Saturday, August 1, 2009

Went For A Ride

Us at the Domain

Today was supposed to be a "stay home and clean" day, but that didn't stick for long. I didn't make it out in service, the snooze button kept getting in the way. So we had a slow morning. We decided to have lunch at Olive Garden, love the soup salad & breadstick lunch special. After goofing around a little while longer, we went for lunch. We got in reasonably quickly considering the lunch crowd. The down side was, we were very hungry, and after we being seated, we didn't see another person. About 20 minutes passed and not even a sighting of a waiter. We stuck around for a little bit after that, then decided to move on to someplace we would get some lunch. Velaro was the next stop. Yep, gas station hot dogs to the rescue. It may have been the point of hunger, but that had to be of the better lunches I've had in a while.

For what ever reason, we ended up back on the highway heading south. The Wrangler didn't stop until we reached Barton Creek mall. That was a bust, as usual. It was too crowded, and we didn't find anything we couldn't live without. Colt's main want was to visit the Apple store, so we went to Fry's next, then hopped over to the Domain. By the time we got to the Domain, I was hungry again. I settled with a frapp and a quick trip through the Apple store. It wasn't too hot out today, so it was a nice stroll.

We decided to head to the Discount Electronics off Lamar, so one more side trip before heading home. It was a bad idea, for that place always has some cool gadgets for cheap. I got a memory stick for the camera I'm borrowing for Florida, and a screen protector for the iPhone (which is doing an horrible job of sticking to the phone). Colt got some kind of cables for his xbox.

Did I say just one more side trip? Next stop, Round Rock. There's an awesome pet store off Mays Ave that I "had" to go to. The Keeper is super knowledgeable and entertaining. The pets are always interesting. This time he had prairie dogs, baby snapping turtles, sandfish lizards, and two giant oscars who stalk anyone who may walk past their tank. Colt was adventurous and stuck his finger over the water and the bigger of the oscars jumped up and grabbed him. It was funny, and he kept doing it. It was like our own little Shamu/Jaws show going on. There were lots of other critters, but those were of the more intriguing. The shop Kitty was such a ham today. Colt knelt down to look at some fish, and Kitty was in his lap purring away.

Finally, home, or not. We stopped at Wolf Creek Ranch in Georgetown for Chick-fil-a. Nice break and good eats. I ended up dragging Colt to Old Navy, which I left empty handed. Then we swung by Petland. That place is always such a zoo. I had to laugh at this one family that was obviously from the city. The little girl wanted to pet a bunny, so the dad reaches into the pin and grabs one by the ears. He picks it up and brings it over to the girl, who screams and runs off. The dad made her pet it since he got it out. When she was finished, he drops it back into the pin and the mom hosed the daughter off with antibacterial spray. "Oh no, I got nature on me. What ever shall I do?"

We finally make it home. I'm supposed to be doing laundry right now, but I'm not. So I guess I'll wrap this up and get back to homemaking.

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