Thursday, July 30, 2009

End of Story

I just finished Brisingr, and it was sad. I am now bummed. Even more bummering is the fact that the sequel is not yet released, nor is there an estimated date for it to be published. Don't get me wrong, it has been a very enjoyable read (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr). The characters are very likable and the story quite addictive. It is a tale of the struggle between good and evil, light and dark, so and and so forth. The good side just suffered a great loss, and then the book came to an end. That's all folks, until next time.... Not fair! It may have been a tad easier to take if I had and idea as to how long I have to wait until the story will continue. Now what?

In other news...
I plugged my iPhone into my laptop last night to update it. Usually an uneventful task, right? I guess the computer wanted to remind me of how I depend on it and my phone way too much. It started with the usual occurrences; device found, checking for updates, blah blah blah... Then it proceeded to wipe my iPhone, cleaned out, all info GONE. It took me a while to think of what to do next. I had just finished putting loads onto that phone. It is my brain at this point, I'm pretty sure I'd be lost without it (Yes, I know how pathetic that sounds). After realizing that yelling at the computer was pointless, I flipped through the options on the display on the laptop screen (iTunes set up). There wasn't much to go with. I've synced them before, and it has never behaved this way. I went over any changes I had made to iTunes and/or the iPhone, checking if any involved these drastic measures. I made a few alterations, then clicked "save changes". Nothing happened. I was in the process of dragging Colt into the mess when a new message popped up on the screen. "Do you want to replace or merge information". Merge, for the love of... MERGE. Colt made some comment on my lack of patience, but it went ignored, my phone just might survive this. With a few more prompts from the computer, we were on our way to a happy ending. It began to reload all of the information I had entrusted to the seemingly unstoppable device. I was about to relax, then the task bar popped up with "Estimated Time to Completion". It was hours, not minutes, hours. It was way past my bed time, so I left it alone. By the way, my phone is also my alarm clock. So I got up some time that night and retrieved it after it was done "loading". It's normal once again, and I've learned to save the back-ups.

I'm officially counting down to my vacation. I've marked every calender I come across. This weekend is service and shop in Austin. Next weekend I'm off Friday. I'll go to the Convention that Friday, service Saturday, and see what happens Sunday. I work the Friday of the next weekend after that (which is the Convention we are assigned to, but my co-worker's grand-baby is due, so she already claimed that Friday), and I'll be at the Convention Saturday and Sunday. I'm so happy it is only 8 miles away and so easy to get to. The following week, off to Florida. Hooray!!! Like I said, counting down....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

To The City

Colt accepted the offer from S&W, and starts tomorrow. They have a dress code, of course, so we had to get Colt fixed up. Saturday we were off to Austin and the many malls it has to offer. Our group consisted of Colt's parents (Beth & Kevin), Colt, and me. All I heard was Outlet Mall, so I was good for a trip.

Our first stop, however, was the Central Texas Motor Sports store. I'm honestly not a "bike person", but I had fun, maybe too much. There was an amazing assortment of ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, and water craft. Beth, Kevin, and Colt tried on several different bikes, but I resisted. Well, that was until they showed me the Can-Am Spyder. That was the turning point for me, it became a game to the rest of my group. I played with the showroom model, until the salesman told me the MSRP, then I quickly dismounted and moved on. That didn't dishearten my party, just changed the approach a bit. I was taken to the "gear" side of the store. Here is were I tried on multiple jackets and riding gear, and banned from using the word "cute". The jackets were NICE, then I saw the sticker yet again. Ouch. Sale rack to the rescue. Still too pricey for me though. I got a good idea as to what kind of jacket I would like if I ever had a reason to "need" one.

Second stop... BMW motor sports. Much smaller store, but still interesting. The bikes weren't as appealing, but nice. They had a better sale on gear though. Their AC wasn't working, so I didn't play around as much. I did find two jackets that were hard to leave behind. The first was a leather jacket, no "skid plates" (I don't know if thats what they are called). It had plenty of nifty pockets and zippers. The liner was removable so it wasn't as hot for warmer seasons. Great fit, like a glove. The second was a Scorpion brand armored jacket. It was black with a red rose on the back and right sleeve while Scorpion in red was on the left sleeve. It was much lighter weight wise, but just as snug. The plates in it weren't uncomfortable at all. Colt repeatedly pounded on the back plate to "test" it's durability. They were both on sale. The leather was a better price, but the Scorpion felt safer. Then the salesman tried to be smooth, and just reeked with sleaze. He said the sale price was "up to his discretion", using the creepiest tone he could come up with. I promptly ended the conversation and rejoined Colt and his dad looking at the bikes. My Mother-in-law said that was normal behavior at the BMW dealership, so she wasn't surprised. We all had a good laugh, then moved on empty handed.

Now we go to the malls. First is Lake Line. Here we tortured poor Colt with seemingly endless trips to the fitting room. He leaves Dillards with 3 slacks. On to JCP. Here, more fitting room trips. End JCP with 1 pair of Dockers, and 3 shirts. I made my usual side trip to Bath & Bodyworks for a sale.

Hungry? Might Fine Burgers was quite yummy, as usual. Everyone ordered burgers, but I went for the chopped chili dog. In my haste to unwrap my dinner, I slapped it on to the table upside down. That was messy. After Colt caught his breath from laughing at my spilled chili dog, he fixed it up much better than my attempts were accomplishing.

After dinner we went to the Domain. I don't usually like this "shopping area", but this time was fun. The Domain is an overpriced, super snooty, better-than-thou, outdoor mall. It's nice to look at, but don't touch. We went straight to the Apple store, aiming to equip Kevin with an iPhone. We goofed around in there for a while, but ended up leaving empty handed yet again.

Crossed the street to the Sony store. Awesome sales people in there. They were fun, and entertaining. Beth ended up getting an eBook reader. I tried to use that as leverage for Kevin to get an iPhone, but just ended up with many, many glares.

We ended the evening at Cru. This is a wine and dine type place, mostly wine. It was enjoyable as well (even though I had only water). We had to laugh when we got the tab, we could have had several meals at Might Fine!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Please and Thank You's

Colt has had a turn for the better. He received word last week that the City was about to have an opening in their IT dept. Hooray!!! So, he made plans to go visit with the head of the department, with whom he's worked with before. I've remained calm, at least I think I have. Then.... Scott & White called and set up a phone interview for Friday in the late morning. He set the time aside, and had a good interview. He was satisfied with how things went. The only thing with S&W is how they drag their feet in making decisions. They are like the Tree Ents (if you know the Lord of the Rings saga). So we sat back to wait, when much to our surprise, the phone rang Friday afternoon, just 4 hours after his phone interview. It was S&W calling him in for a person to person interview for Monday. Wow, that was quick. Colt went for the interview this morning. Again it went well. They were greatly interested in his Mac experience, thanks to iPhones having the amazing usefulness in the medical field and Docs seeming to have an attraction to the devices. They said it could be one to 3 weeks before they could get back with him. Again, we sit back to wait. In the afternoon, he went to the City and checked in on the to-be-opening. It sounded good as well. It may be a week or two before we hear from them, too. Ok, we'll just wait.... The phone rang again in the evening. What, S&W again!?! They are persistent. The message was to call the gentlemen he had the interview with in the morning, to discuss a few more things. This could be promising, but I'll still try to remain calm. In a tiny way of celebration, we had dinner at Wing Stop!!! Will keep you posted.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Almost Friday

I'm at work, so this will be a short note. It's Thursday, so close to Friday. I'm off tomorrow, well, from work any way. I volunteered to help my Mother-In-Law with her yard sale. I hope to start super early in the morning, because it is supposed to be in the 100's yet again. Maybe I'll drag a kiddie pool over there and sit in it all day. I guess I'm spending the evening getting some stuff ready to take there, all that didn't sell from our sale a little while back. It's just piled in the garage, I never got myself motivated enough to put it away or drop it at Goodwill.

We picked up a futon last night, found it on Craigslist. So now we have a place to stash overnight guests again!!! It's black, so it'll go great with the white cat hair. This may be a good time to get that furniture lint roller or shave the cats. The latter would be more entertaining, but I'm sure Scooter would find someway to shave my head while I sleep.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jeep Night in July

Jeep night was fun, as usual. It was very hot at first, but then our awesome waitress got us a table in the shade. Huge difference. There was a much bigger turn out this time. News of Jeep Night has gotten around. Many of the same faces from last time, and lots of new ones. There were fewer drawings for prizes, but I did win the oil change I've been hoping for. I was out looking at Jeeps when they called my name. You think I would have learned not to wear flip flops out of the house. I ran as much as I could, hindered by my poor choice of footwear. The announcer was threatening to call another name, "Going once, Going twice...". I tried yelling at him that I was coming, but no one could hear me over the loud speakers. Everyone at my table was shouting, attempting to distract the announcer until I got there. The parking attendant and waitress finally saw me, and let him know I was coming. Big thanks to them, I got a card for a free oil change (which Juug is in dear need of). Dillon got a t-shirt. Colt and Jered each won Koozies. We all had a good time. It was nice to get back into the AC though.

Here is the link to my Picasa of the event.

I have links in my Picasa to Dillon and Matt, check out their pics too!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Modern Comforts

We now have AC. The old one died. It was replaced today with a Goodman unit. It's much bigger, and quieter. It is supposed to be high efficiency, we'll see on the next electric bill. It's nice to have a cooler house again. The cats are pleased, back to playing and chasing the Roomba. I'm sure Tiff is disappointed. She was feeling quite at home with the house impersonating an African Sahara. Hooray for the Super AC Dudes!!!