Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book Worm

I finally watched Twilight last week with friends. I've been passing it up for some time now, not knowing if it was something I really wanted to see. I still had my doubts when we decided it was on the play-list for the night. Much to my surprise, it was actually good. I guess it was very good, seeing that I bought it the next day. Quite an interesting story. Many people I've spoken to about it said the book is exactly the same. I decided I wanted to read the novel, so starts the hunt. I went all over trying to find it. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of copies available, but you know me, I'm cheap. I called the local used book stores. They all said they did not have it at that time, but to check back often for it comes and goes quickly. One location told me "good luck", and said if I find it, and finish it, to please think of them when I'm done with it. After checking all over town, I gave up and went to Wal-Mart. They had it with a portion off the cover price. So I bought it Wednesday at lunch, and started the madness.

I read a chapter or two at lunch, and took a long break to get back to work. After work, I started again. I didn't put it down till about 10:30 that night. I was already half way through. I continued on Thursday at lunch, but didn't get too far along. I skipped Thursday evening, because I thought Colt was sick of seeing me with a book stuck on the end of my nose. I had to work Friday, but since it was slow the day prior, I had already accomplished much of Friday's work, so I read here and there through out the day. After work Friday, I completed reading Twilight the Novel. It was very much like the movie, but of course, there wasn't enough time in the film to dive as deeply into the supporting characters. There is so much more background and building of the individuals in the story, I have to admit the book was far better. Seeing the movie first was good though, getting a visual of the characters made it easier to "see" them while reading. One part I did find quite funny... In the story, Edward borrows his brother's Jeep to take Bella to the "ball field". The movie, of course, has it as a new four door Rubicon. It was a good looking, some what intimidating Jeep. In the book, how ever, it is described as a huge, red, four door Cherokee. Bella mentions on how the tires are so large, she couldn't climb up into the Jeep. She goes on the describe the rails and accessories that make it almost terrifying. All I could think of while reading about the beast was how much it sounded like Dillon's Jeep, minus the five point harnesses. I've now decided to refer to Dillon's jeep as "Emmit" as a tribute to the creature.

After finishing Twilight the Novel, I was ready for more. I bought New Moon (book two of the four part saga) Friday night. I was good, I went to bed after the first, maybe second chapter. Saturday morning ran late, as we went to Belton for Breakfast. When we returned, though, I quickly got down to business. Colt was gone for most of the day, so I didn't feel so bad about getting sucked in again. I read for most of the day, taking short breaks to blink, snack, and drink. Colt returned in the early evening. He needed some parts for his Jeep, so I drove him to the local part store, stayed in the car, and continued following the adventure. He was in the store for a while, so I made plenty of progress. After going back home, I picked right back up. It was a late night, but I managed to finish the novel before going to bed.

It was also a good story, but not as good as the first. Bella is quite the whiner in this one, and Edward is sad for the start, then absent till the end. You get to know more about Jacob and his group of friends. It also uncovers a bit more about the Cullans and why they think and act the way they do. The ending is intense, almost scary. This one is darker, but ends as a cliff hanger.

I hope to get book three shortly. Now I'm more excited about the second movie, which comes out in November. Can I stretch these next two books out till then???

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dear iPhone, I Love You

As most of you know, I've had an iPhone for a little while now. I down loaded several apps, but stopped when I got Solitaire (since it is sooooo addictive). Enough people have commented on how "simple" my phone is, with it's limited apps, that I started looking into getting more. There are MANY apps, but few good ones that are free (my budget). I have found, however, a couple to help out my bored phone. One is a totally rocking app for movies. It has a listing of movies now playing with all kinds of information on each movie. Another part to it is what is soon to come out, listing up to 2011. I've spent quite some time on that so far. It also lists movies to be released on DVD and when. The best part is the listing of local theaters, what they are showing, and when!!! I love this app!!!

Another app I acquired is a TV guide type deal. Simply put in the zip code, and local carrier, and get what is on which channels. It also has an option to tell it what your favorite shows are, it finds the channel that is playing it and when. FUN!!!

I down loaded an app for baseball scores. The initial load is free, but each time you receive information, it accrues charges. It was promptly deleted. I'm still looking for a free baseball app.

There are several more that I've accepted, but I don't remember which ones. My fav is still Solitaire. I've named the iPhone "Little Bird", because it tells me all I ask of it. A little bird told me!!!

On another note, Fatty went on an excursion some time early this morning. He found a window that was left open, upstairs. He had to have jumped off the second story, I still think he fell off the roof. I'm glad I was actually awake when I was up and about this morning. I noticed he didn't beg for breakfast when I was in the kitchen. I put food in his bowl out of habit, and he didn't thank me. Scooter helped himself to Fatty's meal. I sort of looked around, assuming he over slept. Colt was leaving for "work", and I was getting ready to head out, and Fatty still hasn't come to say "Hi" yet. I mentioned it to Colt, and so we both looked around. We called him and rattled his treat bag, no Fatty. I knew he had to be in the house, for I had run the Roomba when I went to bed, and there was Fatty tufts on the floor still. That means he chased his tail some time after the Roomba finished cleaning. I sat trying to think of anywhere in the house he may be hiding, and couldn't think of anywhere. Then I heard Colt say, "Oops". I don't like hearing that when my tard kitty is missing. Colt was upstairs in his office, tugging at the curtain in window. Then I heard him close the window. My stomach turned, the window must have been open all night. Thoughts raced through my head about him being lost, scared, beat up, maybe hit by a car. Then Colt laughed, bringing me back to the situation at hand. What could he be laughing at, Fatty wouldn't make it out side, he's not right. "I see him, stupid Fatty!" Colt came down the stairs and went out the back door. Fatty was frolicking around the back yard, and digging behind the "chupacabra" shed. Colt caught him, brought him back inside. Crazy cat jumped off the roof, and spent the morning in the back yard. Thank goodness he couldn't get out of the fence. I'm sure that shed kept him busy a while, who knows what's in it. He's slept all day, in the middle of the living room floor. I'm glad to have him back, my adorable Fatty.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Self Defense

I forgot to add one part to the San Antonio experience. I had to use some self defense to get out of a "situation". I wasn't ready to retire to the room Thursday when my co-workers did, so I went to the mall ALONE. I know, it's not smart for a young lady to go solo in the big scary city, but I wasn't too tired, and there was plenty of more shopping to do. I hit a couple shops, found a good sale at the Gap, and strolled around taking in the sights and sounds that is San Antonio. At a point in my adventure, I realized I passed the same kiosk for the 3rd time in my attempt to find my way back to the hotel. One of the sales-men also realized my recurring presence. He finally spoke up. He offered a sales demo, which I declined. He went on rambling about something, but I did well in ignoring him. I went on, only to get turned around yet again. I had to pass his stand one more time. As I walked by, I avoided eye contact. It didn't help. He promptly welcomed me back, calling me Purple (my shirt was purple and I wouldn't give him my name). "It must be fate," he said, "You come by again.... Where's your smile, Purple? Leaving so soon?" He proceeded to follow, and continued chattering from behind me. He then quickened his pace to bounce ahead of me, and walked backwards while facing me all the while chatting as he skipped. He said something that I found funny, so I laughed. Here is the self defense... When I laughed, I blew snot out my nose!!! I threw my hand over my nose, but it was too late. I continued to laugh, but the sales-man was SHOCKED. His face was so funny, he looked terrified and horrified at the same time. He said no more, just turned away and returned to his post. I giggled my way back to the hotel. I'm sure everyone thought I was a drunk, for I didn't have a tissue, so I spent the rest of the way back with my hand on my face and laughing.

Another goofy experience...
I went with my brother to Wing Stop Sunday. We were dressed up, but just regular Meeting close, nothing over the top. Dillon ordered first. As he was pulling out his card to pay for his, the little girl behind the counter asked if we were together. We both quickly replied with a No. She just smiled and finished ringing up his order. Dillon then turned around and asked what I wanted. I said no again, "I'll get me." He said, "Just today I guess, what do you want?" So I added my order to his. We sat at a table and waited for the wings. When the order was up, I went to the counter for it. The girl behind the counter read everything off, handed me the tray, and then a white rose and said, "Happy Mother's Day!" I could only smile, and thanked her. I couldn't believe it, me???? Dillon's Mom???? Dillon sure found it funny. The food was great, the rose was pretty, and we had a good laugh.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Home Again

I'm back from San Antonio. I had every intention to blog while I was down there, but our incredibly fancy hotel charges $12 a day for internet, and as you all know, I am CHEAP. So here is an update.

Like I said, the hotel was fancy. We stayed at the Marriot River Center. It's the one attached to the River Center Mall. We were on the 31st floor, with an amazing view of the River Walk and city skyline. The service was great. A few bummers though. We had trouble with getting hot water in the room. I let the tub run for 20 minutes, and then it finally started to get warm. This morning it took awhile again, the shower and the sink. The hotel had the super thin tissue paper as toilet paper. We had to prop the fridge door with a book to keep it closed. Other than that, and the $12 internet, it was good. They supplied Bath and Body Works soap, lotions, shampoo, and conditioner!!!

The convention hall was two streets over, or a short walk down the River Walk. My first class was on conservative dental treatment vs. extreme treatment. It was on the lower level of the hall, which had a view of and access to the River Walk.

This was right outside the door of my first class. I spent break taking pictures of it. When I get those pictures loaded, I'll post some.

It was hard to concentrate with this right behind me during a semi-boring class. When the speaker went overtime, into lunch time, this river was even more tempting. I couldn't skip the end of the class because they announce a code at the end, which I have to put in the system some how and get credit for the class. That is clever, but was quite annoying as my stomach was louder than the speaker.

I ran back to the mall and met up with my co-workers in the food court for lunch. We then went back to the room for a quick break, then back to classes. The afternoon class was about communicating with the lab properly. It was interesting, but made me question any future involving me working in a dental lab.

The first night, we ate on the River Walk, good mexican food. I got too hot, and felt icky. So I retired early. The second night the TDA provided dinner. Buffet style!!! After eating Thursday, I went shopping in the mall. Got a few things from the Gap, good sale. We meant to watch movies in the room, but never got around to it. This morning I got Starbucks from the lobby of our hotel. We spent the rest of the morning walking around the Exhibit Hall. Some good samples, not much though. Placed a couple orders for stuff we need at the office, nothing new.

We got in shortly after lunch. I picked Dottie up from the vet. She was excited, as usual. The ladies who work there had fun with her. They let her out often, played with her, and fixed her hair with a cute little yellow ribbon. She's doing well, she only checks her stitches every now and then. I don't think it slowed her down any.

After bringing Dottie home, I went to Harker Heights and saw Star Trek. It was great. I liked all the little tie ins from the series, nice touch. The kid who plays Cpt. Kirk did a good job. He portrayed a young Shatner (?) very well. Spock was also wonderfully played. Of the better movies I've seen in a long while.

I had to laugh when I went out to my Jeep after the movie. I had parked by a fellow Wrangler, and we were joined by three more. It's a Jeep thing, and it's fun. We all ended up by our Jeeps at the same time, minus one. We all just smiled, exchanged a few "Nice Jeep"s, and went our separate ways.

That's all for now, Dottie is looking for snack, and I'm ready for bed.

-Oh yeah, this pic is me on break the first day by the river. You can't see it, but I promise it's behind me!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

See You In San Antonio

I'm packing right now. The laptop is about to get put in the bag. Scooter has claimed my suitcase. I have it open putting the finishing bits in, and he snuck in. Dottie is crated, and whining. She had to stop eating at 9pm, so her snack was too early to remember that she already had it. Not much going on. Update - no Star Trek, there is only midnight showings, and I can't be up that late and make it through class. I'll have to wait till I get home to go see it. That's all for now, I'm sleepy and have to chase Scooter off.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Count Down

Just a quick entry tonight. I'm finishing some laundry, and just put the dishes away. I have to pack most everything for San Antonio tonight, busy tomorrow night. I took Dottie to my Grandparents' after work tonight. Let her play with my parents' dog Phoebe. She is over there because of my parents being in NY. They were happy to see each other. Played most of the evening. Dottie is winding down, ready for bed now (thank goodness). Dinner was great (of course). Reminded me of how much I need to cook more. It was a nice evening. I don't go over there enough.

Spoke with Mom just a little while ago. They are tired from helping out at my mom's mom's house. They drove to Maine today, which was also tiring. They are having a good time. Still jealous back here in the oven of central Texas!!!

That's all for now, I want to go to bed, and pack. Can I do both at the same time???......

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Soggy Jeep

Poor Juug. I left the windows open yesterday, and it poured early this morning. I woke up the lightning and rain about 4:30am today. It was too late. Colt was nice enough to go out for me, and prevent any more soaking of the inside of my Wrangler. The resident stray "Miss Kitty" had taken shelter in the back seat. So after he got the windows up, he brought Kitty through the house to a dry bed on the back porch. She was dry, warm, and happy. So I got to spend the morning, and into the afternoon drying out my Juug. I found the drain plugs in the back, but not the front. The front seats and consul were quite wet, and covered in tons of white cat hair. The back was not as sopping, but still a bit soggy. It looks like Kitty started in the front seats, and made her way to the back bench seat, and ending in the floor by the tail gate. The shop vac was full of leaves, hair, and water by the time I was done. I have Juug pealed and sitting in the sun to dry out the rest of the way. I'll have to go get some Fabreeze and such to help with the wet jeep smell. You would think that for as long as I've had Jeeps, I would have learned to PUT THE WINDOWS UP!!! But I haven't, odds are, it'll happen again.

Dottie has been a booger today. She keeps taking Fatty's food, and tormenting Scooter. She's had several time outs. She's better now, gave her an ice cube, and her adhd took care of the rest. Now she is working on her chew bone, which is now in two pieces.

I'm absorbing as much AC as I can before I go back out. I'll get some stuff to finish cleaning out the jeep, and I need to get the camera from Dillon so I won't forget it before San Antonio. It's supposed to be hot and rainy while we are there, so I will probably spend most of the time inside. Anyway, I'll try to take pictures for the blog.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

All Kinds Of Stuffing!!!

I finally got some stuff on here!!! If I can learn to rotate pictures, I'll have some more. As you can see, I've had some time on my hands. I got up early, put in a good day of service. Started nice and early. We had break at Green's in Zabzikville (no idea on spelling). That's always a good thing. It was fun, and one of our friends got a bag of pop rocks and kept things interesting!!!

I was bad at one point. We stopped at several yard sales, and I bought a small luggage type bag. I think it's meant to be a carry-on. It's bright blue with green trim. All kinds of compartments. It was $5, couldn't pass it up.

We caught a matinee yesterday and saw "Wolverine". It was pretty good. I think Hugh Jackman is good in anything though. I never bothered to look into the story of Wolverine. It wasn't bad at all. Good twists, and plenty of action.

It's been nice a quiet for a little while this afternoon. Dottie has been good, inquisitive, but good. She had been playing for a while. We took several small walks. She finally couldn't stand being too quiet, and roughed Fatty up a bit. She's crated now, a little time out. It's about time to let her run again. So I'll stop for a break.