Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dates & Numbers

Long week, and it isn't over yet. Two appointments tomorrow morning. I thought one would be unbearable and had the privilege of adding the second. Should have shut up when it was just one. Then I need to get my CE credits. I always put it off too long and regret it. I'll be sitting by the phone all afternoon so I might as well do something productive. Gotta keep the day job and that means gotta keep the licence. Shouldn't complain, that too could be worse. Anywho, I'll be waiting by the phone 'cause CreateSpace is supposed to call about the cover for Where to Belong. I finished my part (cover wise) and now am at their mercy. It's honestly almost as scary as waiting for the reviews to trickle back. And I still haven't gotten in touch with my editor so I might do a drive by tomorrow night and vault the huge binder into his front yard. Is that too brash? He's great. He'd probably laugh and return the favor. And the whole deal with the ISBN ... me over complicating the issue. That's what happens when I try to make big decisions on four hours of sleep. The one assigned is for the paperback copies. The e-book copies get their own according to format. That means I'll have two through Amazon. B&N will give it their own version of an ISBN, but for their internal records only. Smashwords will give it one for the iBook store, the rest kind of do the same as B&N. Now can I sleep? Probably not.

Getting into the habit of looking at the rest of the year as a whole. I don't like doing that, but time is getting away from me. There aren't enough hours in the day (or night). The weeks fly by even when it feels like they are dragging. I can't believe it's already mid April. Seriously doubting that I'll be able to get the book into that festival I wanted to. That's a bummer. I know there's always next year, but I hate depending on that. June is a big month. Lots happening. Not necessarily for me, but lots of stuff I have to support. July and August are always rushed, September has it's own filling schedule. October is still looking good. November is already a disaster. November is when I'm planning to sign back up for NaNoWriMo. There is something going on with the family I can't remember at the moment, but I'm sure I'll be reminded at a bad time. So I have 30 days to write the sequel to Where to Belong. I don't have the plot fully planned, but good enough to start with. It'll come together (I hope) like last time. So, 50k words (at least) in 30 days. There is also two books due to release that month in series I've been following and aching for the finales. Eragon is one, titled Inheritance. My mother-in-law is also a reader of that series and I've made her promise not to breathe a word of the story to me during that month. It will tear her up. We always have a day after we chew through a book and sit and rattle on about the whole thing. The second book will be harder to put off. The Iron Knight, book four in the Iron Fey series. That will be a punch in the gut. There is a novella coming out in June (yep, another June thing) that will have to hold me over. I think I'll order the books and have them on my bookshelf so if I magically reach 50k in less than 30 days, I can dive in and enjoy them. Planning on taking 3 days or a week off to ensure I reach the deadline. Don't know what to put on the line for reason of time off. I still haven't told my co-workers that I'm writing. I feel like I have two, maybe three lives going. Maybe that's why I'm not sleeping. It's exhausting. Priorities are always screaming for attention. This assistant needs an assistant.

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