Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still Raining

I've forgotten what the sun looks like. It's still wet out, but we need the rain. Fatty has come out, no more thunder. He is wired. I guess it's from keeping himself cooped up for two days. He is bouncing all over, climbing everything. I'm surprised he's not helping Scooter beat down the Roomba. He can't seem to decide if he wants to chase it, or get vacuumed by it.

I forfeited some sleep last night to watch my movie. It was well worth the wait. I don't remember if I ever mentioned the title. Advent Children Complete. It is a continuation of the Final Fantasy 7 game. The original movie was released several years ago, but it wasn't completed to the full effect as to what the writers wanted. They ran short on a dead line or something, and had to wrap it up sooner than they had planned. They just recently redid it, and released it in Japan first. I didn't want to wait till June to get the US version, so I ordered this one from it's first batch. They added more scenes and dialog. Really aided the story line, and characters. It is only released on Blu Ray, true HD. All I can say is, "Wow." I applaud Square Enix on this "remastered" movie. I'm tired from being up late, but happy with the time used.

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