Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Not much to tell about that is new around here. Long week. Off tomorrow, hooray! I have plans, and they are merely plans, to finish the kitchen this weekend. Not excited to paint but excited to GET IT OVER WITH! We have company coming next week and I would like my kitchen to have an uniform color going on. Dad and all his mighty painting skills will be coming to my rescue. Otherwise, it will not get finished. That I can almost guarantee.

I have loaded up on netflix recently. Dragon Hunters. Have you seen it? If not, it is worth a try. Cute story, but it's the art and CG that I enjoyed. Whomever came up with the world in that film is talented. It's aFrench animation. Forest Whitaker does one of the voices. Love his voice. Here's the IMDB page on it. Different kind of story. Again, the art is interesting. I clicked on it out of pure boredom and liked it. We had an unfortunate event while watching it; Colt's soda spilled on my awesome apple wireless-keyboard. There was about ten minutes left in the movie and I almost closed the internet window trying to save my board. It's ok, so far. I had just reminded him to use a coaster when it happened. I guess I should deal with the ring stains. And I guess it isn't the brightest idea to use my desk as a buffet table and movie theater. Oh well. Still doing it.

Also watched Knight and Day. That was cute. "How did I GET into the bikini?" The Yellow Handkerchief just came in the mail and I'll probably watch that tomorrow. Hope it's good. I rented it because Eddie Redmayne is in it and I've taken a liking to his movies. There's a few others I've rented lately but I can't think of what they were. Oh, nerd moment. I have the Gargoyles cartoon in the queue. Remember the Disney morning cartoon? I can't remember when it was from, but I thought of it the other day and had to find it. Netflix rocks.

SXSW is going on this week. I want to go so badly but know I won't. There are several shows that I'm intersted in that are being streamed on-line. That's cool. Caught one last week. Surprised at how clean it was. I expected a crappy connection and messed up sound. Hope the rest look that good. Matt Nathanson has two shows streaming. One tomorrow (hope to catch) and one Saturday morning. I have stuff to do Saturday so I'm aiming for the Friday one.

Two more books came in this week. I order them faster than I'm reading them. I need to make a trip to the local bookstore and return a few to keep my shelves from getting too cluttered. I used to send them to other people, but I've run out of forwards. One bummer about e-books, can't lend them unless they are B&N. I have the Kindle, so they are stuck on one unit. Half tried loaning the Kindle out. Won't be doing that again. It came back with potpie caked on the power switch. Don't ask.

I finished the editing. Sort of. Now I'm going back through and rearranging things. Trying to keep the level of interest flowing. It has ups and downs and lull points. Needs to be steady. Wondering if I will ever truly be finished with it. Looked into getting a publisher again, then was reminded as to why I went with self-pubbing in the first place. I'm a chicken. I like things simple. I don't like being tied down. I'm overprotective. And so on. Mainly because I'm a chicken and I think if I get a rejection I'll curl up in a corner and cry for a month. I've never taken rejections well.

Createspace is waiting on me so they can go ahead and start the cover work. I haven't given them the go-ahead yet. That just sounds further along than I'm comfortable with just yet. Designing the cover means I'm done, doesn't it? As much as I want to be done, I'm not ready. Like I said. Chicken.

In the meantime, it's been recommended that I establish my book's twitter and facebook accounts. I don't know where to start. I've never Twittered. I have Facebook (personal), but wouldn't know how to build a following with either. Thinking about asking my friend that's coming next week to help me with it. He knows all that kind of stuff. And he's cool. I think I need all the cool I can get right now. Chicken.

The weather is gorgeous right now. Everything is greening up and flowering. Might take the tort out tomorrow for some fresh air. But it will have to be in the back yard because I've put grass seeds in the front with chemicals that she won't do so well with. Need to wash the Jeep, too. Haven't washed it yet this year. And it shows.

Wow, long post. I'm rambling. Back to work.

Any pointers on the twitter or facebook would be much appreciated.

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