Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stinky Vacuum

That has to be of the worst smells ever know to human kind. You know the one; hot, smoldering hair, dust, and rubber belt of an abused vacuum cleaner. I used the main upright to give the Roomba a break. It didn't hold up to well to the cat hair and daily trackings of our home. Now instead of hairy carpet, I now have that dead vacuum smell lingering in the house. The poor thing hung in there for most of the needed work. I was working on the last room, my computer-turtle room, when it gave out. So now I am blogging in a stinky room. Here's a thought, I'm working on a lap top, aren't they portable? So now I'm a dork in a stinky room. The Roomba finished the job just a few moments ago. His little "all done" jingle is so adorable. Every one needs a Roomba, and now I guess I need a second to help this one with his work load!


  1. Hehe... I got a worst smell... my bros cat had crap and urine smell ALL over her back end (not sure how this happened though) now that is a horrible smell!

  2. That does sound bad. Quite the lingering aroma. Fabreeze all around!