Sunday, August 16, 2009

Post to Post

This will be short. I am packing for Florida! If I get all packed tonight, I can get anything that I may be missing tomorrow (Monday), and be ready to leave and not as crazy Tuesday. We leave bright and early Wednesday. Slight poor note about the trip; apparently my family is jinxed when it comes to vacations and hurricanes. Last year, we had a reservation at South Padre with friends. Dolly hits just a few days prior and takes out our resort. My family had a cruise booked, got the the ship, and a hurricane postponed their trip a bit. Then when it was time to go, the ship wouldn't start. Bummer. Now, here comes our trip to Florida and what's up? A storm is forecasted to hit when we are there. Come rain or come shine, WE GO!!! I may get to spend lots of time indoors, but I will be in Florida. So be it.

Finished the convention today. As usual... Wow. It was great. Drama was just what we all needed. The morning session was mind boggling. I think I was on the edge of my seat for the whole weekend. Recharged and ready for more.

I'll stop for now, I'm "packing".

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