Sunday, July 19, 2009

To The City

Colt accepted the offer from S&W, and starts tomorrow. They have a dress code, of course, so we had to get Colt fixed up. Saturday we were off to Austin and the many malls it has to offer. Our group consisted of Colt's parents (Beth & Kevin), Colt, and me. All I heard was Outlet Mall, so I was good for a trip.

Our first stop, however, was the Central Texas Motor Sports store. I'm honestly not a "bike person", but I had fun, maybe too much. There was an amazing assortment of ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, and water craft. Beth, Kevin, and Colt tried on several different bikes, but I resisted. Well, that was until they showed me the Can-Am Spyder. That was the turning point for me, it became a game to the rest of my group. I played with the showroom model, until the salesman told me the MSRP, then I quickly dismounted and moved on. That didn't dishearten my party, just changed the approach a bit. I was taken to the "gear" side of the store. Here is were I tried on multiple jackets and riding gear, and banned from using the word "cute". The jackets were NICE, then I saw the sticker yet again. Ouch. Sale rack to the rescue. Still too pricey for me though. I got a good idea as to what kind of jacket I would like if I ever had a reason to "need" one.

Second stop... BMW motor sports. Much smaller store, but still interesting. The bikes weren't as appealing, but nice. They had a better sale on gear though. Their AC wasn't working, so I didn't play around as much. I did find two jackets that were hard to leave behind. The first was a leather jacket, no "skid plates" (I don't know if thats what they are called). It had plenty of nifty pockets and zippers. The liner was removable so it wasn't as hot for warmer seasons. Great fit, like a glove. The second was a Scorpion brand armored jacket. It was black with a red rose on the back and right sleeve while Scorpion in red was on the left sleeve. It was much lighter weight wise, but just as snug. The plates in it weren't uncomfortable at all. Colt repeatedly pounded on the back plate to "test" it's durability. They were both on sale. The leather was a better price, but the Scorpion felt safer. Then the salesman tried to be smooth, and just reeked with sleaze. He said the sale price was "up to his discretion", using the creepiest tone he could come up with. I promptly ended the conversation and rejoined Colt and his dad looking at the bikes. My Mother-in-law said that was normal behavior at the BMW dealership, so she wasn't surprised. We all had a good laugh, then moved on empty handed.

Now we go to the malls. First is Lake Line. Here we tortured poor Colt with seemingly endless trips to the fitting room. He leaves Dillards with 3 slacks. On to JCP. Here, more fitting room trips. End JCP with 1 pair of Dockers, and 3 shirts. I made my usual side trip to Bath & Bodyworks for a sale.

Hungry? Might Fine Burgers was quite yummy, as usual. Everyone ordered burgers, but I went for the chopped chili dog. In my haste to unwrap my dinner, I slapped it on to the table upside down. That was messy. After Colt caught his breath from laughing at my spilled chili dog, he fixed it up much better than my attempts were accomplishing.

After dinner we went to the Domain. I don't usually like this "shopping area", but this time was fun. The Domain is an overpriced, super snooty, better-than-thou, outdoor mall. It's nice to look at, but don't touch. We went straight to the Apple store, aiming to equip Kevin with an iPhone. We goofed around in there for a while, but ended up leaving empty handed yet again.

Crossed the street to the Sony store. Awesome sales people in there. They were fun, and entertaining. Beth ended up getting an eBook reader. I tried to use that as leverage for Kevin to get an iPhone, but just ended up with many, many glares.

We ended the evening at Cru. This is a wine and dine type place, mostly wine. It was enjoyable as well (even though I had only water). We had to laugh when we got the tab, we could have had several meals at Might Fine!!!

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