Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Quiet Weekend

This is a four day weekend, finally. I had planned a quiet weekend for last week, but it didn't happen. Colt was scheduled to meet up with a friend in Colorado for the Rally to the Clouds at Pikes Peak. He left last Friday morning, planning to return the following Monday. I worked Friday morning, after spending the night packing Colt and cleaning (couldn't sleep). I called him shortly before 9am and he was leaving Fort Worth, stating that the traffic was great. He was making good time. He had spent the week prior making needed repairs on the Audi to make it worthy of the lengthy drive. His work ended up being rushed, so he had some doubts about the car, yet went nonetheless. Can't blame him, he had planned this trip for some time. He dealt with several obstacles, still determined to go. Anyway, after lunch Friday, I received a call from him. He was just shy of Amarillo and the Audi had given out. He believed it to be the flywheel, and had already had it towed to the nearest service station. They only took cash, which he never has, so he was walking back to town to find an ATM. Long story short, he finally locates the rare ATM and pays the tow people, got a room at the local hotel, and ended up waiting for his dad to make the drive with his car hauler to pick up the gimp Audi. Trip cancelled. He stopped in Clarendon, Texas. The plan was to leave as soon as hid dad got there, ETA Clarendon 8pm. Yet, again can't blame them, they stayed the night.

I didn't know they were staying, so I expected them back here super early on Saturday, so I scrapped my plans for doing some stuff around the house (Hobby Lobby stuff), figuring we were going to need the money for that to get a flywheel for the Audi. Friday night was another sleepless night. One, I stayed up way later than usual, waiting to hear from someone, but that's another story. After deciding the call wasn't coming, I went to bed, doing my usual reading until I could no longer stay awake. It was the around 1 am that I finally put the book down and turned off the lights. I was just nodding off when I heard a weird noise. I listened for it again, but didn't hear it, so I blamed it on being tired. As I was settling back in, I heard it again. It sounded like the cats tromping up the stairs, fat noisy cats. But it kept going, and Scooter was next to me and not on the stairs. Needless to say, I was pretty well freaked. What ever it was, it was running across the roof, rather heavily. I had heard squirrels up there before, but this sounded like a bunch of them. It ran past the bedroom window, the full moon's light not helping my nervousness. I think it was cats fighting on the roof, but my imagination told me it was the chupacabra we tease about living in our unkept backyard. I considered calling Dillon to see if he would come over, but I knew he would laugh at me, chicken sister. So I stared out the window until the adrenaline calmed, ignoring Scooter sitting by the bedroom door growling like he was Mr. Tough Kitty. Fatty was downstairs by the front door squeaking (his meow is a squeak) his fuzzy head off. So, Friday night was another sleepless night.

Saturday morning I checked to see where Colt was on his way back. I first ran the locator program on our phones, but it said he was still in Clarendon. I called to make sure, and they were indeed still there. They had decided to stay the night, wanting a good dinner and breakfast before the trip back. They did get to take a better look at the Audi and found that the drive shaft had come loose and then the exhaust. So they strapped the car to the trailer and headed home. They came into town about 6 in the evening. I drove out to Salado to pick up Colt from his parents' house where the car would be staying until he could put it back together. Poor Colt. He was bummed.

He still took Monday off, so he went out and worked on his car. It didn't take long to fix it up. Dillon came over and 'baled' the backyard for us. I'm so happy to have that tamed once again. It was beyond sad, and is now much better. The chupacabra will have to find another yard to reside in.

It has rained off and on for the past several days and the temperature has been bearable. It is supposed to rain for a few more days, and it is welcomed. I'm finally opening the blinds again, now that the sun won't kill my electric bill and the yard is actually nice to look at. The house doesn't feel so much like a cave.

So, I now get my weekend. I have accomplished multiple things, yet have plenty more to do. I even found time to watch a few episodes of Bones on Netflix, am now ready to start season 3. Loving the series, though I have learned not to eat while watching it, blah. I'm not quite done with the laundry, but that can wait a bit more. I've been working on my project for most of the weekend. I had expected to have reached a certain point by the end of this long weekend, but I'm not so sure I'll get that far. Maybe by the next. But for now, I figured I'd catch up on the blog that I've been horribly neglecting and then read the Watchtower for tomorrow's leason.