Thursday, December 24, 2009

Early Weekend

I'm off today and tomorrow, and it's chilly out. So I'm just getting stuff done around the house and packing for the weekend in Houston. Laundry is the first big task, after that, piece of cake. We leave tomorrow, time unknown. We're taking the Wrangler, so I'll go here in a bit and fill it up, maybe try to clean it out a little. I keep threatening to wash it, but that's not likely to happen any time soon. My only other 'should do' is go check in on Dad, he is watching Gwen's kids for the day. I'm sure he's fine, but I said I'd drop by. All I have to do is brave the crazy traffic!

Not much new here. The Roomba lives again. I don't know if I had mentioned it, but the poor little bot was awfully sick for awhile. It now has new parts and is back to tormenting the cats. I've now seen Avatar twice, and still love it. I hope to be able to pass up any more viewings at the theater and just buy it when it comes out on Blu Ray. I've probably spent enough at the movies to buy a copy several times over. Just might go see Holmes this weekend, it looks good too.

I need to rake the yard, but the blame tree has dropped more leaves than my poor little rake can handle right now. Looking into sicking a mulcher on them. I had decided I was going to take care of the leaves last week, first thing in the morning. So I got up and got around, intending well. But when I opened the door to get busy, the wonderful tree had dropped all it's leaves overnight and burried everything up to the front door. I just growled and went back inside, hoping the wind would take some of the mess away. It hasn't. Our neighbor mentioned something about us needing to take care of the leaves, so I don't know how much longer I can put it off. Gotta love that tree. I think I'll give it to the neighbor who is so concerned about our leaves, seeing he doesn't have any trees.

Had lunch with Dillon and Dathan yesterday. Wing stop, of course. It is located in an area of stores and shops, so it was busy. We sat at a window table and took in the sights. So many people, so entertaining! Then we sadly laughed at a couple who were obviously not from around here. They came into Wing Stop, picked up menus, and sat at a table. There is a sign over the front regiser area that reads 'Please order and pick up here', but the couple bypassed the ordering part and seated themselves. After ten minutes or so, they were griping that no one has come to take their order, so they left. I thought they were waiting for someone else to join them, I didn't realize they thought it was a sit down diner. Dillon had the best seat, so he let us know when there was someone coming that we needed to see. He is more nonchalant about it than Dathan and myself, so he made a good spotter. We're people watchers, so we stayed busy for quite some time.

I think the drier has shut off, so that's my cue to get back to home care. Maybe I'll bribe myself with a coffee to go out in the torrents of the public and tend to the hungry Jeep and give Dad a break.

Have a good weekend. To those of you with snow, I'm sorry. I said it was only chilly here, that's why I didn't say it was cold, it could be worse!

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