Thursday, September 23, 2010


No, I haven't finished painting the kitchen. I had an 'incident' while painting and have not finished yet. There are 1 and 1/2 walls left. I don't know when I'll get to it, hopefully soon. Colt was planning to have it done before this weekend, but I don't think it's going to happen. We have a friend coming in to stay for a long weekend. Odds are, we will all be goofing off rather than any house work or anything closely related to it. But, it will be finished one day, and it will look great. It's kind of a bold color scheme for such a small space, but I like it. After that, a friend donated a really neat track light that will go wonderfully with the stainless steel and black.

Nothing new to tell of. Work has been slow, but it's still going. The weather has cooled off, which is very nice. Mom and Dillon are both preparing to go on trips. Mom is leaving for NY, Dillon for Moab. Haven't seen any new movies. I've got to get out more!!!

PS - I hate painting.

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