Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Went Out Last Night

I had completely forgotten about our making plans to go with some friends into South Austin last for dinner and a show. Well, I didn't even make plans, it was more like I was included with out my knowledge. I did have plans to go in service Saturday morning, but called and rescheduled that for the Sunday because I was "tired". I should have kept them.

I was reminded of the evening's arrangements early Saturday afternoon, then was distracted and forgot yet again. Colt came in about 3:30 (I think) and told me to be ready for them (Laytons) to call for us to meet up with everyone. So I got myself together and ate a quick bite. (Yes, we were heading to dinner, but it was in Austin, and I was hungry.) So we waited for the call, waited, waited, and waited. That was fine, though, gave me time to read the study article for Sunday. Then we waited some more. I think it was around 5 or just after when we got the signal to hit the road.

We met the group at the hall and joined into two vehicles to travel to Austin. Car one: Dathan & Amanda Dalton, with Mark & Heather Truelove. Car two: Arthur, Carolyn, & Jessica Layton, and Colt & I. It was a fun ride. Dathan led the way. Our destination: Nutty Brown Cafe. We got there after awhile. It seemed to take forever because we were all hungry and ready to eat before we left town. When we reached the Cafe, our aim was to eat outside and listen to the band, the Eggmen. (Beatles Tribute band). The wait outside was 1.5 hours, so we head inside. They couldn't give us a wait time inside, but it ended up taking about the same amount of time. We sat at 2 separate tables and periodically included each table in conversation despite being divided by a hall way. Food gets to the tables at 9ish. Yes, it was good, but hard to say if it itself was good, or just eating in general.

After eating, we move outside to take in the night's entertainment. We only get to hear about 1.5 hours or so, not much, but they were good. We danced, and laughed, and watched people through out the remainder of the night. Very much a good time.

A long trip back home. All of us trying to keep one another awake. More laughing and interesting conversation. We get home super late, and I'm in bed after 1am this morning. I didn't get up early enough for service, but rescheduled yet again for early afternoon. So I'm stopping here, and head out once again.

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