Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day!

Not much snow left now. It melted pretty quick once the sun was out this morning. We had a winter weather warning for Tuesday morning until Tuesday night. When I woke up Tuesday morning, I checked the radar. It looked like we might get some sleet or snow later in the morning. I peeked out the window before I started getting ready for work, just clouds, cold clouds. It was around 7:30 when I heard sleet hitting the bathroom window. I ignored it for a little while and finished getting ready. About 7:45 I checked out the front window upstairs, and the picture to the left is what I saw. I opened the window, not just the blind, but the window and let the cats check it out. Scooter stayed back, he can be a bit of a stick in the mud. Oliver, on the other hand, was more than willing to dart out the window to chase snow flakes and sleet. I snatched him back quickly and closed the window. He sat and watched out the window for some time after that, leaving nose prints all over the glass.

I went on to work, despite my threat of not coming if I saw a single snow flake before 8am. There were lots of them, big, fat, fluffy flakes. The kids on the school buses had their noses stuck to the windows at the stop light, not something they get to see much around here. At first, it was snow and sleet mixed together. Later in the morning, it switched to just snow. Huge flakes fell all morning. Our first patients showed up for their appointments, but after that, it got really slow at the office. It was a long morning. It was fun to watch everyone's reactions. I tested the sidewalk several times to be sure it wasn't freezing. It was fine. Doc teased that I was going to slip, and that it wouldn't be covered as a loss time accident. We watched everything pile up with snow. It was stacking up so quickly, chunks of it would fall off tree limbs or the roof under the weight. The pavement was too warm for it to stick to, but traffic slowed anyway. Texans on ice, not a good thing.

School closures started to be announced on the radio and on the TDT website. Temple schools had Monday off because of unused weather days. They and the other schools in the area were to have early dismissals. Each school had a different time, starting from 11:45 on up to 12:45. I don't understand the reasoning, but that's how it went.

Our schedule was quickly falling apart. By 10am, the afternoon had cleared except for 1:00 patients. We finished up the morning, between gawking out the windows and dashing out to snatch a handful of snow. The flakes fell nonstop. Our cars were covered when we left for lunch. The picture to the right was taken at noon, and the one below. The snow was blowing and sticking to road signs and such. I put the Jeep in 4wd, just because. I wasn't sliding, but I had a good enough excuse.

Tuesdays is lunch at Ole English Bakery for cheese soup. I don't get the soup, but the dessert is always good. They were unusually slow, but the weather was unusual as well. They had the curtains pulled back so we could all watch the snow fall. There was one draw back... the roof there has a heavy slant, it would randomly dump a load of snow off onto any unfortunate person who might be stepping out to their vehicle. Several people received the surprise while we were there. When it came time for us to go, we darted out into the parking lot to avoid being pelted with a falling snow drift. The drive back to work was uneventful, thank goodness. I did see one traffic accident, but I think they were watching the snow and not the road.

Back at work, I run and check the schedule. Another cancelation. Only one patient left. We had started to confirm Wednesday's appointments, and the morning fell apart. I stepped back outside and started building a miniature snowman on the dumpster. I didn't hear the Doc pull up, and he got me with a snow ball. He claimed he thought I was making snow balls to throw at him, and he was only defending himself. I let him pass, and I had packed the balls too hard to use as a nice snow ball. I finished my tiny snowman and went back inside.

We decided to set the schedule and open late Wednesday. We got out Tuesday afternoon a little after 2. The snow had slowed, but it was still falling. I didn't get anymore pictures. I had to laugh going home, there were so many kids out playing, and not one of them had true winter clothes. They were sledding down the hill at Stratford and Hickory with jackets and jeans. They had to be freezing! I thought to go join them, but once I was inside where it was warm, I stayed.

There was still snow on the ground this morning. It was melting quickly, but it was there. Our main op room at the office has a large window on one wall that overlooks the back lot. Just outside the window is a small rose bush and some other shrubs. It is hidden most of the day in the shade, so there was a patch of snow that remained after the rest had melted away. I had to laugh when the only two people to mention it were grown men. They came in and sat down, looked out the window, and pointed with huge smiles, "You still have snow!" Now, all that is left is that patch and the remnants of snowmen.

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