Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm at work, so this should be short. My movie came in today. It was held up in customs for what ever reason. Of course it would come today, I have my meeting tonight. So I either have to short myself on sleep after the meeting, or wait till tomorrow after work. Eeeek. I was just hoping too hard for it to come yesterday. In an attempt to keep myself distracted, I rented The Duchess last night. It was an ok movie, extremely visual. It takes place in the 1700's, when women were possessions and with out any rights. The Duke is such a dog in it, it made me mad at men in general. So it's not a good movie to watch if you are having relationship issues, total man hater. I wouldn't watch it again, and I can't say I'd recomend it to anyone. It had good parts, but more riskee (spelling?) parts than I liked.

Still raining, storms have slowed. Fatty has been hiding under my bed since Sunday night. He comes out to eat, then sneaks back to his hiding spot. I've missed him sleeping on my feet. If the weather keeps on the quiet side, he should be back to normal tonight.

Any way, back to work!!!!


  1. The Dutchess was playing on the boat, so Tommy and I watched it. It was surprisingly decent! Not bad. Although as you mentioned - visual.

  2. Dillon came in during the part with the Duke "correcting" the Duchess, yeah, I had to pause it and turn the TV to cable till he left. I'm sure he's seen worse, but I was embarrassed.