Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Again, not much new happening. Colt has been on call this week, so I've pretty well stayed home when I'm not at work. Still loving the red in the kitchen. It really really needs a light in there now. Too dark. We have one, but it is still in the box. Oops. There will be light, eventually. It's been busy at work. I was super late Monday and Tuesday mornings. I forgot to set my alarm last night and woke up at 5am. Lucky. Set the alarm for another hour and was right on time. We're getting ready for company expected this weekend. Back yard party. Should be fun. It's also supposed to be kind of on the warm side, so I'll probably soak up the AC. Bluebonnets are already blooming. I've only seen them in one field, and very few people believe me that they are out. So I have pictures. It was of course cloudy when I remembered to take my camera, so I'll get better ones some time soon, hopefully. I bet they'll be even prettier this weekend!

Manuscript-wise, I've finished with my stumped chapter. I'm reading the whole thing over and finding dumb typos (more than I like) and getting it ready for another round of editing. The last guy to look it over volunteered to do it again when I'm ready. He liked the story and is interested in seeing how I polished it up. Hope he isn't disappointed. That got me a little excited again. I needed a pep talk. I've been bumming around on a few agent sites and have two agents I'm thinking about running it past. I'm still not really wanting to go the publishing house way, but I am curious to see if I have what it takes. The reviews I've had have been positive, but I don't want to get wound up and it actually suck and they are simply being nice. Don't know. Still undecided. So far, leaning towards the self-pub still. We'll see.

( I say still a lot)

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