Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jeep Night in July

Jeep night was fun, as usual. It was very hot at first, but then our awesome waitress got us a table in the shade. Huge difference. There was a much bigger turn out this time. News of Jeep Night has gotten around. Many of the same faces from last time, and lots of new ones. There were fewer drawings for prizes, but I did win the oil change I've been hoping for. I was out looking at Jeeps when they called my name. You think I would have learned not to wear flip flops out of the house. I ran as much as I could, hindered by my poor choice of footwear. The announcer was threatening to call another name, "Going once, Going twice...". I tried yelling at him that I was coming, but no one could hear me over the loud speakers. Everyone at my table was shouting, attempting to distract the announcer until I got there. The parking attendant and waitress finally saw me, and let him know I was coming. Big thanks to them, I got a card for a free oil change (which Juug is in dear need of). Dillon got a t-shirt. Colt and Jered each won Koozies. We all had a good time. It was nice to get back into the AC though.

Here is the link to my Picasa of the event.

I have links in my Picasa to Dillon and Matt, check out their pics too!!!

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