Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

Crazy day today. Ready for bed. Just got back from picking Dottie up from my parents' house. They are going to NY in the morning, so I get custody this week!!! She came home and went right to bed. I'm finishing some laundry, so I have a moment. Excited about San Antonio. We leave at lunch on Wednesday. I have to take Dottie to the kennel that morning, but I haven't told her yet. Everything else is self-sufficient.

Not too big of plans for the weekend. Just ready for the weekend. Saturday morning is taken, and my show is on Sunday nights. Other than that, I'm winging it. I watch "In Plain Sight" on Sundays. There is a group going to see "Wolverine" in Austin Sunday night, but it's the late show, and I have to get up Monday morning and be pleasant. (So I'll have to stay home and watch my show instead)

Jealous of Mom and Dad going to NY. They are going to see family in Upstate, then drive to Maine and watch the sun come up. Sounds nice, especially the not being here part. It's still cold up there though. I bet they have a good time, and get lots of GOOD food. The rest of us here get to enjoy the intense humidity.

That's all for now. Still working on getting more pictures and stuff for the blog, hope it won't be too much longer.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still Raining

I've forgotten what the sun looks like. It's still wet out, but we need the rain. Fatty has come out, no more thunder. He is wired. I guess it's from keeping himself cooped up for two days. He is bouncing all over, climbing everything. I'm surprised he's not helping Scooter beat down the Roomba. He can't seem to decide if he wants to chase it, or get vacuumed by it.

I forfeited some sleep last night to watch my movie. It was well worth the wait. I don't remember if I ever mentioned the title. Advent Children Complete. It is a continuation of the Final Fantasy 7 game. The original movie was released several years ago, but it wasn't completed to the full effect as to what the writers wanted. They ran short on a dead line or something, and had to wrap it up sooner than they had planned. They just recently redid it, and released it in Japan first. I didn't want to wait till June to get the US version, so I ordered this one from it's first batch. They added more scenes and dialog. Really aided the story line, and characters. It is only released on Blu Ray, true HD. All I can say is, "Wow." I applaud Square Enix on this "remastered" movie. I'm tired from being up late, but happy with the time used.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm at work, so this should be short. My movie came in today. It was held up in customs for what ever reason. Of course it would come today, I have my meeting tonight. So I either have to short myself on sleep after the meeting, or wait till tomorrow after work. Eeeek. I was just hoping too hard for it to come yesterday. In an attempt to keep myself distracted, I rented The Duchess last night. It was an ok movie, extremely visual. It takes place in the 1700's, when women were possessions and with out any rights. The Duke is such a dog in it, it made me mad at men in general. So it's not a good movie to watch if you are having relationship issues, total man hater. I wouldn't watch it again, and I can't say I'd recomend it to anyone. It had good parts, but more riskee (spelling?) parts than I liked.

Still raining, storms have slowed. Fatty has been hiding under my bed since Sunday night. He comes out to eat, then sneaks back to his hiding spot. I've missed him sleeping on my feet. If the weather keeps on the quiet side, he should be back to normal tonight.

Any way, back to work!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lunch Log

Just a quick note. I'm on lunch right now, have just a few minutes to spare. Already fed the gang (cats, tort, bunny), now its my turn. Left overs, now I remember why they were left over in the first place, yuck. The applesauce helps a little. Not much going on lately. Still fighting allergies, the rain is helping. We had a pretty good storm last night. It was bigger than I thought. Our place doesn't have any damage that I've noticed yet. The neighborhood has several branches down. One block behind us lost a span of privacy fencing. The Doc I work for lost a tree, and so did several people I've spoken with today. We are supposed to get more, so we'll see how everything holds up.

Still waiting for my movie to come in. Hope it's here after lunch!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Congratulations, You've Won A Prize...

Today we drove to New Braunfels to claim our "prize". Colt entered to win a Smart Car at a bike show recently. Thank goodness the retard of a car was already claimed, but we're up for a Cayenne, a trip to Vegas, or an Hawaii vacation. We of course were rooting for Cayenne. The drawings were sponsored by a time-share company. It was actually enjoyable. Our tour guide was from California, he was entertaining. Rand was his name. He had some great stories about Cali, and the economy, and how he has ended up in Texas. He, like may out-of-staters, is impressed with how friendly Texans are. The weather and allergies was of his least favorite things about the area. Any way, he made the time there go smoothly. He wasn't at all pushy. When it came time for him to hand us over to the sales persons, we were having too much fun cracking jokes about everything to get down to business. The sales people ended up bringing his next tour group to him, so he had to move on. It was a good "deal", and if I had loads of money to blow on random travels (which would be awesome), we would have signed on an incredible vacation plan. But we don't, so we did the responsible adult thing, and declined the guaranteed wonderful get-away program, and went back to reality. Our parting gifts... a cruise, and the Hawaiian vacation. YEAH!!! The cruise is either out of Galveston to Mexico, or out of Florida to the Caribbean's. I'm excited!!! The Hawaii thing is cool, but I'm not so thrilled with how long the plane ride is there. I think I'll get over that, though.

On the way back home, we stopped at Pluckers in Round Rock. The food was amazing, as usual. As we were heading to the car after eating, there was a strange black cloud overhead. As we watched, it seemed to stream, roll, twist, and dive. It was hundreds and hundreds of bats pouring out from the nearest overpass. It was as if they were never ending. It was really neat to watch. After about 15 minutes, 3 hawks came along. They seemed to be having a blast with the endless buffet. After a while, they appeared to be toying with the bats. It didn't look like it was bothering the bats any, there were so many. We stayed and watched until it was too dark to see anymore.

We goofed around in Austin for a little while, then came home. I was kind of in a hurry to get home. I've ordered a movie from Asia, and it should be in today or Monday. Much to my dismay, it didn't come today. So we are watching Tron now. That will do for now. It's pretty crazy. So, stopping for now, to take in the insanity that is Tron.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Late Morning

It is Friday. I was aiming to sleep late, but it didn't happen. I guess that is part of being a "grown-up". Despite being up till 3am doing CE on-line, I can't sleep in, mornings come early these days. I'm off today. (I rotate Fridays, another reason I LOVE my job). I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning today completing continuing ed credits, fell asleep (since reading the history of dental implants is SO exciting), and still had to complete an hour worth of credit after getting up (earlier than preferred). The reason I am scrambling to accrue these credits at this time is because I've remembered my Employer's registration renewal date instead of my own. I was corrected late this week when I was cleaning my "license" at work, and took the time to read it. I had less than a week to achieve renewal. The other reason to hurry this is because I am supposed to be going to San Antonio (with office) for the annual ADA convention the second week in May. It takes a while to process renewals, so I need to have this done prior to the convention, incase they actually check registration renewals. The courses really aren't that bad. I just have issues with staring at a screen that long. Any way, it's done. I just have to send a "small processing fee" to the TSBDE as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to the San Antonio thing, it's actually fun. I don't remember which courses I'm signed up for. The ones I originally requested where full, so I went with plan B, and I believe C as well. We head down Wednesday afternoon to sign in. Thursday will be spent in classes, with a lunch on the River Walk. Friday has been set aside for the Exhibit hall. (Lots of freebees and samples!!!) One slight catch... Star Trek opens that Thursday. I'm hoping to get a chance between classes Thursday to sneak to the theater and get a ticket for the evening.

Not much planned for today. Just the basics: laundry, cleaning, so forth. Already vacuumed, well, pushed the Roomba's button. Actually, pushed the button several times. Scooter (cranky cat) has learned that if he continually swats the Roomba's front sensor, it decides it is stuck, causing it to stop vacuuming and parks where it is, then notifies me with a series of beeps. I come down stairs to find Scooter proudly sitting next to the defeated and frustrated Roomba. It is comical, but after the third time in one run, it also gets old. Poor Roomba, but it still ROCKS!!!

I'll end this post for now, in attempt to have a more productive day. Until next entry... have a great, not too eventful day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something new...

I don't think of myself as an adventurous person. I like routines and schedules. I'm not big on trying new things either. I've never "blogged" before, so this is learning experience to me. So far... kind of fun!!! I'll try to keep this interesting. Hope to have more pictures and such before too long. This may be a bit simple, and boring at first. Hang in there, I'm a quick learner. I can be a bit obsessive at times, maybe I'll use that to make this a tad more entertaining.