Friday, September 11, 2009

Nice Change

I am now writing while sitting at my new desk. Well, new to me. I've been looking for one for awhile now. I was using a comic book box as a desk. My legs were going numb from sitting on the floor, and it just wasn't comfortable. I had been watching craigslist for a small desk, you know the drill. I would find one, inquire, and either they never got back to me or I was just a few moments too slow and it was gone. This one posted early this morning, I wrote right away. The seller replied quickly, so begins the race. I didn't ask him to hold it, I understand the whole "get it out of my house now" deal. From the pictures, it looked just right, and came with a chair. We wrote back and forth through out the day. We finally arranged for me to see it and/or pick it up. It has been pouring rain all day, and it didn't lighten up for us to close the deal. I waited for Colt to get home so I wouldn't have to go to the stranger's house alone. We were later than I had hoped. First, the fish had babies and that was fun to watch, we're easily distracted. Then I had to go to an ATM and draw some funds. Of course, I had to break a $20 for smaller bills, so that took some time as well. We eventually end up in the correct apartment complex and locate his place. I was not at all cute, I had been walking in the rain, cleaning all afternoon, and frazzled from being so late, so I looked a little on the rough side. Colt still looked nice, wearing his khakis from work, so that helped out a bit, for me anyway. I knocked on the door (second story, naturally) and a man answered the door. Side note: there was a row of shoes outside the front door of the apartment, this should have been a big sign to me, but like I said, I was frazzled. He called himself "Jay", but I'm sure that was short for something he'd rather not of heard me try to pronounce. Right away, we were struck by the smell of a heavy garlic dinner. It was a smaller apartment, very well kept, except for the pile of parts I guessed was the desk. I started to step inside, Jay stopped me, he asked us to remove our shoes. That's cool, I understand, it's been raining, our shoes were pretty wet, no problem. So I unlace my double knotted shoes and go inside. Colt just steps out of his nice shiny work shoes, no effort, so unfair. The man leads us to the pile of parts, and asked if I remember the way it looked in the picture. I told him that I did. The problem, which I didn't tell Jay, was that I've looked at so many pictures of desks, even just today, that I was having trouble "putting it together" in my head. He proceeds to explain that he disassembled it so it could be moved more easily. That's fine, again, I understand, makes sense. So I give him the money, he was firm on his price, no biggie, I like the chair. Here is where the fun begins. Colt and I said we could handle moving it ourselves, he was in the middle of dinner with his wife and little girl. He insisted he'd help. We load up several parts each and step outside. Set the parts down, put on shoes (socks are now wet from walking to my shoes), tie shoes so I don't fall down the flight of stairs. Pick parts back up, judge steps. Go down steps. Trod through the rain with loose fitting shoes. Open tail gate of the Wrangler and fight the back window zipper (those of you who have/have had a Wrangler, you know the fun filled zippers I speak of). I planned far enough ahead to fold the back seat, so we can just slide the parts in. Did I say slide? Climb in the back of the Wrangler, pull parts in. Situate each piece so that it doesn't scratch against another part. Then the wonderful rolling chair that rolls when you don't want it to. Colt and I master the packing of the desk and turn to thank Jay. He was standing in the rain gawking at us loading and climbing all over the Jeep. I jumped out of the back and close it up. He was still staring. I don't know what was up, so I offer my hand and thank him any way. He finally comes back to earth, thanks us as well, and heads back home. As soon as I get in the Jeep, Colt lets me know of all the Asian customs I just threw out. Try to walk in the house with my shoes. Woman speak up as man stands back. Woman lead the task of loading vehicle, and so on. I couldn't help but laugh, because I knew I was awkward and out of place. The thing is, the socks I was wearing were so full of holes, all my toes were hanging out and my left heel stuck out as well. I was so distracted about my soaked, frizzy hair and holey socks, I could think about much of anything else. Any way, we got the desk home, in all it's pieces. I didn't spend too much time putting it back together, I found the picture online and went off that. I have learned, however, that it is much larger than I thought. I'm going to have to rearrange my room a bit, some day, to make it fit a little better. As for now, it's wedged into the corner of my room, smelling of rice and garlic. I'm happy with it, and the rolling chair (if I can keep the cats out of it). I'm all set up, and my Mac looks great on the massive desk top.

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