Sunday, May 3, 2009

Soggy Jeep

Poor Juug. I left the windows open yesterday, and it poured early this morning. I woke up the lightning and rain about 4:30am today. It was too late. Colt was nice enough to go out for me, and prevent any more soaking of the inside of my Wrangler. The resident stray "Miss Kitty" had taken shelter in the back seat. So after he got the windows up, he brought Kitty through the house to a dry bed on the back porch. She was dry, warm, and happy. So I got to spend the morning, and into the afternoon drying out my Juug. I found the drain plugs in the back, but not the front. The front seats and consul were quite wet, and covered in tons of white cat hair. The back was not as sopping, but still a bit soggy. It looks like Kitty started in the front seats, and made her way to the back bench seat, and ending in the floor by the tail gate. The shop vac was full of leaves, hair, and water by the time I was done. I have Juug pealed and sitting in the sun to dry out the rest of the way. I'll have to go get some Fabreeze and such to help with the wet jeep smell. You would think that for as long as I've had Jeeps, I would have learned to PUT THE WINDOWS UP!!! But I haven't, odds are, it'll happen again.

Dottie has been a booger today. She keeps taking Fatty's food, and tormenting Scooter. She's had several time outs. She's better now, gave her an ice cube, and her adhd took care of the rest. Now she is working on her chew bone, which is now in two pieces.

I'm absorbing as much AC as I can before I go back out. I'll get some stuff to finish cleaning out the jeep, and I need to get the camera from Dillon so I won't forget it before San Antonio. It's supposed to be hot and rainy while we are there, so I will probably spend most of the time inside. Anyway, I'll try to take pictures for the blog.

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