Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book Worm

I finally watched Twilight last week with friends. I've been passing it up for some time now, not knowing if it was something I really wanted to see. I still had my doubts when we decided it was on the play-list for the night. Much to my surprise, it was actually good. I guess it was very good, seeing that I bought it the next day. Quite an interesting story. Many people I've spoken to about it said the book is exactly the same. I decided I wanted to read the novel, so starts the hunt. I went all over trying to find it. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of copies available, but you know me, I'm cheap. I called the local used book stores. They all said they did not have it at that time, but to check back often for it comes and goes quickly. One location told me "good luck", and said if I find it, and finish it, to please think of them when I'm done with it. After checking all over town, I gave up and went to Wal-Mart. They had it with a portion off the cover price. So I bought it Wednesday at lunch, and started the madness.

I read a chapter or two at lunch, and took a long break to get back to work. After work, I started again. I didn't put it down till about 10:30 that night. I was already half way through. I continued on Thursday at lunch, but didn't get too far along. I skipped Thursday evening, because I thought Colt was sick of seeing me with a book stuck on the end of my nose. I had to work Friday, but since it was slow the day prior, I had already accomplished much of Friday's work, so I read here and there through out the day. After work Friday, I completed reading Twilight the Novel. It was very much like the movie, but of course, there wasn't enough time in the film to dive as deeply into the supporting characters. There is so much more background and building of the individuals in the story, I have to admit the book was far better. Seeing the movie first was good though, getting a visual of the characters made it easier to "see" them while reading. One part I did find quite funny... In the story, Edward borrows his brother's Jeep to take Bella to the "ball field". The movie, of course, has it as a new four door Rubicon. It was a good looking, some what intimidating Jeep. In the book, how ever, it is described as a huge, red, four door Cherokee. Bella mentions on how the tires are so large, she couldn't climb up into the Jeep. She goes on the describe the rails and accessories that make it almost terrifying. All I could think of while reading about the beast was how much it sounded like Dillon's Jeep, minus the five point harnesses. I've now decided to refer to Dillon's jeep as "Emmit" as a tribute to the creature.

After finishing Twilight the Novel, I was ready for more. I bought New Moon (book two of the four part saga) Friday night. I was good, I went to bed after the first, maybe second chapter. Saturday morning ran late, as we went to Belton for Breakfast. When we returned, though, I quickly got down to business. Colt was gone for most of the day, so I didn't feel so bad about getting sucked in again. I read for most of the day, taking short breaks to blink, snack, and drink. Colt returned in the early evening. He needed some parts for his Jeep, so I drove him to the local part store, stayed in the car, and continued following the adventure. He was in the store for a while, so I made plenty of progress. After going back home, I picked right back up. It was a late night, but I managed to finish the novel before going to bed.

It was also a good story, but not as good as the first. Bella is quite the whiner in this one, and Edward is sad for the start, then absent till the end. You get to know more about Jacob and his group of friends. It also uncovers a bit more about the Cullans and why they think and act the way they do. The ending is intense, almost scary. This one is darker, but ends as a cliff hanger.

I hope to get book three shortly. Now I'm more excited about the second movie, which comes out in November. Can I stretch these next two books out till then???

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