Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Juug

My Jeep came back last week. Twice. The first time was only for a day. It was still acting up. They changed the transmission temperature sensor. It was reading 4 points off (what ever that means). They tested it while the engine was warm, so it didn't give the usual trouble. So, it went back. They "toiled" over it for another day, then replaced the transmission control module. That did the trick. All better. I'm so happy to have my Juug back. Then the stray tom cat peed on the roof, and it got all over the Wrangler. So my Jeep smelled like a mechanic and cat box for a little while. That's all better now, too. That was rough. And gross. Bad cat.

I planned on writing more, but Colt and Chad just came in. They are 'making' me watch "Talladega Nights". I've never seen it, and did a poor job of playing along with the impressions they were doing from the movie. I've avoided watching it, and was doing pretty well, until now...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Poor Juug

My poor Juug started acting up Thursday morning. The transmission wasn't wanting to work right. It felt like a newbee was trying to shift (and it is an auto trans). Shifting from 1st to 2nd, and sometimes 2nd to 3rd was rough. It only did this for a short time, but since I live and work in town, I was constantly cringing as I pulled away from a stop sign on the drive to work. It wasn't as bad on the way home, but it was there. Colt took it out later in the evening and it did it again. No check lights and the fluids were good, so I called on my warranty yesterday (Friday) to see if they could recommend a Jeep place to take it to. I refuse to take it to the local dealer, I've yet to hear anything good about them. My dealer closed down long ago. Jeep gave me two other dealers in the area. One in Killeen, Freedom Jeep, which I've used for an oil change before. I couldn't get a hold of them, either getting a busy signal or hung up on, so I called the second dealer. They are in Cameron, 30ish miles away. They said I could drop it off as soon as I wanted to, so I followed Dillon out and left Juug, bumming a ride in the Mini back to town. So I am without my Jeep, and I miss it. They called this morning to tell us they looked at it and are having to wait for the transmission guy to come in on Monday to find out what's up with it. Bittersweet. Bitter: Another day without my MilkJuug. Sweet: I wasn't imagining the issue with the transmission, or overreacting. One big "How's that for timing", my powertrain warranty expires the 10th of this month. I had less than 1 week left on my warranty!!! Wow, that was close. Hate that there is a problem with Juug (something Mopar, I'm sure), but glad it didn't wait another week or so to act up. This was one of our arguments about buying a new Jeep over an used, I didn't want to get stuck with issues that a warranty would handle. So Juug is in the Jeep hospital, waiting on the tranie doc to come in. Out there in tiny little Cameron, Texas, with strange Jeeps and garage. Poor Juug.