Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comma Splice

I got the copy that was out for editing back yesterday. This is a good thing. I've been working on the rewrite and was a little irritated with how much I messed up two chapters. Ok, pretty irritated with it. I've been going in circles and it shows. Anyway, the edit copy. It looks like it's been bled all over. This is what I was hoping for. I know it sounds odd, but I knew it needed help in the grammar department. He did a very good job. I was a little more than half way through the edit and making corrections when I realized I was still goofing things up. Enter the comma splice. Aka common splice. If abusing a comma was a crime I'd be locked away for life. If anyone has ever read anything I've ever written they would know this. I write like I think. Kind of a cross between Shatner and Yoda. A comma splice is when a sentence or thought is broken with a comma when is not actually needed. Could be split into two sentences if the words are rearranged or added. I'm not explaining it right, that's for sure. But I am guilty of overly abusing the comma. I'm still not getting it right, no doubt about it. Also plenty of run-on-sentences and I've learned to use the semicolon (;). English is tricky. These rules do not necessarily apply to dialog or poetic lines. I'm not writing a poem so I have lots of correcting to do. Oh, and dependent clauses are a bad habit of mine. According to a grammar site, it is ok to fudge a few of these if you are a know author because it adds to your craft or writing voice. I am an unkown and not officially an author ... yet. I'm wondering if I would have done a better job if I wrote it in French. That language makes sense to me. Colt said that my problem is that I went to school in Missouri. That backfired on him because I actually finished HS here in Texas and that is where most of my habits were forged. English is tricky. Yes I know I'm repeating myself. I'm seeing too many commas in this post. Will not be editing this, sorry. That was a splice!

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