Friday, January 22, 2010

Cats, Keys, & Puppies

The cats have been keeping me on my toes lately. Fatty (Oliver) has decided the tort's home (pool) is his napping quarters. This is not good for many reasons. One- It's the tort's house, she leaves tort messes at random in it, so that is just gross for Fatty to be in. Two- He picks on the tort so she hides most of the day. Three- He eats her greens, so she doesn't get to eat, and then Fatty barfs it up later for me to pick up and scrub the carpet (because cats barf on carpet). Four- When he gets out, he tracks tort bedding through the house. Another Fatty moment, he must have had a nightmare or nap-mare while sleeping on our bed. (when he is scared pretty well, he throws up) I'm guessing this because he left a nasty present all over the foot of the bed and on the floor. I find this after a LONG day at work, and I had just washed all the bedding, so I was very excited to clean it up. But just when I'm about to get mad at him, he does that adorable cuddle-purr-purr thing, and I get over it. He's still my baby.

That same day, I washed the Jeep, lots. I went over it with the brush twice and a rag once. Rinsed it many times in between. Even the wheels and tires got loads of attention. Juug spot free, then comes the shammy to be sure. I made several rounds before giving up. Two and a half hours of cleaning, and the Jeep looks like new. I stand back to admire the piece of art in the light of the street lamp, and the stray cat jumps on the hood and puts tracks across the front. I think the cats are out to get me. I ran her off, but had to touch up the Jeep a bit. The shine only lasted a short time, birds found it the next day at work. I'm glad I washed it finally, it was nice to take the top off without getting dust and dirt in my face as the top folded up when I pulled it down. The days are nice, but had to wear a jacket home and put the top and windows back on.

Dottie had to have surgery this week. Mom took her in Wednesday because she has been having trouble walking. After taking x-rays, the Doc said her knees on both hind legs needed replacing. She is only one year old, so it was a breeding issue, most likely the work of a puppy mill. Needless to say, Dottie was scheduled for Thursday. I was on the phone with Mom when she pulled into the vet's parking lot. Dottie was quiet, then I heard the blinker, Dottie went nuts, barking and growling. Poor Little Bit, she knew it wouldn't be fun. When Mom picked her up after 4pm (all day surgery), she looked terrible. They shaved her from hip to ankle, so she looks goofy with think black hair from nose to tail, except her back legs. She is stitched from hip to ankle as well. She was good at first, the drugs still in her system from the operation, then the meds began to wear off. That was sad. She has the best demeanor, hardly ever gets upset, loves everyone, but then was a different story. You could pet her head, but nothing else. Mom gave her some puppy drugs, and she was much happier. I stopped by the store before going to see her, picked up a new collar, fancy harness-shirt set up, and a pretty name tag. I also got her a little pink elephant, and grabbed Pheobe a yellow wacky squeaky toy (since you can't bring one dog something and not the other, unless you want to see a fight). I took everything over to Mom's and gave Pheobe her toy first thing. Dottie wasn't up to her new clothes, so I just set the elephant in her bed with her and sat back. After a little while, Pheobe came over. I thought she was going to check on Dottie, so I gave her some space. Turns out, she just wanted the elephant. She stuck her nose in Dottie's bed and snatched the toy by it's ear, and bolted. Mom, Dad, and I cornered her and took it back. Pheobe is determined to get it though. Dad found one just like it and gave it to her, but that only worked for about 30 seconds. Dottie growled at her a couple times when she came for it, and Pheobe backed off each time. Mom said this morning that Dottie was rough, and Mom and Dad were busy helping her when Pheobe jumped up and grabbed the elephant and dashed off with it. Once they had Dottie settled, they ran Pheobe down and took the toy back. Pheobe is still working to get it, sneaking around and acting like she is trying to check on Dottie. It's funny to watch, when everyone is paying attention to Dottie, Pheobe will jump and dance and yelp for anyone to just look at her, such a drama queen.

While I was at Mom and Dad's last night, I lost my keys. I must have dropped them when I got out of the Jeep. We looked EVERYWHERE in the house, digging through the couch and chairs, under rugs, even went through the trash, no keys. I retraced my steps outside, but still no keys. I thought maybe I locked them in the Jeep, I've done it before. So I crawled through the back window. I had the top open in the front, but am too short to climb in that way. The window worked fine, but no keys inside either. I ended up having to call Colt to bring my spare Jeep key so I could go home. Thank goodness I found a spare house key, too. It's ugly, but it works. The most depressing part is the key ring that held the keys, it was my coach turtle ring. I loved that key ring, and I can't find anymore on line. I hope one of the stores will have it, but it's been more than two years since I bought it, I bet they're all gone. I want it back, my turtle! I would love to have the keys back too, but they can be remade easily. Their neighbor kid is kind of a pack rat, so I'm thinking he found it. I'll show him a picture of it and offer him a reward if he 'finds' it. Hoping that works. Until then, I have a chunky spare set on a long leather strap to hold me over. Hope the turtle is safe. Yes, I know it's just a key chain, but I really really liked it.

Time for bed. I'm supposed to get up at 4am to meet Dillon at 5am to go on a Jeep trip tomorrow. I don't know where, but I know it's a 3hr drive. We're taking his because the trails are too hard core for my short Jeep. I'll let you know how it goes. Until next time....

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