Monday, May 4, 2009

Count Down

Just a quick entry tonight. I'm finishing some laundry, and just put the dishes away. I have to pack most everything for San Antonio tonight, busy tomorrow night. I took Dottie to my Grandparents' after work tonight. Let her play with my parents' dog Phoebe. She is over there because of my parents being in NY. They were happy to see each other. Played most of the evening. Dottie is winding down, ready for bed now (thank goodness). Dinner was great (of course). Reminded me of how much I need to cook more. It was a nice evening. I don't go over there enough.

Spoke with Mom just a little while ago. They are tired from helping out at my mom's mom's house. They drove to Maine today, which was also tiring. They are having a good time. Still jealous back here in the oven of central Texas!!!

That's all for now, I want to go to bed, and pack. Can I do both at the same time???......

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