Thursday, February 24, 2011

Waiting Game

I thought I would have posted something new by now, but I have nothing to post. Last week and on into next week will consist of anything I can find to fill my time. I have my manuscript out in two forms right now, two copies being edited, three copies being reviewed. It will probably be another week before I hear anything solid from those looking it over. There have been few updates in the meantime, generally encouraging.

Thus, I've been doing research on what to do with it once it is a bona fide novel available for distribution. Since I'm going the self/indie route, it will take more on my part to market it. I've been checking out book bloggers and have a small list set aside to look into. There are countless bloggers out there, but a limited number who will work with self-pub literature. I don't blame them, there's a boatload and then some of that around these days. That, and the rage is paranormal and urban fantasy, which my book is not. One bit of good news; I now have a genre. With much help from a reader of EVERYTHING, she has suggested my writing to fall under mystery. She compared it to Janet Evanovich and Carol & Mary Higgans Clark. She also mentioned John Grisham, but that is just plain daunting. Another was Dan Brown, but I think he's more conspiracy type writing.

I have bought four books since I last posted. I have read bits and pieces of each of them, but cannot concentrate enough to get anything from the stories. I've also watched several movies, but nothing worth recommending. I think I'm just on pins and needles and that has me pathetically distracted. What I wouldn't give for a good night's sleep right about now.

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