Thursday, July 9, 2009

Almost Friday

I'm at work, so this will be a short note. It's Thursday, so close to Friday. I'm off tomorrow, well, from work any way. I volunteered to help my Mother-In-Law with her yard sale. I hope to start super early in the morning, because it is supposed to be in the 100's yet again. Maybe I'll drag a kiddie pool over there and sit in it all day. I guess I'm spending the evening getting some stuff ready to take there, all that didn't sell from our sale a little while back. It's just piled in the garage, I never got myself motivated enough to put it away or drop it at Goodwill.

We picked up a futon last night, found it on Craigslist. So now we have a place to stash overnight guests again!!! It's black, so it'll go great with the white cat hair. This may be a good time to get that furniture lint roller or shave the cats. The latter would be more entertaining, but I'm sure Scooter would find someway to shave my head while I sleep.

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