Friday, April 24, 2009

A Late Morning

It is Friday. I was aiming to sleep late, but it didn't happen. I guess that is part of being a "grown-up". Despite being up till 3am doing CE on-line, I can't sleep in, mornings come early these days. I'm off today. (I rotate Fridays, another reason I LOVE my job). I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning today completing continuing ed credits, fell asleep (since reading the history of dental implants is SO exciting), and still had to complete an hour worth of credit after getting up (earlier than preferred). The reason I am scrambling to accrue these credits at this time is because I've remembered my Employer's registration renewal date instead of my own. I was corrected late this week when I was cleaning my "license" at work, and took the time to read it. I had less than a week to achieve renewal. The other reason to hurry this is because I am supposed to be going to San Antonio (with office) for the annual ADA convention the second week in May. It takes a while to process renewals, so I need to have this done prior to the convention, incase they actually check registration renewals. The courses really aren't that bad. I just have issues with staring at a screen that long. Any way, it's done. I just have to send a "small processing fee" to the TSBDE as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to the San Antonio thing, it's actually fun. I don't remember which courses I'm signed up for. The ones I originally requested where full, so I went with plan B, and I believe C as well. We head down Wednesday afternoon to sign in. Thursday will be spent in classes, with a lunch on the River Walk. Friday has been set aside for the Exhibit hall. (Lots of freebees and samples!!!) One slight catch... Star Trek opens that Thursday. I'm hoping to get a chance between classes Thursday to sneak to the theater and get a ticket for the evening.

Not much planned for today. Just the basics: laundry, cleaning, so forth. Already vacuumed, well, pushed the Roomba's button. Actually, pushed the button several times. Scooter (cranky cat) has learned that if he continually swats the Roomba's front sensor, it decides it is stuck, causing it to stop vacuuming and parks where it is, then notifies me with a series of beeps. I come down stairs to find Scooter proudly sitting next to the defeated and frustrated Roomba. It is comical, but after the third time in one run, it also gets old. Poor Roomba, but it still ROCKS!!!

I'll end this post for now, in attempt to have a more productive day. Until next entry... have a great, not too eventful day.

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