Thursday, September 23, 2010


No, I haven't finished painting the kitchen. I had an 'incident' while painting and have not finished yet. There are 1 and 1/2 walls left. I don't know when I'll get to it, hopefully soon. Colt was planning to have it done before this weekend, but I don't think it's going to happen. We have a friend coming in to stay for a long weekend. Odds are, we will all be goofing off rather than any house work or anything closely related to it. But, it will be finished one day, and it will look great. It's kind of a bold color scheme for such a small space, but I like it. After that, a friend donated a really neat track light that will go wonderfully with the stainless steel and black.

Nothing new to tell of. Work has been slow, but it's still going. The weather has cooled off, which is very nice. Mom and Dillon are both preparing to go on trips. Mom is leaving for NY, Dillon for Moab. Haven't seen any new movies. I've got to get out more!!!

PS - I hate painting.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long Weekend

I had good intentions for this four day weekend. Friday was spent in preparation of what I hoped to be a productive mini-vacation. But, I don't recall 'painting' in the definition of vacation. That is because it isn't.

Anyway, Friday was full. I had lunch with Mom and Gwen at Ye Old English Bakery. We all had chicken salad sandwiches and pie. We went a little over on Mom's lunch time, but it was fun. The first time we have been able to get together, just the three of us, in I don't know how long. Gwen and I were off, and Gwen was childless. Another first in quite some time.

After lunch, I dropped Mom off at her work and ran home to drop off my leftovers. Then I met up with Gwen at Home Depot for a 'quick trip'. Yeah right. We spent hours in that dreamy store. Most of it was in the paint department. Picking colors and paint types was quite entertaining, and not just for us. We had the young man working in the department hopping, and he kept up with our joking and musing very well. I couldn't decide on a color (for the kitchen) after scouring through the color tabs, then noticed the display to have the shade I thought I wanted. He was kind enough to partially disassemble the display to get the piece with the desired shade and put it in the 'color match machine'. I asked for a gallon of the color, but he would only give me a sample, telling me that if I liked it, he would have the gallon here waiting. After a few more goofy exchanges, he convinced me to take the sample. Gwen got a few gallons of her decided colors, and I picked up a gallon of the 'ozone blue' for the upstairs bathroom. After filling our cart with a variety of painting tools and must-haves, we said "Goodbye" to our cheery helper and moved on the rest of the store. Much more time went by before Gwen realized she had to get home to get the kids off the bus, and I had a few more errands to run. We wrestled with the self-check out, Gwen won, I failed, and we went our separate ways.

By the time I got home, I was ready for dinner, but we had a nearly empty pantry and fridge. Settling with a few tiny frozen pizzas, Colt and I went back to our own projects. He worked on his Cherokee for most of the night, I taped off a bunch of the kitchen and applied a coat of the sample paint. I literally watched the paint dry. So exciting, and disappointing. Colt made a visit to the kitchen and studied the drying paint, kind enough not to voice his opinion when he noticed me frowning at the less-than-desired color. It was too rose-ish, or burgundy. Either way, not what I had in mind. I gave it another coat just to be sure, then was more than sure. Good thing I followed the young man's advice and stuck with the sample size instead of committing to the gallon. Bedtime was too late, after a midnight run to the grocery store.

Saturday fell short of my expectations. Colt was gone all day on a job in Austin. I had planned to get up EARLY and get another sample paint to try out. After a long, long morning, I was back at Home Depot after lunch. I took a Starbuck's mug that I liked the coloring of to 'match'. They were super busy. When my turn finally came, I related my sad shade issue to the lady working with the paint. She tried a few tabs and agreed that we were out to find a 'unique' color. After passing the trinket around to the other workers, she popped it in the machine and let it have a shot at matching it. Because the mug was round and shiny, the machine had a few problems, but put out a code in the end. She whipped up a sample batch and I went off to try it out, with a few more 'tools'.

I threw on a coat right away and didn't watch it dry this time, getting busy taking all the face plates off the walls and finishing the taping and placing the massive drop cloths. After chasing the cats off (they were rolling under the drop cloths and trying to eat the blue taping) I checked the progress of the sample. It still looked pinkish, so I gave another coat and took a nap. Nap went over time, and I got a headache as a result. Ugh. The shade was perfect though. Thus, I made yet another trip to Home Depot, with a mental note to pick up Advil on the way home.

The last run to Home Depot put me over budget. There was a wait on getting the paint mixed, so I walked around the store, and found more must-haves. So, needless to say, I went straight home and sent in for rebates right off. Forgetting the Advil in the process. I started painting after reassembling the drop cloths (the cats apparently had much fun while I was away). I had a helper planned to come, but he had a project take longer than expected. I went on anyway, knowing I would have to have at least two coats of this paint before I would be pleased with the shading. After one and three quarters of a wall, my head was pounding. I took a long break and had a TV dinner. Then back to painting. I pretty much concentrated on edging and trimming, and called it a night.

Sunday morning started out rough. I got up with the same headache I went to bed with, still no Advil. I didn't hear Colt come in, but he got home around 2 or 3 in the morning, sick from choosing Taco Bell as a 1am meal. He and I both had a very late start to the day as a result. I think he was up and about much more quickly and cheery than I. I stared at my behind-schedule-project as I ate a late breakfast and wished for a nap already. Colt set up my music corner (the macbook 'Bumpy' set to Pandora Radio and some speakers) as I dragged myself to the paint can started back to work.

I had an early lunch just to excuse myself from painting long. Colt bounced around the house all morning and afternoon. I don't know what he was working on, but he was having more fun than I, and he knew it. He spent some time chasing the cats out of the kitchen, noticing that what I had 'claimed' them to be doing, they were actually doing. Scooter was licking the paint off the wall and chewing on the tape, Oliver was tunneling under the plastic sheet I had down to protect the tile and threatening to smoother himself in it. As much comic relief as they were, it wasn't the best of activities for the kitties. Colt called it 'Darwinism', I agreed.

By the end of this evening, I have a bit more of the painting of the kitchen done. I called it a day after my fourth failed attempt of falling off the counter and into the sink. The kitchen is looking not as bad as I had thought, and I just might get this finished tomorrow. So, I plan to get up early and have at it again. That is, if I make myself get up. I might bribe myself with Starbucks, maybe. Ugh, I hate painting. So tempted to pay someone to come in and finish it. That would be a vacation. I need a vacation from this vacation. I'm off this next Friday, maybe I'll try to make up for it then.

When (If) I finish this project in the kitchen, I'll post some pictures on my Picasa page. It's only a start of what we hope to do to the kitchen, but it will help, I hope. No, I haven't painted the bathroom yet like I had planned to, but it will happen, eventually.