Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home Again

Our trip to and from Houston was uneventful, thankfully. It seems that every time we go there to the assemblies, something happens. Either our vehicle gives us trouble, we forget to pack something, or we get sick each time we go. We took the Wrangler, who did just fine. It hit 19k miles on the way home, that was sad. It is an '06 so the low miles are still hard to pass by. Good Juug. I drove the whole way down. We found the hotel easily. We stayed at the Hilton on Westheimer. It was nice. No breakfast though, unless you wanted to pay $12 a plate. I'm cheap, so I brought a coffee cake from home. I forgot silverware, so I cut the cake with a coffee stirrer. The room was cozy. Friday night, after checking in and unpacking, we went to Denny's for dinner. It was the only place open on Christmas. It was good, but we both felt sick after dinner, I think we just ate too fast. We did learn, however, a few pointers on driving in Houston. One, don't use your turn signals. We turned the blinker on to turn, as we have been taught, and were honked at. Stop action driving is the way to go there. Second, U turns are always acceptable. Everyone one does it, anywhere! Third, keep a close eye on the road in front of you, it may stop at any given time without warning. We lost a lane, the one we were in, naturally, and there was no sign to tells us of the upcoming end. I was all for taking the median, but then came a bridge and creek, no so good. So Colt busts a U-turn and saves the day. Stupid Houston roads. It was like a video game, the crazy taxi one. Drive or Die! Pot holes that reached China. So glad we were in the Jeep, it kept up with the madness.
We were late to the Saturday session, Juug was low on gas and we were having issues finding a safe looking gas station. Finally to the Assembly Hall, we get to our seats, near the front. Wonderful program both days. Easy to pay attention. We helped with cleaning the upstairs dinning area each day. There was a good turn out so we had lots of help. Funny how much fun you can have while cleaning! I like cleaning the dinning area, my usually annoying perfectionist side is of good use there. The tables and chairs are supposed to line up just so, and that is a weird joy to me. Dillon and Bro. Layton would stand at the ends of the rows and direct us to which table or chair was out of place, and we would make the needed adjustments. When we were done, the dinning area was a thing of beauty! Bro. Layton joked about me being overly concerned with everything lining up, asking if I do the same at home. I laughed and told him no, but Dillon and Colt quickly stated I'm just as picky with my own table and everything else in the house.

Saturday night we ate a Wing Stop in Sugarland with Trey and Alicia. It wasn't as good as the one here at home, but it was still yummy. A quick trip to Target for a new shirt for Colt (the one I packed for the next day had an accident) and a pen for me (the one I had was writing poorly) and then back to the Hotel. I had to laugh, while we were in Target, some one hit a cart and wedged it against the front of the Jeep. When they pulled back, they noticed my license plate was hanging by one bolt. It has been like this for some time, but they didn't know that. They fixed my plate! Well, it held for a little bit. It needs serious help since I ripped it off on a trail. It just won't stay in place. Trey even fixed it at one point, but it only held for a few miles down the road. As long as the last bolt holds, I'm good. I love how may people have to point it out, asking if I know my plate is about to fall off. I just smile and tell them it's battle damage, something to be proud of.

Back at the Hotel Saturday night, I get ready for bed and Colt goes off with Dathen to raid the Borders that was going out of business. I packed most everything Saturday night so we were able to get up and out early Sunday. We get to the Assembly Hall with plenty of time to spare, but I go without coffee. I survived some how. I had to change shoes at lunch. I didn't realize I had blisters until I took my shoes off to climb in the Jeep at lunch (looking for batteries for my camera). So I put on socks and my boots from the prior day and went back inside. They weren't new shoes, so I don't know what started the problem, but the boots did just fine. You couldn't see my shoes anyway for the length of my skirt. Quick lunch and back upstairs to clean. Cleaning took longer the second day, but we got it done.

After the session, we head home. Dinner at Tony's in Brenham, then back on the road. Colt drove home, I played with the radio the whole way. When we got home, the cats nearly mauled us. I'm sure they ate all their food the first day, although I gave them enough to last nearly a week (finishing all the supply of cat food in the house). So Colt got to go to the store after we dragged all our luggage in the house. The cats yelled at me throughout the entire time he was at the store. When he got back and fed them, they only ate a few bites and then played in the empty suitcase. Crazy cats. All the critters were over feed that night, making up for our time away. I overfilled all their bowls before we left, but our pets are gluttons and didn't ration.

I worked Monday and Tuesday, and am now off for the rest of the week. I went in service today with Dillon and Abby. It was a good morning. We mainly did RV's, but it was still nice. I'm supposed to do early work tomorrow, so I think I'm back on my old service schedule. This is thanks to the session this past weekend. I never thought I would enjoy a 'kick in the teeth' so much! But when it's needed, it's needed.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

That's What I Get

I guess I totally asked for this. Since I was teasing about others having colder weather and snow, we got snow. Yep, yucky cold white stuff has been falling for most of the day. It won't stick, everything is too warm, but it's falling. The wind has been blowing like crazy, so the snow is that much more yucky. The locals are loving it, most everyone has been cheerful since it started to snow, so there's one good side. But as for me, I've already got a fire going in the fireplace, had a plate of home-made tamales (not home made by me), and about to make some hot chocolate. Let it snow!

Early Weekend

I'm off today and tomorrow, and it's chilly out. So I'm just getting stuff done around the house and packing for the weekend in Houston. Laundry is the first big task, after that, piece of cake. We leave tomorrow, time unknown. We're taking the Wrangler, so I'll go here in a bit and fill it up, maybe try to clean it out a little. I keep threatening to wash it, but that's not likely to happen any time soon. My only other 'should do' is go check in on Dad, he is watching Gwen's kids for the day. I'm sure he's fine, but I said I'd drop by. All I have to do is brave the crazy traffic!

Not much new here. The Roomba lives again. I don't know if I had mentioned it, but the poor little bot was awfully sick for awhile. It now has new parts and is back to tormenting the cats. I've now seen Avatar twice, and still love it. I hope to be able to pass up any more viewings at the theater and just buy it when it comes out on Blu Ray. I've probably spent enough at the movies to buy a copy several times over. Just might go see Holmes this weekend, it looks good too.

I need to rake the yard, but the blame tree has dropped more leaves than my poor little rake can handle right now. Looking into sicking a mulcher on them. I had decided I was going to take care of the leaves last week, first thing in the morning. So I got up and got around, intending well. But when I opened the door to get busy, the wonderful tree had dropped all it's leaves overnight and burried everything up to the front door. I just growled and went back inside, hoping the wind would take some of the mess away. It hasn't. Our neighbor mentioned something about us needing to take care of the leaves, so I don't know how much longer I can put it off. Gotta love that tree. I think I'll give it to the neighbor who is so concerned about our leaves, seeing he doesn't have any trees.

Had lunch with Dillon and Dathan yesterday. Wing stop, of course. It is located in an area of stores and shops, so it was busy. We sat at a window table and took in the sights. So many people, so entertaining! Then we sadly laughed at a couple who were obviously not from around here. They came into Wing Stop, picked up menus, and sat at a table. There is a sign over the front regiser area that reads 'Please order and pick up here', but the couple bypassed the ordering part and seated themselves. After ten minutes or so, they were griping that no one has come to take their order, so they left. I thought they were waiting for someone else to join them, I didn't realize they thought it was a sit down diner. Dillon had the best seat, so he let us know when there was someone coming that we needed to see. He is more nonchalant about it than Dathan and myself, so he made a good spotter. We're people watchers, so we stayed busy for quite some time.

I think the drier has shut off, so that's my cue to get back to home care. Maybe I'll bribe myself with a coffee to go out in the torrents of the public and tend to the hungry Jeep and give Dad a break.

Have a good weekend. To those of you with snow, I'm sorry. I said it was only chilly here, that's why I didn't say it was cold, it could be worse!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

So I'm a Dork

Well, very much a dork. I just picked up tickets for the opening of Avatar next week. It's the midnight showing Thursday night, or Friday morning, however you want to look at it. It's the 3D viewing, so that will be crazy. I'm excited. I bought two tickets. Colt said he'd go with me, but he doesn't really care to see it. I'm in my own geek world on this one, but that's fine with me.... I've got tickets!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Already?

The past few months have just flown by. December is a happening month for me. We have our CA this month, and I still haven't gotten a room. I think I'll do that when I'm done here. Sounds like we'll be staying in Houston, all the local rooms are filled by now. I was told yesterday of a hotel with some rooms still open in the city, so that will do just fine for me. Hope it's warmer there.

Totally enjoyed our non-snow day last week. I was off Friday, so I just sat by the fire and waited for snow. I never saw any, I only heard two people say they actually saw it. I don't think we got any. Being from the Show-Me-State, I've got to see it to believe it! It's supposed to be pretty cold again tonight. The fireplace is already working! Colt is planning on making dinner, so I have time for a few projects I have going. He gets off around 6pm, so it'll be a late dinner. But food is food, and I don't have to cook, so it sounds good to me.

Work is picking up again. We've kept pretty busy the past few weeks. That's a good thing. I think we're close to booked until the new year. It changes each day, but it looks like we should be hopping for a while. We worked late yesterday. When we finally finished, the exit was blocked because of a wreck in front of the office. An older lady in a massive Buick hit, or ran over, an Honda motorcycle. The bike was well wedged beneath the car. The biker got up pretty quick after the wreck. He paced around a bit and waved his arms and rolled his shoulders, hopped around, I think making sure everything was still there. I was thinking, "Dude, it's okay if you want to sit down, wow." Then the line from 'Pursuit of Happyness' came to mind.... "You just got hit by a car!" I guess all went well, everyone went home on thier own, no rides in the ambulance.

We picked up a new hood vent, stainless steal to match the rest of the kitchen. Colt has been on call for two weeks straight (feels like more), so we haven't put it in yet. I got everything ready to do it myself when he was called out again, but decided not to. The old one looks like it's rigged goofy, and kind of scary, so I stopped. That and I don't know which breaker turns off the kitchen circuit.

Saw a few movies since I last wrote, rentals. The Translator, with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. It was okay, the end predictable, but good story. I'd watch it again. Seven Pounds, very good. Will Smith is just good, enough said. We also got Terminator Salvation (pg13 version) on Netflicks. That was really good. Sam Worthington stole the movie from Christian Bale. He acts with his eyes, I don't know how much else to explain it. I plan on buying it on DVD, very much liked it. The Jeep has a very short life in it, but it was nice all the same. I'm planning on going to see Avatar on it's midnight release next week. The theater in Harker Heights already has the tickets on sale for the 3D showing @12:01 Thursday night (Friday morning). I'm off that Friday, so I'm all for it. It looks really neat, hope it lives up to all the hype.