Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jeep Night 9/09

We survived another Jeep Night. It was fun, as usual. We arrived plenty early and got a nice table. We had a good group tonight. It was hot, but cold drinks and great company made it work. More give-aways tonight. I won a recovery strap (I've been needing one, the last went with my old Jeep, full of cactus stickers), and Lynda won a nifty t-shirt. We won more koozies, but gave them away. Justin ordered super hot flavor on his chicken, and almost died. Dillon and Jered goofed around with the Jalapeno peppers, and then Jered ate them. I passed on the peppers, I've had a bad experience. (Lots of pain) As we were leaving, the radar and the sky said it was going to rain, so we attempted to put the top back on Juug, it was funny. The guys gave up, so ended up strapping it on myself, that's okay though. We then went to the new Academy store in Killeen. It was just like every other Academy store, no biggie. The guys all had a blast. Lynda and I tried to stay out of the way, but they were too funny to ignore. Every isle was an adventure. First came the shoes. Second, the camping isle. That's were it started getting loud. Colt found lighters (working) that looked like some kind of a machine gun. Jered picked up a massive spatula for a grill. They got together, and became Academy Mafia. It was fun to watch. Dillon grabbed a little rubber chicken, and Justin joined in too. Moving on to the hat department. Plenty of hats to go around. All kinds of "Guess who I am". Mostly camo hats, so it took a while to go to the next isle. We some how ended up in the fishing or boating department, I don't really remember. It's all a blur because it was scary funny. Jered had picked up squeaky cat toys and was squeezing them with each step along the isle. There were a few other shoppers there, so they had an audience. This empowered Colt. He took the toys, and walked slowly down an isle, squeaking all the way. Then, as he was a little more than half way down the isle, he paused, looked around to be sure everyone was watching, then ran, quickening the squeaks as he went. The shoppers stared in wonder, maybe annoyance, hard to say. Colt disappeared around the corner. I tried catching my breath from laughing so hard and apologized to the innocent by-standers, then Colt ran past the isle, squeaking all the way. I couldn't help but burst out laughing again. I didn't look back at the people left behind, but they sounded entertained. We all moved on through out the store, trying to stay away from the squeaking, but in the end, it caught up to us. It was getting late, so we waited for Jered to by the cat toys (or his toys, we'll see), then we headed home. It rained ever so slightly, so I guess it was good we put the top up.

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