Monday, March 7, 2011


I was off Friday and had every intention to finish the rewrite. It didn't happen. I got loads of work done, such as adding twenty-four pages of story to the story, but not all that I meant to. I've hit another wall with one chapter. Just one. How hard is it to tighten up one chapter. I did laundry, dishes, cleaned both bathrooms, vacuumed twice, worked in the yard, and cleaned the windows. That's saying a lot. I hate cleaning windows almost as much as I hate painting. Totally skipped a lunch out with Mom and Gwen because I was determined to get out of the slump. I watched youtube for a few hours before giving the Mac a break and tried to read some of the many books I've ordered over the past few months. Couldn't concentrate on that either. I was about nine chapters into one book and realized I was hating it. Why in the world did it take me that long to figure that out? A little flustered. Two of my sample readers have not responded to any of my attempts to contact them. I know they have busy lives, but it's been two weeks and I haven't heard a word. I already have three copies back, and that actually helped, I just don't know if I should keep trying to get in touch with them or cut my losses. I thought on it too long and bummed myself out. Even contemplated trashing this entire project. (Really bummed myself out). Then made the mistake of letting a certain someone drag me down even more by their relating of how much time and energy I'm wasting on a venture that will undoubtedly go nowhere. (Really, really bummed myself out). Had some friends over and refused to look at the manuscript for a time. Then, out of nowhere, I got a text from a friend who knows me better than I know myself, and with her six simple words, I went back to work on it. I need to learn to take my own advice. It's that simple.

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