Monday, July 13, 2009

Please and Thank You's

Colt has had a turn for the better. He received word last week that the City was about to have an opening in their IT dept. Hooray!!! So, he made plans to go visit with the head of the department, with whom he's worked with before. I've remained calm, at least I think I have. Then.... Scott & White called and set up a phone interview for Friday in the late morning. He set the time aside, and had a good interview. He was satisfied with how things went. The only thing with S&W is how they drag their feet in making decisions. They are like the Tree Ents (if you know the Lord of the Rings saga). So we sat back to wait, when much to our surprise, the phone rang Friday afternoon, just 4 hours after his phone interview. It was S&W calling him in for a person to person interview for Monday. Wow, that was quick. Colt went for the interview this morning. Again it went well. They were greatly interested in his Mac experience, thanks to iPhones having the amazing usefulness in the medical field and Docs seeming to have an attraction to the devices. They said it could be one to 3 weeks before they could get back with him. Again, we sit back to wait. In the afternoon, he went to the City and checked in on the to-be-opening. It sounded good as well. It may be a week or two before we hear from them, too. Ok, we'll just wait.... The phone rang again in the evening. What, S&W again!?! They are persistent. The message was to call the gentlemen he had the interview with in the morning, to discuss a few more things. This could be promising, but I'll still try to remain calm. In a tiny way of celebration, we had dinner at Wing Stop!!! Will keep you posted.

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