Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fast Weekend

This weekend has gone by too quickly. I accomplished plenty, but would love one more day to be still. Our expected company had to delay their trip a bit and should be here any minute. Kind of bummed over that. I have to work tomorrow and he goes home Tuesday, so it will be a super short visit. He was in Lubbock around noon and it is a good drive from there. I have his favorite brownies all ready and cooling on the stove for when he gets in. That was a chore. I haven't made them in years and had to reread the recipe far too many times to get it right. I used to be able to throw them together in no time at all. Weird how the brain shuffles things away when it's unused for so long. (Need to read Moonwalking with Einstein) I just finished some proof-reading and am almost convinced to print out my manuscript to send back to my editor. Minor set-back ... I'm out of paper. Easy fix.

I've been having trouble sleeping lately and it is catching up with me. This has been going on for months and I'm reluctant to take anything. The past couple days, though, I've been nodding off at the worst times possible. Once at work. Another time while eating. Yesterday I feel asleep while getting my hair cut. Totally screwed that one up. I was leaning on one armrest and woke up when she had me look up to check the length. That's when I realized I had dozed off, and that's when she sighed a frustrated sigh. I joked that I was going for the Cyndi Lauper look, and she laughed, but I ended up causing her to do double the work. She got a good tip. Today I napped in the chair while doing my editing. I have it loaded on the Kindle and scribble in a notepad when I find something. I had read about a third of the book and lost my thought, then woke up with the cat in my lap and the kindle shoved down in the cushions of the chair. I had just had a coffee! I would love to sleep at night and not stare at the clock for a change.

Movies. Yellow Handkerchief was alright. The last four minutes of it was the best. No dialog, but the facial expressions and music did it all. I might watch it again, but good either way. Also watched Listen to Your Heart. It was good. Really cute. But then about two thirds of the way into it, they throw in a huge heart breaker and left me crying through the rest of the movie. Didn't see that one coming. I won't watch it again, but it was a good chick flick. Gargoyles was just as I remembered. I have to send this disc back to get the next. I think it was only half the first season. I didn't realize that most of the voice acting was done by a bunch of the actors from the old Star Trek series. That was kind of funny once it was pointed out. Supposed to get Tangled when I send these back. There has been more, but I can't think of what they were.

I've been listening to music more than watching movies lately. Padora radio introduced me to Yiruma. If you've never heard of him, look him up. Gorgeous piano pieces. I downloaded a few and had to keep myself from buying all his albums. I'll slowly collect them. Keeps it interesting. So far, River Flows In You is my favorite. But there are so many that I love, it's hard to pick just one. There's also When the Love Falls, Kiss the Rain, and The Sunbeams... They Scatter. I've also downloaded some William Fitzsimmons, Sin Fang, more Matt Nathenson, A Fine Frenzy, and Digital Daggers. Between iTunes and Amazon, I think I need to stop shopping. (As yet another book is on it's way)

Speaking of shopping, I finally ordered a hoodie. I've been looking for one for some time now and found the perfect one. It came in last week and I wore it all day. I washed it and went to wear it again... It shrunk. The sleeves only reach my elbows now. The rest fits. How weird is that? Still wearing it. My arms get cold though. Glad it was on sale. Debating on getting another.

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