Monday, February 28, 2011


Sorry. Totally left you hanging on that last one. Friday consisted of me sitting at the office until the much awaited 1pm rolled around. I then zipped home, doing my best not to get a ticket in the 2.4 miles from office to house at the 35mph limit. First thing in the door I was promptly distracted by the always obnoxious Scooter who let me be only after I fed him, which meant I had to feed Fatty as well (need to name Scooter Fatty and leave Fatty as Oliver, a whole other story), and also the tort. Computer booted up and review downloaded. I had to pace myself in reading the 5-paged letter, making sure I got every word in each line. Pleasantly surprised. It was a good review. The evaluation pointed out all the spots I had figured needed work, as well as a few others that I smudged over in hopes of them not really mattering much in the story as a whole. Good advice and suggestions made to beef them up a bit. There were a few notes that I didn't agree with and left me wondering if the entire manuscript was considered. Half tempted to ask, but odds are I won't. But anyway, it was a nice review. They actually liked my work! "Unique and innovative", "sharp writing", "love the plot twists and turns", even used the word "snappy" in reference to the dialogue. Yes, I have work to do on it, currently chopping away at a rewrite, but for them to call it "dramatic and engaging" at this point made me happy. I also just got back one of my sample copies for editing and have some polishing to do there.

Other than that, I worked in the yard this weekend. That was rough. It needs much, much more attention, but it might be awhile. I found the flowerbed and saved it from the mountain of leaves that has been smothering it. Flowers are popping up and it is nice to see some green in the sea of dead winter foliage. Brought the plants out from the garage. The banana tree isn't looking so hot, but I hope it will perk up with the sunlight and warm weather.

And now, back to rocking out to the newest Train album and hammering away at that unending 'manuscript'!

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