Sunday, October 18, 2009

Epic Fail

That is how I would describe this weekend. I accomplished nothing. I must admit, I didn't have any goals for the weekend. I usually find something productive to do. I am now rushing laundry. I have at least four loads to do before I am even close to ready for Monday. It has been a weekend of frozen dinners, take out, and good ol' pb&j for me.

Friday, I was off. I didn't sleep late. I wanted to, but it didn't happen. So I got up, took the Roomba apart and cleaned it out. That took longer than I thought, and it made my already irritated allergies that much happier. I had an appointment to have my hair repaired a bit more at 11am. I got there just a little bit early, not much (different place this time). She had forgotten about our appt and was on lunch. So I waited and played with the iPhone until she came back. It didn't take long to work with my hair, there isn't much left since my last encounter with a beautician. After that, I went back home and napped, my lack of sleep catching up with me. I watched Psych for the rest of the day. Pizza for dinner.

Saturday started rough. Again, poor sleep all night. Spent the morning doing petty things around the house while trying to shake a headache. Late lunch from Crow's, which we ate in Lion's Park and watched the people who had better health goals jogged and bicycled all around. Late afternoon, I put in the extended version of Lord Of the Rings, Fellowship Of the Ring. That was long. I was glad it was on two discs, that gave me a break to attempt to clean around the house a little before continuing with the rest of the movie. The second half finished in time for Colt and I to join Dillon and Abby to go see Surrogents. It was good.

Had trouble sleeping again Saturday night, or Sunday morning. I ended up on the futon downstairs. I watched TV for a while, but there is nothing on that late. By the time I was drifting off, Fatty decided to play with the bell ball he "lost" some time ago. I'm sure I deserved that for some reason.

I finally got some sleep. I guess since it was so late that I dozed off, I was slow to getting up this morning. It took a long time for me to get up and going. Again, I didn't accomplish anything. Late this afternoon, Mom called and invited us to meet them at Chili's. It was nice to get out. We had fun. After Chili's, Colt and Dillon spent some time in the auto parts store while I snoozed in the car. When we got home, I tried to rotate the tires on Juug, but failed. I haven't tried to take them off since I had them put on. I couldn't break the bolts loose. So Dillon and Colt helped. They did most of the work, yet I got the dirtiest, go figure. After they finished helping me, they moved back to their cars. Dillon was cleaning the Mini, Colt is working on the Cherokee (I think spark plugs). I hung out for a little while, and cleaned the inside of Juug. Didn't last long, laundry was calling. So I went in, started some laundry, and put dishes away. Now for another load....

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