Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

Crazy day today. Ready for bed. Just got back from picking Dottie up from my parents' house. They are going to NY in the morning, so I get custody this week!!! She came home and went right to bed. I'm finishing some laundry, so I have a moment. Excited about San Antonio. We leave at lunch on Wednesday. I have to take Dottie to the kennel that morning, but I haven't told her yet. Everything else is self-sufficient.

Not too big of plans for the weekend. Just ready for the weekend. Saturday morning is taken, and my show is on Sunday nights. Other than that, I'm winging it. I watch "In Plain Sight" on Sundays. There is a group going to see "Wolverine" in Austin Sunday night, but it's the late show, and I have to get up Monday morning and be pleasant. (So I'll have to stay home and watch my show instead)

Jealous of Mom and Dad going to NY. They are going to see family in Upstate, then drive to Maine and watch the sun come up. Sounds nice, especially the not being here part. It's still cold up there though. I bet they have a good time, and get lots of GOOD food. The rest of us here get to enjoy the intense humidity.

That's all for now. Still working on getting more pictures and stuff for the blog, hope it won't be too much longer.

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