help much. Most of the work consisted of welding, sawing, lifting, and other "big boy" tasks. So I just watched and enjoyed their antics. I tried to help at one point, but it ended up with me holding a rather hefty sky-lift while Dad and Dillon debated on where it would best be stowed. I think they stalled on purpose.

Saturday was Matt's going away party. I spent Friday morning putting together an album of pictures for everyone to sign and send with him. It started as a board, but too many pictures had to be used. I ended up getting a binder, some paper, two sided tape, and a nifty hole punch, and making a book version of my planned "Got Matt" board. It think it turned out okay. Saturday came quickly, I still hadn't picked up his "Care Package". (I made Dillon one, too, but he left most of it and Dad took the rest). Back to Wal-Mart. I picked up two packs of bottled water and swung by Starbucks for the finishing touch. While there, I gave in and treated myself to a much appreciated coffee. High on caffeine, I boxed up the water and taped the Starbuck's card to a paper that matched the "Got Matt" book, placed that over the water, then taped up the box. The water was more to throw off any guesses to what the box contained, it worked well. Since the box had chemical signs on it (x-ray solution), I taped more of the glowing green paper to the sides. Ready to party.

His party was nice, good turn out. It rained yet again, so we stayed under the covering of the porch and in the house. Delicious brisket, ribs, and sausage. All around good time.

-Don't worry, Dillon, I'll keep the Mini company!!!

-We'll miss you Matt,
Have a good move, make lots of friends, and take care of my summer home in Lake Tahoe.
Hope to visit before too long.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Went Out Last Night

I had completely forgotten about our making plans to go with some friends into South Austin last for dinner and a show. Well, I didn't even make plans, it was more like I was included with out my knowledge. I did have plans to go in service Saturday morning, but called and rescheduled that for the Sunday because I was "tired". I should have kept them.

I was reminded of the evening's arrangements early Saturday afternoon, then was distracted and forgot yet again. Colt came in about 3:30 (I think) and told me to be ready for them (Laytons) to call for us to meet up with everyone. So I got myself together and ate a quick bite. (Yes, we were heading to dinner, but it was in Austin, and I was hungry.) So we waited for the call, waited, waited, and waited. That was fine, though, gave me time to read the study article for Sunday. Then we waited some more. I think it was around 5 or just after when we got the signal to hit the road.

We met the group at the hall and joined into two vehicles to travel to Austin. Car one: Dathan & Amanda Dalton, with Mark & Heather Truelove. Car two: Arthur, Carolyn, & Jessica Layton, and Colt & I. It was a fun ride. Dathan led the way. Our destination: Nutty Brown Cafe. We got there after awhile. It seemed to take forever because we were all hungry and ready to eat before we left town. When we reached the Cafe, our aim was to eat outside and listen to the band, the Eggmen. (Beatles Tribute band). The wait outside was 1.5 hours, so we head inside. They couldn't give us a wait time inside, but it ended up taking about the same amount of time. We sat at 2 separate tables and periodically included each table in conversation despite being divided by a hall way. Food gets to the tables at 9ish. Yes, it was good, but hard to say if it itself was good, or just eating in general.

After eating, we move outside to take in the night's entertainment. We only get to hear about 1.5 hours or so, not much, but they were good. We danced, and laughed, and watched people through out the remainder of the night. Very much a good time.

A long trip back home. All of us trying to keep one another awake. More laughing and interesting conversation. We get home super late, and I'm in bed after 1am this morning. I didn't get up early enough for service, but rescheduled yet again for early afternoon. So I'm stopping here, and head out once again.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is something that happened some time last week, I just never really thought about it. Dreams are funny like that. Any way, I don't remember what I ate before going to bed, or what movies or shows I might have watched that would have triggered bad dreams. Last week was a long week, I was having trouble sleeping anyhow, so this most likely added to the problem. It may have been Wednesday or Thursday, I don't really remember. I do remember, however, this nightmare wouldn't end. I would wake myself up, fight going back to sleep, but fall asleep again, and the dream would return. Same vicious circle all night long. You know the dream, you're in a big, dark house. You know the people around you, but can't put their names with them. Walk around, lost. Strange sounds. Then a large monster with teeth and claws comes out of no where and chases after everyone. You can't scream, much less run. It's hopeless, the creature is on you. This repeats all night. I wake up out of breath, sweating, scared out of my wits. By 3am, I'm too tired to fight it anymore. I give up, and go back to sleep, having to get up at 6am. The last time I have the dream that night, it starts as it usually did the countless times before. I go through the same conversations, we end up in the same room, the monster comes from the same shadows and chases us down the same halls. It leaps at me again, I throw my hands up to shield myself again. This time, when my hands came up, I noticed I had something in them. I had a big gun in one hand, and a machete in the other. This is different, unexpected. I remember thinking, "Bring it on, Nightmare, you're mine."

I haven't had the nightmare since!

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Do

I finally made an appointment to get my hair trimmed. It had been looking rough for awhile now. I was scheduled for today after lunch. New place, nice place. I went on the recommendations of several friends. One thing none of them told me, cash only. Good thing I got there 10 minutes early. I used up my "early time" trying to find a working ATM. Cash in hand, I eventually end up in the chair. I got the works. Wash, cut, dry, style. I brought my usual "this do" picture, and my stylist had the same one posted, this is good. We talked, laughed, and laughed some more. By the time she was done, there was so much starch in my hair, the humidity wouldn't dream of touching it . I ran home for a quick touch up and then went and caught a 2:20 showing of Love Happens. Adorable movie, definitely chick flick. Yes, I went alone, I'm weird like that. It was cute, and I cried. It's been so long since I've cried at a movie, and I was thankful I had a napkin stash at the bottom of my purse. It was more funny than sad, but had some scenes that would make anyone mist up a bit. Movie over, I go home and play with my new hair do. I brushed out as much of the starching as I could, but there is plenty left. I used the straightener a little, bring out some of the volume. This is when I noticed it was crooked. Maybe I'm holding my head wrong. Nope, left side is longer, or has less layer, I can't tell. One side is very different from the other. Good thing the theater was dark, hide me crying and my lop sided hair. I called the salon, and have another appointment for tomorrow at noon to get it evened up. So dinner at home tonight and sleep in tomorrow. I get to hide for a little while. That's okay, the laundry has been very neglected this week.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Nice Change

I am now writing while sitting at my new desk. Well, new to me. I've been looking for one for awhile now. I was using a comic book box as a desk. My legs were going numb from sitting on the floor, and it just wasn't comfortable. I had been watching craigslist for a small desk, you know the drill. I would find one, inquire, and either they never got back to me or I was just a few moments too slow and it was gone. This one posted early this morning, I wrote right away. The seller replied quickly, so begins the race. I didn't ask him to hold it, I understand the whole "get it out of my house now" deal. From the pictures, it looked just right, and came with a chair. We wrote back and forth through out the day. We finally arranged for me to see it and/or pick it up. It has been pouring rain all day, and it didn't lighten up for us to close the deal. I waited for Colt to get home so I wouldn't have to go to the stranger's house alone. We were later than I had hoped. First, the fish had babies and that was fun to watch, we're easily distracted. Then I had to go to an ATM and draw some funds. Of course, I had to break a $20 for smaller bills, so that took some time as well. We eventually end up in the correct apartment complex and locate his place. I was not at all cute, I had been walking in the rain, cleaning all afternoon, and frazzled from being so late, so I looked a little on the rough side. Colt still looked nice, wearing his khakis from work, so that helped out a bit, for me anyway. I knocked on the door (second story, naturally) and a man answered the door. Side note: there was a row of shoes outside the front door of the apartment, this should have been a big sign to me, but like I said, I was frazzled. He called himself "Jay", but I'm sure that was short for something he'd rather not of heard me try to pronounce. Right away, we were struck by the smell of a heavy garlic dinner. It was a smaller apartment, very well kept, except for the pile of parts I guessed was the desk. I started to step inside, Jay stopped me, he asked us to remove our shoes. That's cool, I understand, it's been raining, our shoes were pretty wet, no problem. So I unlace my double knotted shoes and go inside. Colt just steps out of his nice shiny work shoes, no effort, so unfair. The man leads us to the pile of parts, and asked if I remember the way it looked in the picture. I told him that I did. The problem, which I didn't tell Jay, was that I've looked at so many pictures of desks, even just today, that I was having trouble "putting it together" in my head. He proceeds to explain that he disassembled it so it could be moved more easily. That's fine, again, I understand, makes sense. So I give him the money, he was firm on his price, no biggie, I like the chair. Here is where the fun begins. Colt and I said we could handle moving it ourselves, he was in the middle of dinner with his wife and little girl. He insisted he'd help. We load up several parts each and step outside. Set the parts down, put on shoes (socks are now wet from walking to my shoes), tie shoes so I don't fall down the flight of stairs. Pick parts back up, judge steps. Go down steps. Trod through the rain with loose fitting shoes. Open tail gate of the Wrangler and fight the back window zipper (those of you who have/have had a Wrangler, you know the fun filled zippers I speak of). I planned far enough ahead to fold the back seat, so we can just slide the parts in. Did I say slide? Climb in the back of the Wrangler, pull parts in. Situate each piece so that it doesn't scratch against another part. Then the wonderful rolling chair that rolls when you don't want it to. Colt and I master the packing of the desk and turn to thank Jay. He was standing in the rain gawking at us loading and climbing all over the Jeep. I jumped out of the back and close it up. He was still staring. I don't know what was up, so I offer my hand and thank him any way. He finally comes back to earth, thanks us as well, and heads back home. As soon as I get in the Jeep, Colt lets me know of all the Asian customs I just threw out. Try to walk in the house with my shoes. Woman speak up as man stands back. Woman lead the task of loading vehicle, and so on. I couldn't help but laugh, because I knew I was awkward and out of place. The thing is, the socks I was wearing were so full of holes, all my toes were hanging out and my left heel stuck out as well. I was so distracted about my soaked, frizzy hair and holey socks, I could think about much of anything else. Any way, we got the desk home, in all it's pieces. I didn't spend too much time putting it back together, I found the picture online and went off that. I have learned, however, that it is much larger than I thought. I'm going to have to rearrange my room a bit, some day, to make it fit a little better. As for now, it's wedged into the corner of my room, smelling of rice and garlic. I'm happy with it, and the rolling chair (if I can keep the cats out of it). I'm all set up, and my Mac looks great on the massive desk top.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've had to start a second Picasa Album, so this is the link.
It is where you will find the pictures from Jeep Night and the following adventures.

Jeep Night 9/09

We survived another Jeep Night. It was fun, as usual. We arrived plenty early and got a nice table. We had a good group tonight. It was hot, but cold drinks and great company made it work. More give-aways tonight. I won a recovery strap (I've been needing one, the last went with my old Jeep, full of cactus stickers), and Lynda won a nifty t-shirt. We won more koozies, but gave them away. Justin ordered super hot flavor on his chicken, and almost died. Dillon and Jered goofed around with the Jalapeno peppers, and then Jered ate them. I passed on the peppers, I've had a bad experience. (Lots of pain) As we were leaving, the radar and the sky said it was going to rain, so we attempted to put the top back on Juug, it was funny. The guys gave up, so ended up strapping it on myself, that's okay though. We then went to the new Academy store in Killeen. It was just like every other Academy store, no biggie. The guys all had a blast. Lynda and I tried to stay out of the way, but they were too funny to ignore. Every isle was an adventure. First came the shoes. Second, the camping isle. That's were it started getting loud. Colt found lighters (working) that looked like some kind of a machine gun. Jered picked up a massive spatula for a grill. They got together, and became Academy Mafia. It was fun to watch. Dillon grabbed a little rubber chicken, and Justin joined in too. Moving on to the hat department. Plenty of hats to go around. All kinds of "Guess who I am". Mostly camo hats, so it took a while to go to the next isle. We some how ended up in the fishing or boating department, I don't really remember. It's all a blur because it was scary funny. Jered had picked up squeaky cat toys and was squeezing them with each step along the isle. There were a few other shoppers there, so they had an audience. This empowered Colt. He took the toys, and walked slowly down an isle, squeaking all the way. Then, as he was a little more than half way down the isle, he paused, looked around to be sure everyone was watching, then ran, quickening the squeaks as he went. The shoppers stared in wonder, maybe annoyance, hard to say. Colt disappeared around the corner. I tried catching my breath from laughing so hard and apologized to the innocent by-standers, then Colt ran past the isle, squeaking all the way. I couldn't help but burst out laughing again. I didn't look back at the people left behind, but they sounded entertained. We all moved on through out the store, trying to stay away from the squeaking, but in the end, it caught up to us. It was getting late, so we waited for Jered to by the cat toys (or his toys, we'll see), then we headed home. It rained ever so slightly, so I guess it was good we put the top up.

Jeepers, Unite!

Tonight is Jeep Night at Plucker's in Killeen. I get off work here in a bit. I plan to run home, take the top off Juug, and absorb as much AC as I can for the ride to Killeen. It's kind of hot out, I hope it cools down a little (of a lot) for dinner. The ride home is usually nice. Less traffic and much cooler with out the sun beating down as viciously.

I'll get back to you with pictures and details.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did You Miss Me?

I'm back home now. I know I said I would write while on vacation, but is was like internet probation there. I finally found a WiFi spot but only had enough time to load half my pictures. So I'll try now to remember everything I would have written about if I had the chance each day...

The first day there, we settled into the house. We had a visitor in the guest bathroom. Aunt Terry said they have to cover all the pipes when they are going to be gone for a while. Apparently critters crawl up the pipes and into the house. So they saran wrap the toilets and cap the sinks and showers. When we unwrapped the guest toilet, there was a big green tree frog camping in it. It looked like a weird cling-on cleaner thing. I grabbed it to take it outside, but Terry said that is was a poisonous frog. I put it in the trash pale and took it to the pond, then scrubbed my hands. I was relieved when I looked it up and saw it was just a plain old frog. Then I learned the pond I so carefully picked for it to go free in was home to a large alligator. I hope he has a long and happy life and doesn't get eaten.

We then picked up groceries and went swimming in the pool. We drove around a little, learning our way around the area just a bit. We had dinner at Ihop. We see many different kinds of lizards, frogs, toads, and birds. I lost about a pint of blood to the mosquitoes, argh!

Day two is the trip to the Everglades. We headed south and then east in search for an air boat ride. I'm not excited about this. I've already learned the bugs are much bigger and have an ugly appetite. We made a few stops at information corners and tourist set-ups. There were hefty turtles here and there. The farther east we went, the swampier it got. We came across several air boat places, but skipped them because the Frommer's book recommended one in Frog City. Frog City wasn't on the map, so we just drove, and drove, and drove. It seemed to be hours down the road before we all decided the next boat dock would do. We hadn't passed any signs of civilization for quite a while and were starting to get restless. We finally came up on a little dock called "Buffalo Tiger". We stopped there. There was one air boat at the dock, and no one to be found anywhere in the building or on the dock. We were about to move on when an air boat came out of the swamp. The people seemed happy as they climbed out of the boat. We took this as a good sign. The driver finished chatting with his customers, then came over to us. He introduced himself as Ernie. He proceeded to tell us of his history and the history of his people and the area. He came across as quite an intelligent person, he travels to give speeches at collages and schools. His air boat group has been around for generations. Needless to say, we decide to stay and take a tour with his boat. As we approach the boat, Ernie's grand-daughter pointed out a mighty large alligator just off the dock. There was a second smaller gator in front of the boat. It was exciting, our first gator sighting! Ernie then tells us about growing up around these animals, his understanding of them. He gets the bigger one to come closer and we all take turns taking pictures with it. Since we are on the reservation, the usual rules involving the interaction and handling of gators doesn't apply. Ernie lures the gators closer with bread, then lets us even closer to them. After a little while, we proceed to the boat. Equipped with cotton for our ears to soften the roar of the Cadillac V8, we're off to tour the Everglades. We learn the Everglades are actually a large, 40 mile wide river which takes a gallon of water 30 days to pass through. They are protected, and the natives are working on getting grants and funds from the government to help clean the Everglades and better preserve them. We stop not long into the tour. Ernie has located a 12 foot male alligator. While we are watching him, a smaller female approaches from the other side of the boat. I know see how they can sneak up on people. Ernie gets the male to come along side the boat with bread. He then pops it on the nose, causing it to sit up out of the water with it's gigantic head pressed up against the boat. Ernie then proceeds to reach down and grab the gator by the chin and pull it further out of the water. Our own little Steve Irwin. He releases the beast after we all get pictures and he can no longer support it's weight. To prove all is ok, he pops it on the nose again, and again it rears it's head up. Ernie grabs it under it's chin, a nicer grab, and kisses it on the nose, TWICE!!! We are all floored by now. This is unbelievable. The gator never rushed the boat, but would only bump the side every now and then. Ernie tosses both gators some bread, and we move on. The next stop was around trees and bushes growing in the water. Ernie tells us about the different plants, which ones are edible, which ones are not. Some where good for medications, others for different uses. He tells us about some animals and fish that are found in that area, and not so much in the other portions of the swamps. He then takes us to a small dock with a clearing just behind it. "Did I not mention to you ladies that you have to pay to get back?", he says. We then get out of the boat for a little show and tell. We come across giant grass hoppers and lizards. He was looking for raccoons when a 6 ft female alligator came out of the water. Again I bet he has feed her in the past to get her to come so freely. He lures her up into the clearing and then calls me over. I have a big mouth, and he had a good memory. When we saw the first gators, I commented on how almost pretty they were, and I almost wanted to pet one. Here's my big chance. I declined, I'm wearing flip-flops. Who can evade a gator in flip-flops? After his assurance that I wouldn't get eaten, and my family's push, I went over next to Ernie. He tells me that the alligators have a blind spot. It is directly in front of them and down their middle. Since their eyes are situated on top of their head, it's quite a blind spot. Just move slow and steady, and be gentle. Ernie then shows me the "pet gator stance", which I copy. He grabs my arm and pulls me closer. My toes are curling and I can't breath at this point. With much trust in Ernie's experience, I let him bring my hand over and then down on top of the gator's head, just behind her eyes. I lock eyes with her, still holding my breath. Much to my surprise, she is smooth and soft. I imagined a rough scaly feel. After what seemed minutes, he ushers me back from the alligator. Hooray, I have all my limbs! It's not over yet. Ernie then puts my hand under his chin, showing me to support the jaw firmly. He pops the gator on the nose, and she lifts her head, mouth open, so many sharp teeth. Ernie takes my hand once again and thrusts it under her head and brings it up to catch her lower jaw. Alligators have strength to bite, not open. This means as long as I have a firm grip, I can hold her mouth shut for what ever reason. Again I am surprised as to how she feels, much like a frog. As I am staring in wonderment and stupor, Ernie brings to my attention that my thumb is sticking out away from my hand, dangerously close to the gator's line of sight. I quickly press my thumb back against my hand and then gratefully release the alligator's head and step back. Ernie tosses her some bread, and she returns to the water. I finally breath again, and then shook for the next hour or so. We all get back into the boat and return to the main dock. Ernie sends us on our way with a little speech about respecting Mother Nature and protecting the environment.

The next day, day three, we went to Matlacha. It is a smaller town, art district. There isn't a beach there, mostly boat docks and such. We have lunch at a place called Bert's. It looked to be a hole in the wall type place. We walked the docks for a little bit, then went inside to eat. While waiting for our orders, we watched a pelican take a break and sunbathe. Something had the water stirred up in a couple places, but we never saw what it was. The food was great. After eating, we walked through shops and art gardens. It was very nice, even in the rain. We had dinner that evening back at the community where my Aunt's house is at. It is a 55+ community, so we stuck out a bit. The ham dinner was amazing, and dessert was of course wonderful. There was karaoke and trivia. After dinner, we went for a swim in the pool again.

Day four was fun. We finally got to go to the beach. We started with Venice Beach, just North of Fort Myers. It was nice, but not mind blowing. The sand was white, and the water blue, but it wasn't too amazing. We walked the beach for a little while, then went for lunch. After lunch, we headed South to Sanibel Island. That had to be the best beach around. The island was more residential than commercial, which was pleasant. We strolled up and down the beach, and played in the water for a little while. There were so many shells to pick up. The sand was so white, and the water so blue. It has to be the prettiest beach I've seen. We didn't stay long, it was too hot and we didn't bring our swim suits. As we were leaving, we saw a giant iguana walk off the sidewalk and into the trees. It was huge, and too cool. I didn't get a picture of it, I think he was camera shy. As we were calming back down and driving on, we saw another large lizard. At first, I thought it was an alligator, but it didn't have spikes down it's back and tail. Then it stuck out a narrow black tongue, like a snake. Turned and slithered off into the trees. I googled it, and found out it was a Nile Monitor. They have been released there by dumb people, and have populated. The authorities are keeping track of all sightings and attempting to hunt the lizards down. The Monitors are very aggressive and would even challenge an alligator!

Day five, we got up early to catch the sunrise on Sanibel. After laughing at a crazy, half rabid squirrel, we took off to the beach. When we got there, we had the beach to ourselves. It was so nice. We played in the water and collected loads of shells. We had an early lunch, then headed back to the mainland. We went back to the house to freshen up. Plans were made to take Terry's friends from the down the road to dinner. She made reservations at a seafood place on Matlacha. It was a cute restaurant. I ordered wings, which ended up not holding a candle to Pluckers. We watched a fat happy dolphin chase fish. Dessert was good, yet again. We then walked around some more shops, after which we headed home.

Each night, I slept on the couch. You can hear the gators croak like frogs all night. The last day we were there, Aunt Tammy adopted a puppy. She named it Limpkins, after the bird mom never got to see. Our flights were uneventful, thank goodness. The iPhone saved us many times with it's GPS and wonderful apps. All in all, it was a good time. I want to go back during the winter months some time and see some manatees.

For pictures:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ready, Set...

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

I'm all packed (minus the things I use daily). It's time to go to bed and get some sleep. I work all day tomorrow. I have just a few more errands to run at lunch. After work is one last load of laundry to see Colt off to his week alone. Our meeting is also tomorrow night. I hope to be in bed right after the meeting, we have to leave for DFW at 4am-ish. That means loads off coffee Wednesday morning. I most likely won't get back to the mac before our trip, so next time I write, it will hopefully be from Florida. Here's to hoping we don't have to take any detours or sleep in any airports! I'm packing one day's worth in my carry on, just in case.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Post to Post

This will be short. I am packing for Florida! If I get all packed tonight, I can get anything that I may be missing tomorrow (Monday), and be ready to leave and not as crazy Tuesday. We leave bright and early Wednesday. Slight poor note about the trip; apparently my family is jinxed when it comes to vacations and hurricanes. Last year, we had a reservation at South Padre with friends. Dolly hits just a few days prior and takes out our resort. My family had a cruise booked, got the the ship, and a hurricane postponed their trip a bit. Then when it was time to go, the ship wouldn't start. Bummer. Now, here comes our trip to Florida and what's up? A storm is forecasted to hit when we are there. Come rain or come shine, WE GO!!! I may get to spend lots of time indoors, but I will be in Florida. So be it.

Finished the convention today. As usual... Wow. It was great. Drama was just what we all needed. The morning session was mind boggling. I think I was on the edge of my seat for the whole weekend. Recharged and ready for more.

I'll stop for now, I'm "packing".

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stinky Vacuum

That has to be of the worst smells ever know to human kind. You know the one; hot, smoldering hair, dust, and rubber belt of an abused vacuum cleaner. I used the main upright to give the Roomba a break. It didn't hold up to well to the cat hair and daily trackings of our home. Now instead of hairy carpet, I now have that dead vacuum smell lingering in the house. The poor thing hung in there for most of the needed work. I was working on the last room, my computer-turtle room, when it gave out. So now I am blogging in a stinky room. Here's a thought, I'm working on a lap top, aren't they portable? So now I'm a dork in a stinky room. The Roomba finished the job just a few moments ago. His little "all done" jingle is so adorable. Every one needs a Roomba, and now I guess I need a second to help this one with his work load!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Too Much to Write About

I've been meaning to write, but just haven't gotten to it. Where to start? Latest happenings since last time:
Went to Austin with Beth, Mom, and Colt to get some shopping done for our upcoming trip. We didn't really get much, (I returned w/0) but we had fun.
We attended this month's Jeep night. It was a bit smaller than the past few, but was still enjoyable.
I went to the Friday session of the "Keep on the Watch" convention here in Belton. Mom went with me. We were very happy to find it was an English one, we saw several spanish badges and banners and got a little nervous.
There was a Waco shopping trip with Mom, Dad, & Casey. I actually did well on this one. Wonderful sales, had to stock up you know.

First things first. Austin trip. That was ok. We didn't find much, but we had a good time. Started with lunch at Olive Garden. Soup, salad, and breadsticks all around. Then we went to Lake Line mall. It was a Sunday, so everything closed up early. I think Mom and Beth were the only ones to get anything. We had dinner at Steak & Shake, that is always a good thing. The best part was laughing at the poor Liberty all day with it's cast of green from a roll cage being spray painted too close to it. If you looked at the Jeep at an angle you could see it. We joked about it being camouflage in the parking lot, and that is why we walked all over creation trying to find it. I believe it washed off ok.

This month's Jeep night came and went. I got there super late because I went to Marshall's to return a dress before we went. That, of course, took thirty minutes. I promise I only pulled my own hair out, although I really wanted to encourage the customer service lady to work on her customer service. Any who, dinner was good. It was hot again, but that's a no brainer. Ice tea and other cold beverages helped there. Matt, Jered, & Dillon got there before Colt & I, so they had a table. We had a different waiter, and he wasn't nearly as good as Becca (our usual). There was a toddler at the next table over from us who spent the time wailing. It was very irritating at first, but then we ran with it. Any time one of us wanted something, be it a refill or just to say something, we would squall like the kid. We didn't get the same result as the kid though. His parents ignored us just as much as they ignored him. There was a smaller gathering this time. One of the bigger groups were away for a trip. Several more Cherokees made it this time. I ended up parking in the side lot to the front of the building. At first there were other Jeeps around me, but Juug ended up alone with cars by the time we left. Better luck next time.

Mom and I attended the Friday session to the convention in Belton. I thought I had read that it was an English meeting, but I saw several badges and banners in Spanish and started to doubt my being at the right one. When we found some seats and waited for it to start, we had to laugh at ourselves hoping so hard for English. We couldn't decide if we would stay or not, then it began, and in English! That was a relief. It was a very good program, as usual. The new releases and announcements were exciting. I'm ready to go this weekend and get the rest of the information.

I went to Waco this weekend with Mom, Dad, and Casey. We did very well. I found scarves, shirts, and a dress at Ross and Marshall's. Bought some Relic shades from Kohl's, and came across some great steals at Gap. Casey was a wonderful helper, and Dad was a trooper. They both kept up with Mom and I, and seemed to enjoy themselves.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but it is supper time. So that's all for now.

On My Way

I have stuff to post, just haven't gotten around to it. I also have some pictures to put onto Picasa, so hang in there. I will get to this, sooner or later. I'm hoping for tonight, if not, it will be tomorrow evening. It will be about August Jeep Night at Plucker's, a trip to Waco, and other happenings and so forth. I have loaded the photos onto my laptop, I just leave it behind.

-Will Be Right Back

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Went For A Ride

Us at the Domain

Today was supposed to be a "stay home and clean" day, but that didn't stick for long. I didn't make it out in service, the snooze button kept getting in the way. So we had a slow morning. We decided to have lunch at Olive Garden, love the soup salad & breadstick lunch special. After goofing around a little while longer, we went for lunch. We got in reasonably quickly considering the lunch crowd. The down side was, we were very hungry, and after we being seated, we didn't see another person. About 20 minutes passed and not even a sighting of a waiter. We stuck around for a little bit after that, then decided to move on to someplace we would get some lunch. Velaro was the next stop. Yep, gas station hot dogs to the rescue. It may have been the point of hunger, but that had to be of the better lunches I've had in a while.

For what ever reason, we ended up back on the highway heading south. The Wrangler didn't stop until we reached Barton Creek mall. That was a bust, as usual. It was too crowded, and we didn't find anything we couldn't live without. Colt's main want was to visit the Apple store, so we went to Fry's next, then hopped over to the Domain. By the time we got to the Domain, I was hungry again. I settled with a frapp and a quick trip through the Apple store. It wasn't too hot out today, so it was a nice stroll.

We decided to head to the Discount Electronics off Lamar, so one more side trip before heading home. It was a bad idea, for that place always has some cool gadgets for cheap. I got a memory stick for the camera I'm borrowing for Florida, and a screen protector for the iPhone (which is doing an horrible job of sticking to the phone). Colt got some kind of cables for his xbox.

Did I say just one more side trip? Next stop, Round Rock. There's an awesome pet store off Mays Ave that I "had" to go to. The Keeper is super knowledgeable and entertaining. The pets are always interesting. This time he had prairie dogs, baby snapping turtles, sandfish lizards, and two giant oscars who stalk anyone who may walk past their tank. Colt was adventurous and stuck his finger over the water and the bigger of the oscars jumped up and grabbed him. It was funny, and he kept doing it. It was like our own little Shamu/Jaws show going on. There were lots of other critters, but those were of the more intriguing. The shop Kitty was such a ham today. Colt knelt down to look at some fish, and Kitty was in his lap purring away.

Finally, home, or not. We stopped at Wolf Creek Ranch in Georgetown for Chick-fil-a. Nice break and good eats. I ended up dragging Colt to Old Navy, which I left empty handed. Then we swung by Petland. That place is always such a zoo. I had to laugh at this one family that was obviously from the city. The little girl wanted to pet a bunny, so the dad reaches into the pin and grabs one by the ears. He picks it up and brings it over to the girl, who screams and runs off. The dad made her pet it since he got it out. When she was finished, he drops it back into the pin and the mom hosed the daughter off with antibacterial spray. "Oh no, I got nature on me. What ever shall I do?"

We finally make it home. I'm supposed to be doing laundry right now, but I'm not. So I guess I'll wrap this up and get back to homemaking.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

End of Story

I just finished Brisingr, and it was sad. I am now bummed. Even more bummering is the fact that the sequel is not yet released, nor is there an estimated date for it to be published. Don't get me wrong, it has been a very enjoyable read (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr). The characters are very likable and the story quite addictive. It is a tale of the struggle between good and evil, light and dark, so and and so forth. The good side just suffered a great loss, and then the book came to an end. That's all folks, until next time.... Not fair! It may have been a tad easier to take if I had and idea as to how long I have to wait until the story will continue. Now what?

In other news...
I plugged my iPhone into my laptop last night to update it. Usually an uneventful task, right? I guess the computer wanted to remind me of how I depend on it and my phone way too much. It started with the usual occurrences; device found, checking for updates, blah blah blah... Then it proceeded to wipe my iPhone, cleaned out, all info GONE. It took me a while to think of what to do next. I had just finished putting loads onto that phone. It is my brain at this point, I'm pretty sure I'd be lost without it (Yes, I know how pathetic that sounds). After realizing that yelling at the computer was pointless, I flipped through the options on the display on the laptop screen (iTunes set up). There wasn't much to go with. I've synced them before, and it has never behaved this way. I went over any changes I had made to iTunes and/or the iPhone, checking if any involved these drastic measures. I made a few alterations, then clicked "save changes". Nothing happened. I was in the process of dragging Colt into the mess when a new message popped up on the screen. "Do you want to replace or merge information". Merge, for the love of... MERGE. Colt made some comment on my lack of patience, but it went ignored, my phone just might survive this. With a few more prompts from the computer, we were on our way to a happy ending. It began to reload all of the information I had entrusted to the seemingly unstoppable device. I was about to relax, then the task bar popped up with "Estimated Time to Completion". It was hours, not minutes, hours. It was way past my bed time, so I left it alone. By the way, my phone is also my alarm clock. So I got up some time that night and retrieved it after it was done "loading". It's normal once again, and I've learned to save the back-ups.

I'm officially counting down to my vacation. I've marked every calender I come across. This weekend is service and shop in Austin. Next weekend I'm off Friday. I'll go to the Convention that Friday, service Saturday, and see what happens Sunday. I work the Friday of the next weekend after that (which is the Convention we are assigned to, but my co-worker's grand-baby is due, so she already claimed that Friday), and I'll be at the Convention Saturday and Sunday. I'm so happy it is only 8 miles away and so easy to get to. The following week, off to Florida. Hooray!!! Like I said, counting down....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

To The City

Colt accepted the offer from S&W, and starts tomorrow. They have a dress code, of course, so we had to get Colt fixed up. Saturday we were off to Austin and the many malls it has to offer. Our group consisted of Colt's parents (Beth & Kevin), Colt, and me. All I heard was Outlet Mall, so I was good for a trip.

Our first stop, however, was the Central Texas Motor Sports store. I'm honestly not a "bike person", but I had fun, maybe too much. There was an amazing assortment of ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, and water craft. Beth, Kevin, and Colt tried on several different bikes, but I resisted. Well, that was until they showed me the Can-Am Spyder. That was the turning point for me, it became a game to the rest of my group. I played with the showroom model, until the salesman told me the MSRP, then I quickly dismounted and moved on. That didn't dishearten my party, just changed the approach a bit. I was taken to the "gear" side of the store. Here is were I tried on multiple jackets and riding gear, and banned from using the word "cute". The jackets were NICE, then I saw the sticker yet again. Ouch. Sale rack to the rescue. Still too pricey for me though. I got a good idea as to what kind of jacket I would like if I ever had a reason to "need" one.

Second stop... BMW motor sports. Much smaller store, but still interesting. The bikes weren't as appealing, but nice. They had a better sale on gear though. Their AC wasn't working, so I didn't play around as much. I did find two jackets that were hard to leave behind. The first was a leather jacket, no "skid plates" (I don't know if thats what they are called). It had plenty of nifty pockets and zippers. The liner was removable so it wasn't as hot for warmer seasons. Great fit, like a glove. The second was a Scorpion brand armored jacket. It was black with a red rose on the back and right sleeve while Scorpion in red was on the left sleeve. It was much lighter weight wise, but just as snug. The plates in it weren't uncomfortable at all. Colt repeatedly pounded on the back plate to "test" it's durability. They were both on sale. The leather was a better price, but the Scorpion felt safer. Then the salesman tried to be smooth, and just reeked with sleaze. He said the sale price was "up to his discretion", using the creepiest tone he could come up with. I promptly ended the conversation and rejoined Colt and his dad looking at the bikes. My Mother-in-law said that was normal behavior at the BMW dealership, so she wasn't surprised. We all had a good laugh, then moved on empty handed.

Now we go to the malls. First is Lake Line. Here we tortured poor Colt with seemingly endless trips to the fitting room. He leaves Dillards with 3 slacks. On to JCP. Here, more fitting room trips. End JCP with 1 pair of Dockers, and 3 shirts. I made my usual side trip to Bath & Bodyworks for a sale.

Hungry? Might Fine Burgers was quite yummy, as usual. Everyone ordered burgers, but I went for the chopped chili dog. In my haste to unwrap my dinner, I slapped it on to the table upside down. That was messy. After Colt caught his breath from laughing at my spilled chili dog, he fixed it up much better than my attempts were accomplishing.

After dinner we went to the Domain. I don't usually like this "shopping area", but this time was fun. The Domain is an overpriced, super snooty, better-than-thou, outdoor mall. It's nice to look at, but don't touch. We went straight to the Apple store, aiming to equip Kevin with an iPhone. We goofed around in there for a while, but ended up leaving empty handed yet again.

Crossed the street to the Sony store. Awesome sales people in there. They were fun, and entertaining. Beth ended up getting an eBook reader. I tried to use that as leverage for Kevin to get an iPhone, but just ended up with many, many glares.

We ended the evening at Cru. This is a wine and dine type place, mostly wine. It was enjoyable as well (even though I had only water). We had to laugh when we got the tab, we could have had several meals at Might Fine!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Please and Thank You's

Colt has had a turn for the better. He received word last week that the City was about to have an opening in their IT dept. Hooray!!! So, he made plans to go visit with the head of the department, with whom he's worked with before. I've remained calm, at least I think I have. Then.... Scott & White called and set up a phone interview for Friday in the late morning. He set the time aside, and had a good interview. He was satisfied with how things went. The only thing with S&W is how they drag their feet in making decisions. They are like the Tree Ents (if you know the Lord of the Rings saga). So we sat back to wait, when much to our surprise, the phone rang Friday afternoon, just 4 hours after his phone interview. It was S&W calling him in for a person to person interview for Monday. Wow, that was quick. Colt went for the interview this morning. Again it went well. They were greatly interested in his Mac experience, thanks to iPhones having the amazing usefulness in the medical field and Docs seeming to have an attraction to the devices. They said it could be one to 3 weeks before they could get back with him. Again, we sit back to wait. In the afternoon, he went to the City and checked in on the to-be-opening. It sounded good as well. It may be a week or two before we hear from them, too. Ok, we'll just wait.... The phone rang again in the evening. What, S&W again!?! They are persistent. The message was to call the gentlemen he had the interview with in the morning, to discuss a few more things. This could be promising, but I'll still try to remain calm. In a tiny way of celebration, we had dinner at Wing Stop!!! Will keep you posted.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Almost Friday

I'm at work, so this will be a short note. It's Thursday, so close to Friday. I'm off tomorrow, well, from work any way. I volunteered to help my Mother-In-Law with her yard sale. I hope to start super early in the morning, because it is supposed to be in the 100's yet again. Maybe I'll drag a kiddie pool over there and sit in it all day. I guess I'm spending the evening getting some stuff ready to take there, all that didn't sell from our sale a little while back. It's just piled in the garage, I never got myself motivated enough to put it away or drop it at Goodwill.

We picked up a futon last night, found it on Craigslist. So now we have a place to stash overnight guests again!!! It's black, so it'll go great with the white cat hair. This may be a good time to get that furniture lint roller or shave the cats. The latter would be more entertaining, but I'm sure Scooter would find someway to shave my head while I sleep.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jeep Night in July

Jeep night was fun, as usual. It was very hot at first, but then our awesome waitress got us a table in the shade. Huge difference. There was a much bigger turn out this time. News of Jeep Night has gotten around. Many of the same faces from last time, and lots of new ones. There were fewer drawings for prizes, but I did win the oil change I've been hoping for. I was out looking at Jeeps when they called my name. You think I would have learned not to wear flip flops out of the house. I ran as much as I could, hindered by my poor choice of footwear. The announcer was threatening to call another name, "Going once, Going twice...". I tried yelling at him that I was coming, but no one could hear me over the loud speakers. Everyone at my table was shouting, attempting to distract the announcer until I got there. The parking attendant and waitress finally saw me, and let him know I was coming. Big thanks to them, I got a card for a free oil change (which Juug is in dear need of). Dillon got a t-shirt. Colt and Jered each won Koozies. We all had a good time. It was nice to get back into the AC though.

Here is the link to my Picasa of the event.

I have links in my Picasa to Dillon and Matt, check out their pics too!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Modern Comforts

We now have AC. The old one died. It was replaced today with a Goodman unit. It's much bigger, and quieter. It is supposed to be high efficiency, we'll see on the next electric bill. It's nice to have a cooler house again. The cats are pleased, back to playing and chasing the Roomba. I'm sure Tiff is disappointed. She was feeling quite at home with the house impersonating an African Sahara. Hooray for the Super AC Dudes!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Official

I just called Pluckers in Killeen, Jeep night is still on for this Thursday from 6-9pm. The weather looks good, not quite 100, only 97 forecast so far.

Note to Dillon... is it ready?

Hope to see everyone there!!!

Good chicken, cold drinks, awesome Jeeps, and fun to watch people.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Little Toasty

Just ran home for lunch. I think it's a little hot out. I didn't check the actual temperature, but it's hot. So I dash into the house to escape the inferno only to discover the AC is taking a break. I don't know if it's out completely, or just needs some help. It was 90 in the house, and the kitties were extremely cranky. I made sure they had lots of water, and cut off the unit. (It was still running, just blowing hot air) I turned the window unit on in the upstairs bedroom, so they should be cozy in there. Packed a quick lunch, and came back to the office. We have been having issues with the air here at the office, and thank goodness the AC guy came today. He changed the filters, and charged the units. He said one unit needs the coils cleaned, but recommends waiting till winter time to attempt that feat. He said it's far too hot out now to even imagine sitting on the roof breaking down the unit. I can't say that I blame him. Now I'm wishing I got his card, I need him to check out our AC at home. I bet it'll take a while to get anyone there, with this heat wave, all AC dudes are in high demand. I wonder if I can sleep in the office tonight.....


I'm attempting to create a Picasa album. Getting started, let me know what you think. I don't know how to load videos yet. I'm still sorting through my albums on my mac, so hope to have more pictures up before to long.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tickets Please

My mom and I just booked our trip to Florida for August. Yeah, vacation!!! That may be the smallest bag to ever pack. Let's see, attire for Florida.... sundress, shorts, swim suit, & flip flops. I bet I can fit everything in a Wal-Mart bag. I may just go ahead and head to the airport tomorrow to make sure I don't miss this trip!!!

I've finished the Twilight series. Book 4 was good, when it got past the slow point. I've now been sucked back into Final Fantasy 7 on the PSP. Eragon the book has been staring me in the face, so I may pick it back up again here soon. I should pick it back up.

It's been hot outside, but that's a no brainer. Summer doesn't officially start until this up coming Sunday. I cannot begin to imagine how hot of a summer this is going to be, with a opening like this.

That's all I have for now. Just the usual points...
I love iPhone.
I hate Smart Cars.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

Not much to say, just blogging to blog. Had to work today. It wasn't bad, just kind of slow. I took too long of a nap this afternoon. Now it's bed time and I'm wide awake. Just finished the Oreos and a glass of milk, hoping that will make me slightly sleepy. It's too quiet, I've liked the thunder the past couple of nights, and now it's calm out again.

My book came in Wednesday. I'm more than half way through it. I put it down yesterday, got a little irritated with it. It turned too childish, silly. I started reading again after work. It picked back up quickly, after the momentary lull. I'm kind of glad this it the last book in the series. Eragon was getting interesting, and now I think I miss it. I'm not the kind of person who can read several books at once, but I think I'll live.

I've been a total dork about the whole Twilight thing, reading up on all the gossip I can find about the movie(s) and actors. I came across some news that has me even more excited about "New Moon" the movie. They have casted (I think it's official) Dakota Fanning as "Jane". That is going to be amazing. Jane's character is described as an angelic looking child, appears to be a defenseless girl among the monsters. She seems overwhelmingly innocent, but has a dark power. She can induce torturous pain on whom she pleases with simply looking at them. I think Dakota would be perfect to play the part.

Any way, enough of the nerding around. I think I'm going to try to go to bed. I'm supposed to get up for early work tomorrow. I'm trying to get as much time in before it gets too hot. I'm not a fan of the heat, but living in Texas, you learn to get around it. Mornings aren't bad, so the earlier you get up and going, the quicker you can get back to the AC!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Attempting Links!!!

Jeep Night at Plucker's in Killeen, Texas.

It was fun. Good food, crazy people, cool Jeeps. I think the Cherokees weren't invited.

San Antonio Pictures

- And a special "Thank You" to Dillon for letting me bum his Picasa.

Long Time, No See

So it's been awhile since my last post. I've not been real busy, just not blogging. I'm waiting for book 4 of the Twilight series to come in, so I have time to blow. I ordered it from I thought I clicked 2 day shipping, but apparently I clicked snail mail (aka postal service). It was originally expected Tuesday this week, but now the eta is late this week, or early next. Until then, I'm reading Eragon. Not too bad, just different from my latest reading style. I also have FF7 on the PSP. That's good stuff.

We were in Houston yesterday, and forgot to get cat food. This morning Scooter was waiting very loudly by the bed. He promptly let us know it was breakfast time. He continued to inform us until Colt put what few crumbs there were left in his bowl, and Oliver's. Oliver didn't seem to mind, he's easy to please. Scooter, on the other hand, was getting on my nerves. It doesn't help that I'm not a morning person, and had issues of my own this morning. So I spent my lunch hour getting kitty food and taking it home before Scooter ate Oliver. (Although one less mouth to feed may be a financial relief) (But not my Fatty!!!)

We had the cats on "weight control" food since Scooter snores while he is awake. But they just ate more of that formula, didn't help at all. When we offered less than usual through out the day, they just nagged more often. When Scooter's not happy, nobody's happy!!! So I've given up and bought regular fat cat food. I'll just have to chase Scooter around more often.

Oh, and by the way......
High-Maintenance People Are Really Annoying!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book Worm

I finally watched Twilight last week with friends. I've been passing it up for some time now, not knowing if it was something I really wanted to see. I still had my doubts when we decided it was on the play-list for the night. Much to my surprise, it was actually good. I guess it was very good, seeing that I bought it the next day. Quite an interesting story. Many people I've spoken to about it said the book is exactly the same. I decided I wanted to read the novel, so starts the hunt. I went all over trying to find it. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of copies available, but you know me, I'm cheap. I called the local used book stores. They all said they did not have it at that time, but to check back often for it comes and goes quickly. One location told me "good luck", and said if I find it, and finish it, to please think of them when I'm done with it. After checking all over town, I gave up and went to Wal-Mart. They had it with a portion off the cover price. So I bought it Wednesday at lunch, and started the madness.

I read a chapter or two at lunch, and took a long break to get back to work. After work, I started again. I didn't put it down till about 10:30 that night. I was already half way through. I continued on Thursday at lunch, but didn't get too far along. I skipped Thursday evening, because I thought Colt was sick of seeing me with a book stuck on the end of my nose. I had to work Friday, but since it was slow the day prior, I had already accomplished much of Friday's work, so I read here and there through out the day. After work Friday, I completed reading Twilight the Novel. It was very much like the movie, but of course, there wasn't enough time in the film to dive as deeply into the supporting characters. There is so much more background and building of the individuals in the story, I have to admit the book was far better. Seeing the movie first was good though, getting a visual of the characters made it easier to "see" them while reading. One part I did find quite funny... In the story, Edward borrows his brother's Jeep to take Bella to the "ball field". The movie, of course, has it as a new four door Rubicon. It was a good looking, some what intimidating Jeep. In the book, how ever, it is described as a huge, red, four door Cherokee. Bella mentions on how the tires are so large, she couldn't climb up into the Jeep. She goes on the describe the rails and accessories that make it almost terrifying. All I could think of while reading about the beast was how much it sounded like Dillon's Jeep, minus the five point harnesses. I've now decided to refer to Dillon's jeep as "Emmit" as a tribute to the creature.

After finishing Twilight the Novel, I was ready for more. I bought New Moon (book two of the four part saga) Friday night. I was good, I went to bed after the first, maybe second chapter. Saturday morning ran late, as we went to Belton for Breakfast. When we returned, though, I quickly got down to business. Colt was gone for most of the day, so I didn't feel so bad about getting sucked in again. I read for most of the day, taking short breaks to blink, snack, and drink. Colt returned in the early evening. He needed some parts for his Jeep, so I drove him to the local part store, stayed in the car, and continued following the adventure. He was in the store for a while, so I made plenty of progress. After going back home, I picked right back up. It was a late night, but I managed to finish the novel before going to bed.

It was also a good story, but not as good as the first. Bella is quite the whiner in this one, and Edward is sad for the start, then absent till the end. You get to know more about Jacob and his group of friends. It also uncovers a bit more about the Cullans and why they think and act the way they do. The ending is intense, almost scary. This one is darker, but ends as a cliff hanger.

I hope to get book three shortly. Now I'm more excited about the second movie, which comes out in November. Can I stretch these next two books out till then???

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dear iPhone, I Love You

As most of you know, I've had an iPhone for a little while now. I down loaded several apps, but stopped when I got Solitaire (since it is sooooo addictive). Enough people have commented on how "simple" my phone is, with it's limited apps, that I started looking into getting more. There are MANY apps, but few good ones that are free (my budget). I have found, however, a couple to help out my bored phone. One is a totally rocking app for movies. It has a listing of movies now playing with all kinds of information on each movie. Another part to it is what is soon to come out, listing up to 2011. I've spent quite some time on that so far. It also lists movies to be released on DVD and when. The best part is the listing of local theaters, what they are showing, and when!!! I love this app!!!

Another app I acquired is a TV guide type deal. Simply put in the zip code, and local carrier, and get what is on which channels. It also has an option to tell it what your favorite shows are, it finds the channel that is playing it and when. FUN!!!

I down loaded an app for baseball scores. The initial load is free, but each time you receive information, it accrues charges. It was promptly deleted. I'm still looking for a free baseball app.

There are several more that I've accepted, but I don't remember which ones. My fav is still Solitaire. I've named the iPhone "Little Bird", because it tells me all I ask of it. A little bird told me!!!

On another note, Fatty went on an excursion some time early this morning. He found a window that was left open, upstairs. He had to have jumped off the second story, I still think he fell off the roof. I'm glad I was actually awake when I was up and about this morning. I noticed he didn't beg for breakfast when I was in the kitchen. I put food in his bowl out of habit, and he didn't thank me. Scooter helped himself to Fatty's meal. I sort of looked around, assuming he over slept. Colt was leaving for "work", and I was getting ready to head out, and Fatty still hasn't come to say "Hi" yet. I mentioned it to Colt, and so we both looked around. We called him and rattled his treat bag, no Fatty. I knew he had to be in the house, for I had run the Roomba when I went to bed, and there was Fatty tufts on the floor still. That means he chased his tail some time after the Roomba finished cleaning. I sat trying to think of anywhere in the house he may be hiding, and couldn't think of anywhere. Then I heard Colt say, "Oops". I don't like hearing that when my tard kitty is missing. Colt was upstairs in his office, tugging at the curtain in window. Then I heard him close the window. My stomach turned, the window must have been open all night. Thoughts raced through my head about him being lost, scared, beat up, maybe hit by a car. Then Colt laughed, bringing me back to the situation at hand. What could he be laughing at, Fatty wouldn't make it out side, he's not right. "I see him, stupid Fatty!" Colt came down the stairs and went out the back door. Fatty was frolicking around the back yard, and digging behind the "chupacabra" shed. Colt caught him, brought him back inside. Crazy cat jumped off the roof, and spent the morning in the back yard. Thank goodness he couldn't get out of the fence. I'm sure that shed kept him busy a while, who knows what's in it. He's slept all day, in the middle of the living room floor. I'm glad to have him back, my adorable Fatty.