Monday, February 28, 2011


Sorry. Totally left you hanging on that last one. Friday consisted of me sitting at the office until the much awaited 1pm rolled around. I then zipped home, doing my best not to get a ticket in the 2.4 miles from office to house at the 35mph limit. First thing in the door I was promptly distracted by the always obnoxious Scooter who let me be only after I fed him, which meant I had to feed Fatty as well (need to name Scooter Fatty and leave Fatty as Oliver, a whole other story), and also the tort. Computer booted up and review downloaded. I had to pace myself in reading the 5-paged letter, making sure I got every word in each line. Pleasantly surprised. It was a good review. The evaluation pointed out all the spots I had figured needed work, as well as a few others that I smudged over in hopes of them not really mattering much in the story as a whole. Good advice and suggestions made to beef them up a bit. There were a few notes that I didn't agree with and left me wondering if the entire manuscript was considered. Half tempted to ask, but odds are I won't. But anyway, it was a nice review. They actually liked my work! "Unique and innovative", "sharp writing", "love the plot twists and turns", even used the word "snappy" in reference to the dialogue. Yes, I have work to do on it, currently chopping away at a rewrite, but for them to call it "dramatic and engaging" at this point made me happy. I also just got back one of my sample copies for editing and have some polishing to do there.

Other than that, I worked in the yard this weekend. That was rough. It needs much, much more attention, but it might be awhile. I found the flowerbed and saved it from the mountain of leaves that has been smothering it. Flowers are popping up and it is nice to see some green in the sea of dead winter foliage. Brought the plants out from the garage. The banana tree isn't looking so hot, but I hope it will perk up with the sunlight and warm weather.

And now, back to rocking out to the newest Train album and hammering away at that unending 'manuscript'!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Two posts in less than 24 hrs, that's rare for me! I had just shared that it would be awhile until I hear back about my eval. Well, there was a note in my inbox this morning from Amazon's Createspace that my eval is ready. I'm at work, I can't download it here. So, I'm going stir crazy up here in this suddenly tiny office as I'm waiting for 1pm so I can dart home and see what they've concluded. They are 5 work days ahead of schedule. That tells me that it either sucked really, really bad and the note says, "Don't quit your day job." Or they had more time than they expected to look it over. Again, so ready to run home and find out!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Waiting Game

I thought I would have posted something new by now, but I have nothing to post. Last week and on into next week will consist of anything I can find to fill my time. I have my manuscript out in two forms right now, two copies being edited, three copies being reviewed. It will probably be another week before I hear anything solid from those looking it over. There have been few updates in the meantime, generally encouraging.

Thus, I've been doing research on what to do with it once it is a bona fide novel available for distribution. Since I'm going the self/indie route, it will take more on my part to market it. I've been checking out book bloggers and have a small list set aside to look into. There are countless bloggers out there, but a limited number who will work with self-pub literature. I don't blame them, there's a boatload and then some of that around these days. That, and the rage is paranormal and urban fantasy, which my book is not. One bit of good news; I now have a genre. With much help from a reader of EVERYTHING, she has suggested my writing to fall under mystery. She compared it to Janet Evanovich and Carol & Mary Higgans Clark. She also mentioned John Grisham, but that is just plain daunting. Another was Dan Brown, but I think he's more conspiracy type writing.

I have bought four books since I last posted. I have read bits and pieces of each of them, but cannot concentrate enough to get anything from the stories. I've also watched several movies, but nothing worth recommending. I think I'm just on pins and needles and that has me pathetically distracted. What I wouldn't give for a good night's sleep right about now.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brick Wall

So ... I finished the manuscript, finally. It's been submitted for copy editing (grammar, spelling, so forth) and I have contacted Createspace. Scheduled to talk with a rep tomorrow afternoon. Excited and terrified at the same time.

Meanwhile, I've started another manuscript (surprise). It's been going well in my note pad, but when I set up my writing program for a new project, I froze. Totally stuck. I don't get it. I wrote a +66k word manuscript in less than two months, and now I can't even write an opening line. I'll be working all day at the office and have lines galore running through my mind, but as soon as I plop down in front of my computer ...kaput. That's irritating.

Thus, I tinker with what to do with my completed one. Once I get all the editing done, I've found all the avenues needed to distribute it on the majority of the e-readers. Going with Createspace will also make it available in paperback for those who like physical books (ME!). I need to get it in paperback form any-who because there is a festival I'd like to enter it into. They only take hardcopies. The only hardcopies I have are in the form of bulky three-ring binders. And those aren't exactly exhibit material, full of my underlining and scribbling input.

Since I have some time-off coming up, I'm hoping that will be what I need to concentrate on this new manuscript and actully get something going with it. If not, I still have two older storylines that need attention.

Back in the real world, I had to get a new vacuum. Boo. The DirtDevil died a stinky death and forced me into getting a grown-up vacuum. Yes, the Roomba is still working as hard as ever, but he doesn't do so hot on stairs and is less than awesome when it comes to quick clean ups. I wanted a canister vacuum since we have stairs (with all my grace considered), but the one I wanted was sold out. Ended up with a cyclone-type upright that turns into a canister. And it's red. I think I got a good alternative.

It's been uncomfortably cold here lately. We actually got some snow, but it went away in less than 24 hours. It was pretty while it lasted. This week we had ice. That's not fun. But it only lasted half the day. Thank goodness. So ready for Spring.