Monday, August 10, 2009

Too Much to Write About

I've been meaning to write, but just haven't gotten to it. Where to start? Latest happenings since last time:
Went to Austin with Beth, Mom, and Colt to get some shopping done for our upcoming trip. We didn't really get much, (I returned w/0) but we had fun.
We attended this month's Jeep night. It was a bit smaller than the past few, but was still enjoyable.
I went to the Friday session of the "Keep on the Watch" convention here in Belton. Mom went with me. We were very happy to find it was an English one, we saw several spanish badges and banners and got a little nervous.
There was a Waco shopping trip with Mom, Dad, & Casey. I actually did well on this one. Wonderful sales, had to stock up you know.

First things first. Austin trip. That was ok. We didn't find much, but we had a good time. Started with lunch at Olive Garden. Soup, salad, and breadsticks all around. Then we went to Lake Line mall. It was a Sunday, so everything closed up early. I think Mom and Beth were the only ones to get anything. We had dinner at Steak & Shake, that is always a good thing. The best part was laughing at the poor Liberty all day with it's cast of green from a roll cage being spray painted too close to it. If you looked at the Jeep at an angle you could see it. We joked about it being camouflage in the parking lot, and that is why we walked all over creation trying to find it. I believe it washed off ok.

This month's Jeep night came and went. I got there super late because I went to Marshall's to return a dress before we went. That, of course, took thirty minutes. I promise I only pulled my own hair out, although I really wanted to encourage the customer service lady to work on her customer service. Any who, dinner was good. It was hot again, but that's a no brainer. Ice tea and other cold beverages helped there. Matt, Jered, & Dillon got there before Colt & I, so they had a table. We had a different waiter, and he wasn't nearly as good as Becca (our usual). There was a toddler at the next table over from us who spent the time wailing. It was very irritating at first, but then we ran with it. Any time one of us wanted something, be it a refill or just to say something, we would squall like the kid. We didn't get the same result as the kid though. His parents ignored us just as much as they ignored him. There was a smaller gathering this time. One of the bigger groups were away for a trip. Several more Cherokees made it this time. I ended up parking in the side lot to the front of the building. At first there were other Jeeps around me, but Juug ended up alone with cars by the time we left. Better luck next time.

Mom and I attended the Friday session to the convention in Belton. I thought I had read that it was an English meeting, but I saw several badges and banners in Spanish and started to doubt my being at the right one. When we found some seats and waited for it to start, we had to laugh at ourselves hoping so hard for English. We couldn't decide if we would stay or not, then it began, and in English! That was a relief. It was a very good program, as usual. The new releases and announcements were exciting. I'm ready to go this weekend and get the rest of the information.

I went to Waco this weekend with Mom, Dad, and Casey. We did very well. I found scarves, shirts, and a dress at Ross and Marshall's. Bought some Relic shades from Kohl's, and came across some great steals at Gap. Casey was a wonderful helper, and Dad was a trooper. They both kept up with Mom and I, and seemed to enjoy themselves.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but it is supper time. So that's all for now.

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