Saturday, May 2, 2009

All Kinds Of Stuffing!!!

I finally got some stuff on here!!! If I can learn to rotate pictures, I'll have some more. As you can see, I've had some time on my hands. I got up early, put in a good day of service. Started nice and early. We had break at Green's in Zabzikville (no idea on spelling). That's always a good thing. It was fun, and one of our friends got a bag of pop rocks and kept things interesting!!!

I was bad at one point. We stopped at several yard sales, and I bought a small luggage type bag. I think it's meant to be a carry-on. It's bright blue with green trim. All kinds of compartments. It was $5, couldn't pass it up.

We caught a matinee yesterday and saw "Wolverine". It was pretty good. I think Hugh Jackman is good in anything though. I never bothered to look into the story of Wolverine. It wasn't bad at all. Good twists, and plenty of action.

It's been nice a quiet for a little while this afternoon. Dottie has been good, inquisitive, but good. She had been playing for a while. We took several small walks. She finally couldn't stand being too quiet, and roughed Fatty up a bit. She's crated now, a little time out. It's about time to let her run again. So I'll stop for a break.

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