Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is something that happened some time last week, I just never really thought about it. Dreams are funny like that. Any way, I don't remember what I ate before going to bed, or what movies or shows I might have watched that would have triggered bad dreams. Last week was a long week, I was having trouble sleeping anyhow, so this most likely added to the problem. It may have been Wednesday or Thursday, I don't really remember. I do remember, however, this nightmare wouldn't end. I would wake myself up, fight going back to sleep, but fall asleep again, and the dream would return. Same vicious circle all night long. You know the dream, you're in a big, dark house. You know the people around you, but can't put their names with them. Walk around, lost. Strange sounds. Then a large monster with teeth and claws comes out of no where and chases after everyone. You can't scream, much less run. It's hopeless, the creature is on you. This repeats all night. I wake up out of breath, sweating, scared out of my wits. By 3am, I'm too tired to fight it anymore. I give up, and go back to sleep, having to get up at 6am. The last time I have the dream that night, it starts as it usually did the countless times before. I go through the same conversations, we end up in the same room, the monster comes from the same shadows and chases us down the same halls. It leaps at me again, I throw my hands up to shield myself again. This time, when my hands came up, I noticed I had something in them. I had a big gun in one hand, and a machete in the other. This is different, unexpected. I remember thinking, "Bring it on, Nightmare, you're mine."

I haven't had the nightmare since!

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