Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brick Wall

So ... I finished the manuscript, finally. It's been submitted for copy editing (grammar, spelling, so forth) and I have contacted Createspace. Scheduled to talk with a rep tomorrow afternoon. Excited and terrified at the same time.

Meanwhile, I've started another manuscript (surprise). It's been going well in my note pad, but when I set up my writing program for a new project, I froze. Totally stuck. I don't get it. I wrote a +66k word manuscript in less than two months, and now I can't even write an opening line. I'll be working all day at the office and have lines galore running through my mind, but as soon as I plop down in front of my computer ...kaput. That's irritating.

Thus, I tinker with what to do with my completed one. Once I get all the editing done, I've found all the avenues needed to distribute it on the majority of the e-readers. Going with Createspace will also make it available in paperback for those who like physical books (ME!). I need to get it in paperback form any-who because there is a festival I'd like to enter it into. They only take hardcopies. The only hardcopies I have are in the form of bulky three-ring binders. And those aren't exactly exhibit material, full of my underlining and scribbling input.

Since I have some time-off coming up, I'm hoping that will be what I need to concentrate on this new manuscript and actully get something going with it. If not, I still have two older storylines that need attention.

Back in the real world, I had to get a new vacuum. Boo. The DirtDevil died a stinky death and forced me into getting a grown-up vacuum. Yes, the Roomba is still working as hard as ever, but he doesn't do so hot on stairs and is less than awesome when it comes to quick clean ups. I wanted a canister vacuum since we have stairs (with all my grace considered), but the one I wanted was sold out. Ended up with a cyclone-type upright that turns into a canister. And it's red. I think I got a good alternative.

It's been uncomfortably cold here lately. We actually got some snow, but it went away in less than 24 hours. It was pretty while it lasted. This week we had ice. That's not fun. But it only lasted half the day. Thank goodness. So ready for Spring.


  1. Thanks! I can't wait to step back from it and it actually be completely finished. It's been a trip. I've been a little more protective of this one. I just hope it doesn't suck!

  2. Good job! Can't wait to get it on my kindle! :)

  3. I'll let you know as soon as it is official! And I expect your full honesty if it's no buenos!