Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Juug

My Jeep came back last week. Twice. The first time was only for a day. It was still acting up. They changed the transmission temperature sensor. It was reading 4 points off (what ever that means). They tested it while the engine was warm, so it didn't give the usual trouble. So, it went back. They "toiled" over it for another day, then replaced the transmission control module. That did the trick. All better. I'm so happy to have my Juug back. Then the stray tom cat peed on the roof, and it got all over the Wrangler. So my Jeep smelled like a mechanic and cat box for a little while. That's all better now, too. That was rough. And gross. Bad cat.

I planned on writing more, but Colt and Chad just came in. They are 'making' me watch "Talladega Nights". I've never seen it, and did a poor job of playing along with the impressions they were doing from the movie. I've avoided watching it, and was doing pretty well, until now...

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