Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Self Defense

I forgot to add one part to the San Antonio experience. I had to use some self defense to get out of a "situation". I wasn't ready to retire to the room Thursday when my co-workers did, so I went to the mall ALONE. I know, it's not smart for a young lady to go solo in the big scary city, but I wasn't too tired, and there was plenty of more shopping to do. I hit a couple shops, found a good sale at the Gap, and strolled around taking in the sights and sounds that is San Antonio. At a point in my adventure, I realized I passed the same kiosk for the 3rd time in my attempt to find my way back to the hotel. One of the sales-men also realized my recurring presence. He finally spoke up. He offered a sales demo, which I declined. He went on rambling about something, but I did well in ignoring him. I went on, only to get turned around yet again. I had to pass his stand one more time. As I walked by, I avoided eye contact. It didn't help. He promptly welcomed me back, calling me Purple (my shirt was purple and I wouldn't give him my name). "It must be fate," he said, "You come by again.... Where's your smile, Purple? Leaving so soon?" He proceeded to follow, and continued chattering from behind me. He then quickened his pace to bounce ahead of me, and walked backwards while facing me all the while chatting as he skipped. He said something that I found funny, so I laughed. Here is the self defense... When I laughed, I blew snot out my nose!!! I threw my hand over my nose, but it was too late. I continued to laugh, but the sales-man was SHOCKED. His face was so funny, he looked terrified and horrified at the same time. He said no more, just turned away and returned to his post. I giggled my way back to the hotel. I'm sure everyone thought I was a drunk, for I didn't have a tissue, so I spent the rest of the way back with my hand on my face and laughing.

Another goofy experience...
I went with my brother to Wing Stop Sunday. We were dressed up, but just regular Meeting close, nothing over the top. Dillon ordered first. As he was pulling out his card to pay for his, the little girl behind the counter asked if we were together. We both quickly replied with a No. She just smiled and finished ringing up his order. Dillon then turned around and asked what I wanted. I said no again, "I'll get me." He said, "Just today I guess, what do you want?" So I added my order to his. We sat at a table and waited for the wings. When the order was up, I went to the counter for it. The girl behind the counter read everything off, handed me the tray, and then a white rose and said, "Happy Mother's Day!" I could only smile, and thanked her. I couldn't believe it, me???? Dillon's Mom???? Dillon sure found it funny. The food was great, the rose was pretty, and we had a good laugh.


  1. The Mother's Day incident was too funny.
    LOL to that one.

  2. It was a pretty rose, so I got over it. I think the girl was paying more attention to Dillon than the tiny age gap between Dillon and I.