Saturday, February 13, 2010

Whole Lotta Nothing

It's been a long time since I last blogged. It wasn't that I was busy, just nothing worth writing about. It's been cold a wet out. We were under a winter weather advisory Thursday and Friday, but only got slushy rain. It's still cold, anyways. So, I've spent the majority of my time reading and watching movies. I was loaned "The Eye of the World" some time back, but had trouble getting into it. It is by Robert Jordan. I had never heard of him or the series of novels, but, when I carried the book with me to different places, I got several comments about it from people who had read it. I finally sat down with it last Friday and put effort into keeping to it. After that, I couldn't put it down. I finished it Wednesday night, and was ready for more. It was a very good story, great details, and interesting characters. I now have the rest of the series on CD, so I hope to load it before too long and continue the reading. I don't know how many books there are, but there is a lot.

Several movies happened while I've kept myself out of the cold. Netflix has been busy. Too many movies to remember the titles, and many more in line to go. Last night was Golden Boys, with Mom and Dad over. It was good, funny. Last Chance Harvey was Thursday night. That was better than I thought it would be. I liked it, would watch it again. Watched Shopaholic again, still funny. Ramen Girl, with Brittany Murphy, it was really cute. Romeo + Juliet made it into my movie slot, the one with Leonardo Dicaprio. I don't like him, and usually skip over his movies. He's a good actor, but still don't care for him. I watched it in high school while we were studying Shakespeare. I remember that they stuck to the original writing, and that impressed me. So I watched it again this week, and liked it. So many more movies, but I can't think of their titles.

I went with Beth and saw Percy Jackson and the Olympians yesterday. That was a good movie, again, better than I expected. I'd watch it again. We ate at Jokers in Killeen for lunch with Kevin. I never would have stopped there on my own accord. It is in an old garage type shop. Kind of a biker place. Kevin had been there several times, and told us of the building's history. It was some of the best lunch I've had in a long time. Smokey inside, but great food. It's a seat-yourself, pay-when-you-order place, but it was good. I wouldn't go on a evening or weekend, I bet it gets 'busy', but lunch was worth it. Beth and I spent most of lunch talking about Eye of the World, she has read nearly all the books. Kevin did a good job of keeping in the conversation, it think he knows as much as we do about it since we're always comparing notes.

Plans for today... Get out in the cold and get some organizing supplies. Big rubbermaid boxes and drawers. I'm going to attempt to organize a few closets and the pantry. I have a walk in pantry that has gotten cluttered, and that's not good. I may swing by Hobby Lobby and see what they have for picture frames. I have a bunch of black and whites from last fall that I hoped to have up by now, along the staircase, but I haven't.

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