Saturday, April 25, 2009

Congratulations, You've Won A Prize...

Today we drove to New Braunfels to claim our "prize". Colt entered to win a Smart Car at a bike show recently. Thank goodness the retard of a car was already claimed, but we're up for a Cayenne, a trip to Vegas, or an Hawaii vacation. We of course were rooting for Cayenne. The drawings were sponsored by a time-share company. It was actually enjoyable. Our tour guide was from California, he was entertaining. Rand was his name. He had some great stories about Cali, and the economy, and how he has ended up in Texas. He, like may out-of-staters, is impressed with how friendly Texans are. The weather and allergies was of his least favorite things about the area. Any way, he made the time there go smoothly. He wasn't at all pushy. When it came time for him to hand us over to the sales persons, we were having too much fun cracking jokes about everything to get down to business. The sales people ended up bringing his next tour group to him, so he had to move on. It was a good "deal", and if I had loads of money to blow on random travels (which would be awesome), we would have signed on an incredible vacation plan. But we don't, so we did the responsible adult thing, and declined the guaranteed wonderful get-away program, and went back to reality. Our parting gifts... a cruise, and the Hawaiian vacation. YEAH!!! The cruise is either out of Galveston to Mexico, or out of Florida to the Caribbean's. I'm excited!!! The Hawaii thing is cool, but I'm not so thrilled with how long the plane ride is there. I think I'll get over that, though.

On the way back home, we stopped at Pluckers in Round Rock. The food was amazing, as usual. As we were heading to the car after eating, there was a strange black cloud overhead. As we watched, it seemed to stream, roll, twist, and dive. It was hundreds and hundreds of bats pouring out from the nearest overpass. It was as if they were never ending. It was really neat to watch. After about 15 minutes, 3 hawks came along. They seemed to be having a blast with the endless buffet. After a while, they appeared to be toying with the bats. It didn't look like it was bothering the bats any, there were so many. We stayed and watched until it was too dark to see anymore.

We goofed around in Austin for a little while, then came home. I was kind of in a hurry to get home. I've ordered a movie from Asia, and it should be in today or Monday. Much to my dismay, it didn't come today. So we are watching Tron now. That will do for now. It's pretty crazy. So, stopping for now, to take in the insanity that is Tron.

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