Friday, November 20, 2009

Short Day

I worked today, but it was a short day. That was nice. Another rainy day so very few people come around today. Rough start to the morning. I had left my window down ever so slightly last night. It was enough, however, to let in the rain. The left half of my seat was soggy, and the seat belt was wet. When I got to work, I hung my two jackets (wearing one, the other is always in the Jeep and was used as a towel) in front of the space heater for the morning. Yesterday was the Doc's 40th anniversary in this office, so his family loosed 42 balloons in the office. (the 2 extra are because he needs to work at least another 2 years- per his wife). They were still floating this morning, so I gathered them and tethered them the prize box in the hall. I did this so I could move about the office with out getting tangled in the mass of curly strings that hung from the ceiling. The end result was not so planned. I continually forgot that I had bundled them up, so when I turned the corner to go to the front office, I would catch sight of the blob out the corner of my eye and scare myself. (only one of us works on Fridays) So the balloons and loud fax machine kept me on my toes all morning.

Anyway, office cleaned, appointments confirmed, done for the day. I went at lunch to pick up tickets for a matinee showing of New Moon. Colt and his mom, Beth, wanted to go, so I got their tickets as well. The showing was at 2:30, which came quicker than I thought. Colt dropped me off at the door of the mall (theater inside) and parked the car. I sat at the first bench inside the door to wait for him. Along came an older man, who asked if he could accompany me. How sweet. I told him I didn't mind, so he sat beside me. He proceeded to tell me that he just finished watching Blind Side, and that it was the best movie he had seen in some time. He plans on buying it when it comes out on DVD (yes, DVD). He then tells me he goes every Friday with his wife to catch a matinee, and if they like the film, they buy it when it is released. He has 106+ movies! (he didn't list them). He and his family were from the Chicago area and love Texas and Texas weather. His son and daughter-in-law live in Dallas and just adopted a baby boy. His daughter and her family are residing in San Antonio. The last time he and his wife drove down to visit SA, they got lost several times. So they bought themselves an early Christmas present, a GPS, and it is the greatest thing they have ever found. He started telling me about a trip he and his wife were planning, but his wife pulled up outside, so he left. Such a nice man! Through the entire conversation my phone was ringing, but I didn't want to interrupt. It turns out that Colt came in a different entrance and was 'looking' for me. I finally join him and Beth in front of the theater. I was laughing about my new acquaintance, and they didn't seem impressed. Oh well, I enjoyed it.

We go in to see the movie. I think I was the youngest one there, besides two infants. It was humorous to hear these grown women sighing over the guys on the screen who were probably younger than their own sons who were sitting at school waiting for them to pick them up. The movie was so so. I won't have to see it again, once is enough. The book was better. Hope the next movie is better. This one seemed to leave bits out, so they had to talk more to explain what and why they were doing something. Yet, they did well at slipping in the smaller, more lingering parts or objects that had meaning in the book. Like I said, so so.

Now I'm home again, waiting for Dillon. Then off to Chedder's for dinner!

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