Friday, May 22, 2009

Dear iPhone, I Love You

As most of you know, I've had an iPhone for a little while now. I down loaded several apps, but stopped when I got Solitaire (since it is sooooo addictive). Enough people have commented on how "simple" my phone is, with it's limited apps, that I started looking into getting more. There are MANY apps, but few good ones that are free (my budget). I have found, however, a couple to help out my bored phone. One is a totally rocking app for movies. It has a listing of movies now playing with all kinds of information on each movie. Another part to it is what is soon to come out, listing up to 2011. I've spent quite some time on that so far. It also lists movies to be released on DVD and when. The best part is the listing of local theaters, what they are showing, and when!!! I love this app!!!

Another app I acquired is a TV guide type deal. Simply put in the zip code, and local carrier, and get what is on which channels. It also has an option to tell it what your favorite shows are, it finds the channel that is playing it and when. FUN!!!

I down loaded an app for baseball scores. The initial load is free, but each time you receive information, it accrues charges. It was promptly deleted. I'm still looking for a free baseball app.

There are several more that I've accepted, but I don't remember which ones. My fav is still Solitaire. I've named the iPhone "Little Bird", because it tells me all I ask of it. A little bird told me!!!

On another note, Fatty went on an excursion some time early this morning. He found a window that was left open, upstairs. He had to have jumped off the second story, I still think he fell off the roof. I'm glad I was actually awake when I was up and about this morning. I noticed he didn't beg for breakfast when I was in the kitchen. I put food in his bowl out of habit, and he didn't thank me. Scooter helped himself to Fatty's meal. I sort of looked around, assuming he over slept. Colt was leaving for "work", and I was getting ready to head out, and Fatty still hasn't come to say "Hi" yet. I mentioned it to Colt, and so we both looked around. We called him and rattled his treat bag, no Fatty. I knew he had to be in the house, for I had run the Roomba when I went to bed, and there was Fatty tufts on the floor still. That means he chased his tail some time after the Roomba finished cleaning. I sat trying to think of anywhere in the house he may be hiding, and couldn't think of anywhere. Then I heard Colt say, "Oops". I don't like hearing that when my tard kitty is missing. Colt was upstairs in his office, tugging at the curtain in window. Then I heard him close the window. My stomach turned, the window must have been open all night. Thoughts raced through my head about him being lost, scared, beat up, maybe hit by a car. Then Colt laughed, bringing me back to the situation at hand. What could he be laughing at, Fatty wouldn't make it out side, he's not right. "I see him, stupid Fatty!" Colt came down the stairs and went out the back door. Fatty was frolicking around the back yard, and digging behind the "chupacabra" shed. Colt caught him, brought him back inside. Crazy cat jumped off the roof, and spent the morning in the back yard. Thank goodness he couldn't get out of the fence. I'm sure that shed kept him busy a while, who knows what's in it. He's slept all day, in the middle of the living room floor. I'm glad to have him back, my adorable Fatty.

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